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This issue of “Fantasy Eco-city” will explore different ways to open the nightlife of the eco-city

This issue of “Fantasy Eco-city” will explore different ways to open the nightlife of the eco-city

In this city, whether it is day or night, light makeup is always suitable. What are the ways to open up the nightlife in the eco-city?

In this issue of “Fantasy Eco-city”, we will follow the host Zhang Bojia to explore the eco-city under the night, and feel the unique charm of this city.

With the integrated development of night economy and tourism, the eco-city strives to create a diversified consumption scene, satisfying citizens’ leisure, entertainment, catering, shopping and other needs in one stop, making the city full of youthful vitality.

The “Haji Lane” on the first floor of Jijing Tiandi is a must-visit. You can experience exotic customs without going abroad. You can experience one-stop eating, drinking and playing. This is the joy of night in the eco-city.

Adjacent to Wanda Plaza, the “Wan Guo Cheng” commercial street can be said to be the face value of the night market. It has a scale of nearly 32,000 square meters and a variety of architectural styles. “Wanshi Daji” is a night market brand carefully launched by Wanguocheng Commercial Street. It covers cultural, creative, trendy play, performing arts and other consumption spaces. It is not only a night economic business district for young people, but also a block playground for family and parent-child interaction. Bojia’s “Love You” ignited the audience.

Wanguo City, with a variety of social consumption scenes, presents a rich shopping street experience, creating an eco-city and even a “micro-vacation” social life field in Binhai New Area. If you are tired from shopping, you can also go to Hutaoli and Butterfly Spring to have a rest and slow down the rhythm of the night.

In the newly upgraded Hutaoli, there are super-burning scenes, pleasant singing voices, and delicious food combining Chinese and Western cuisines. Every night in the eco-city has a different splendor. Where is the restaurant? The shepherd boy pointed to “Butterfly Spring”. Bojia turns into a bartender, don’t you want to try the cocktails that are both good looking and tasty? For more exciting content, at 21:40 on the evening of July 23rd, we will see you in “Jiahua Eco-city” on Tianshi Literature and Art Channel.

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