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Third-party payment helps the digital transformation of government and enterprises, Tonglian Pay and Guizhou on the Cloud have reached a cooperation

Third-party payment helps the digital transformation of government and enterprises, Tonglian Pay and Guizhou on the Cloud have reached a cooperation

With the continuous development and upgrading of information technology, digitalization has become an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life. The same is true in the fields of social services and government management. More and more government departments, enterprises and institutions are improving efficiency through digital transformation. , to enhance the public’s sense of well-being and security.

Recently, a typical government-enterprise digital cooperation case landed in Guizhou. Tonglian Pay successfully won the bid for the “Payment Management Center and Guirenma Mobile Payment Platform Construction” project in Guizhou on the Cloud, with the role of “payment + technology” and “Guizhou on the Cloud” reached a cooperation.

Guizhou, located on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, has a unique geographical environment. It is an important part of my country’s Yangtze River Economic Belt and a transportation hub in Southwest China. This province, which is rich in resources and has great development potential, has been implementing the digital development strategy in depth in recent years and accelerating the innovation of digital infrastructure. “Guizhou on the Cloud” is a cloud computing system platform independently built by Guizhou Province to promote the integration, sharing, opening and utilization of government data resources. It is an important support for the “aggregation, integration and application” of data in Guizhou Province.

In this cooperation, Tonglian Pay takes big data to release “strong kinetic energy” and big data to empower industries as the entry point, to provide products, technology, operation and service capabilities for Guizhou on the Cloud, and to export a full set of financial technology service solutions. Specifically, Tonglian Pay is based on the self-developed payment management platform and uses the “Guiren Code” as the scene carrier to create a system foundation for the “Guizhou Digital Government Cloud Platform on the Cloud” and realize the “Guizhou on the Cloud”. The province’s overall architecture model of “1 provincial platform, 9 prefecture-level sub-centers, and M scene applications” has laid a foundation for technology and data.

This signing can be described as a strong cooperation. Guizhou is a pilot demonstration province of “Internet + government services” in the country. In recent years, relying on the endowment of big data resources, Guizhou’s government affairs departments have solved the problem of data islands through system integration and data sharing, and continuously improved government services. ability and level. As an industry-leading payment-based financial technology service provider, Tonglian Payment has a deep accumulation in the digital field. It focuses on solving payment needs and the matching degree of business capital flow, deeply cultivates the field of government-enterprise cooperation, continuously optimizes and outputs capabilities such as products, technologies, scenarios, and resources, and helps the government strengthen the construction of digital platforms and improve the efficiency of digital government services.

In addition to this cooperation with “Guizhou on the Cloud”, Unipay also has successful cases of government-enterprise digital cooperation in Guangxi, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces, with a wealth of experience. Tonglianpay integrates excellent resources from all parties to build a collaborative and efficient government and business digital system, including scenarios such as smart government affairs, smart medical care, smart campus, convenience and benefit, and smart business circles, etc., to drive governance process reengineering and model optimization.

Today, digital transformation is changing the operating laws of many industries. The widespread application of digital technology to government management services is an effective measure to promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities, and it is also an inevitable choice to better meet the public’s increasing demand for government services. Tonglian Payment adheres to the positioning of using payment to help enterprises with digital transformation, continuously deepens government-enterprise cooperation, uses professional products and services to help high-quality development of government digitalization, and promotes the benefits of digital construction to benefit the general public.

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