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These fun and festive New Year shopping feasts are not to be missed

These fun and festive New Year shopping feasts are not to be missed

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Tianjin’s major Spring Festival markets are also ushering in a busy moment. From traditional couplets and window grilles to various New Year’s delicacies, a dazzling array of products decorates people’s shopping carts and lights up their hearts. That holiday anticipation.

During the 2024 Spring Festival, our city, with the theme of “Happy New Year and Heart-warming Shopping”, organized commercial enterprises to focus on New Year’s consumption hot spots such as New Year’s goods, New Year’s customs, and New Year’s Eve dinners, and create a New Year’s goods consumption feast full of fun, New Year’s flavor, and taste. In order to better enrich the supply of holiday markets, prosper the New Year goods consumer market, and create a happy and festive atmosphere, the city’s major farmers’ wholesale markets, vegetable markets, commercial complexes, large chain supermarkets, etc. have increased reserves of New Year goods, enriched product types, and strengthened safety. Inspect, optimize convenience services, and launch a series of consumption promotion activities to ensure that daily necessities and various New Year goods are sufficient in quantity, rich in categories, and of reliable quality, so that the general public can consume with confidence and celebrate the New Year happily.

  Large supermarket with ample quantity, good price and many activities

Major shopping malls, large supermarkets, wholesale markets and e-commerce platforms have set up special areas for New Year goods, launching time-honored brands, specialty agricultural products, tobacco, wine, sugar and tea, New Year jewelry, green food and other New Year goods, and implementing large-scale discounts and other promotional measures. The Municipal Commerce Bureau’s monitoring of nearly 200 agricultural wholesale and retail outlets in our city shows that the purchase of fruits and aquatic products has increased as the Spring Festival approaches, market transactions have increased steadily, prices are generally stable, and various promotional activities have effectively driven sales growth. For example, the Haijixing Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Jinghai District held the 2024 Tianjin Citizen New Year Festival with “Lucky Stars Shining High and the Golden Dragon Welcomes the Spring”. Major merchants took advantage of the opportunity to launch promotional offers. Since the twelfth lunar month, the average daily transaction volume has reached 17,000 tons, an increase of 30% compared to normal days; China Resources Vanguard Supermarket has increased its reserves of New Year products to bring real discounts to citizens.

  “New Year’s Goods Exhibition + Folklore Performance” is popular in the consumer market

The city has held New Year’s Festival and New Year events in more than 30 key business districts, including Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Xigu Park, Binhai Cultural Center, Mian 3 Creative Street, Binjiang Shopping Center, Ninghe Youpeng New Market, and Hezhuangzi Wholesale Market. Shopping festivals, etc., focus on the display and sale of New Year supplies, agricultural and sideline products, fruit gift boxes, clothing, shoes and hats, etc., and support folk activities such as intangible cultural heritage performances, dragon and lion dances, and cultural exhibitions, allowing citizens to purchase New Year goods and feel the strong New Year flavor at the same time. For example, Hexi District held the “Dragon Walking – Hand in Hand for the New” 2024 Tianjin West Bank Intangible Cultural Heritage Time-honored Brand New Year Festival in Jinyue City Commercial Street, with on-site intangible cultural heritage opera, acrobatics, symphony, Tianjin dough sculpture experience, Xiao style There are endless exciting experiences such as cloth-cutting skills and drama facial makeup experience; the Binhai New Area Cultural Center holds the 2024 TEDA New Year Goods Festival, with hundreds of local specialty products selected for exhibition, and instrumental music performances, singing and dancing, magic, traditional martial arts, catwalks, etc. will be carried out in different periods.

  Going to rural areas to “catch the big market” has become a new trend

Various agriculture-related districts in our city seize the peak sales season of New Year’s goods and hold various forms of New Year’s goods markets with the help of rural bazaars, bazaars, villagers’ squares, etc., to focus on selling specialty agricultural products, New Year’s goods, daily necessities, etc., to better enrich and facilitate rural areas Residents shopping. Some districts have also combined current consumption trends to attract citizens to go to the countryside for consumption and experience a relaxed and free life by organizing colorful cultural performances, opening special bus lines for going to the market, releasing high-quality leisure agriculture and rural tourism routes, and special food tastings. Go to the market and feel the different atmosphere of the world. For example, Wuqing District organized various towns to hold the 2024 “Tesco Wuqing Happy Fair” New Year Festival, focusing on launching 19 rural fairs. Hexiwu Town Fair, Gaocun Town Fair, etc. launched “through trains to the market”, attracting a large number of City residents and Beijing tourists came to check in; Ninghe District launched activities such as “Lutai Market” and “‘Taste of Ninghe·Longshi Market’ New Year Goods Festival”, selling Qili Haihe crab noodles, Maer roasted chicken, Yuelong hot sauce, Lutai spring wine, Yuelong sweet potato and other local specialty products.

  Don’t miss these rich new year goods collections

“Lucky stars shine brightly and the golden dragon welcomes the spring” at the 2024 Tianjin Citizens’ New Year’s Goods Festival. Every Chinese New Year, Tianjin Haijixing Market holds a New Year’s Goods Festival, which is a scene of noisy gongs and drums and huge crowds of people… This year’s Haijixing Citizen New Year’s Goods Festival is even more exciting, with a cultural performance area, a New Year’s product area, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, immersive experiences and Special snack area, etc.

In 2024, Hexiwu Town’s “Tesco Wuqing Happy Fair” New Year’s Goods Festival was held. At the New Year’s Goods Festival, a strong New Year atmosphere was felt, which was quite characteristic of Wuqing. Not only are there authentic Hexiwu delicacies such as creaking boxes, smoked chicken sauce, and yellow rice fried cakes, but they also include specialty products from Wuqing such as Yangcun dried cakes, Shangmatai Weijiabao lanterns, Caozili silk flowers, and Cuihuangkou carpets. There are also traditional folk cultural experience activities such as sugar painting and clay figurines, allowing everyone to experience a different flavor of the New Year!

During the “Colorful New Year’s Goods Festival” New Year’s Goods Festival, a strong festive atmosphere hit the event site, and many well-known brands were invited. Each stall is filled with festive products, including traditional New Year goods, agricultural and sideline products, intangible cultural and creative products, rice, flour, grains and oils, fruits and vegetables, drinks, snacks, Spring Festival couplets with the word “Fu”, etc.

During the Yuyang Ancient Street New Year Goods Festival, a strong festive atmosphere was felt at the event, and many well-known brands were invited. Each stall is filled with festive products, including traditional New Year goods, agricultural and sideline products, intangible cultural and creative products, rice, flour, grains and oils, fruits and vegetables, drinks, snacks, Spring Festival couplets with the word “Fu”, etc.

Taste of Ninghe·Dragon Market, New Year’s Goods Festival scene, bright flowers, red Spring Festival couplets, intangible cultural heritage delicacies… there are too many kinds of New Year’s goods, various Ninghe intangible cultural heritage delicacies and special agricultural products, such as Qili Haihe Crab Noodles, Ma Er Roast chicken, Yuelong hot sauce, Lutai spring wine, Yuelong sweet potato, green shell eggs under the forest, etc. can be tasted before buying, making everyone satisfied and satisfied.

The 2024 Beichen District New Year’s Goods Festival and Beichen District’s special purchase event for time-honored brands and famous products. This event brings together Tianjin’s “time-honored” products, including Beichen’s famous new products, Tianjin and agricultural products, and products from the east-west collaborative counterpart assistance areas, highlighting the “Tianjin” “Chen Taste”, carrying forward the traditional heritage, innovating and upgrading services, allowing the people to purchase high-quality New Year goods in a “one-stop” way.

Tianshan New Year Goods Festival, in order to create a festive and peaceful festival atmosphere and facilitate the residents in the jurisdiction to purchase Spring Festival New Year goods, Wanxin Subdistrict organized many brands and merchants in the neighborhood to hold the Wanxin Tianshan New Year Goods Festival. Products include: dried fruits, fruits, local specialties, sugar and wine, sauces, gift boxes, blessing characters, etc.

Dongli Wuxia Street Market has a grand gathering of New Year’s goods, with more than 200 merchants bringing thousands of categories of goods. Freshwater fish are brought directly from the breeding base, as well as Hubei Wuchang fish, Zhenjiang anchovy… aquatic products from all over the world can be purchased here in one stop. Not only that, a number of New Year’s Eve flower sheds have also been opened in the market, bringing together popular varieties such as wintersweet, phalaenopsis, and clivia.

Picture of Jinqiao Street East Bridge Morning Market HAPPY NEW YEAR More than 200 special New Year stalls fill the entire market, including bright flowers, dried fruit snacks, fresh fruits, chicken, duck, fish…all kinds of special agricultural and sideline products, allowing every citizen to enjoy You can feel the strong flavor of the New Year and spend quality time together.

West Bund·Spring and Autumn New Year Goods Market, this event brings together many Tianjin intangible cultural heritage folk cultures such as dragon-mouthed copper pots, marshmallows, paper blowers, Laojinwei scented tea, paper-cutting, etc., as well as various “dragon elements” blessing characters, spring couplets , hanging coins, lanterns, New Year pictures and other New Year goods, as well as roasted nuts, meat products, grains and oils, and other foods, provide the masses with one-stop service for New Year goods.

“Looking to the South of Jincai” Pictures of Jinnan District’s 2024 New Year’s Goods Festival HAPPY NEW YEAR New Year’s market colorful flags are flying, red lights are hung high, and lights are decorated everywhere, creating a festive and warm atmosphere.The stalls are filled with a dazzling array of products, from handicrafts to festive foods, from fashionable clothing to home decoration, everything is dizzying.

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