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These commercial entities are about to debut to empower new business consumption.

These commercial entities are about to debut to empower new business consumption.

  Tianjin Northern Network News:This year’s May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other holiday festivals have a strong consumer atmosphere and strong passenger flow. In particular, driven by the demand for returning home for reunions during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the demand for travel during the National Day holiday, the Tianjin consumer market has experienced a boom in sales, with the overall scene showing colorful activities and a strong festive atmosphere. It was learned from the Tianjin Municipal Commerce Bureau that according to monitored data from 496 commercial enterprises, the cumulative sales during the holidays were 3.09 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 57.8%, an increase of 9.1% compared with 2019, and the cumulative passenger flow was 18.102 million, a year-on-year increase of 87%. Shopping malls have become the main channel for consumption based on their business model of complete food, shopping and entertainment formats and one-stop composite consumption scenarios.

As the end of the year approaches, Tianjin’s commercial market continues to develop. Which “new faces” will appear to inject new vitality and new experiences into Tianjin’s commercial consumption?

What does a commercial complex mean to a city? It is a city landmark, a fashionable life, a high-end business district… and a “booster” for regional economic development. Tianjin Fengya Impression City, the third Impression City in Tianjin, located in Zhangjiawo Town, Xiqing District, will be unveiled at the end of this year. The mall as a whole is positioned as a family gathering and entertainment center and is divided into 4 floors above ground and 1 underground floor focusing on “trends·social”, “fashion·retail”, “parents·catering”, “video·food·carvings”, and “fresh·life” respectively. . After its opening, Tianjin Fengya Impression City has become a city-level benchmark comprehensive commercial project integrating fashion shopping, cultural catering, leisure and entertainment, “eating, drinking, playing, having fun, traveling and shopping”.

As the first Joy Plaza in the north, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza has attracted attention and imagination just after its official announcement. According to the needs and segmentation of the target customer group, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza will also be unveiled at the end of the year. At the same time, From the three dimensions of lifestyle, spiritual appeal, and fashion expression, Hall A and Hall B are differentiated and positioned to build regional quality life centers and fully meet the needs of geographical customer groups with an excellent combination of business formats. , 8 brands were first introduced in the city, and more than 60% were first introduced in the region, leading the regional business upgrade.

Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui continuously optimizes its brand portfolio based on the characteristics of surrounding competing products and consumer groups, increases the proportion of high-experience formats such as catering, entertainment, and parent-child services, and enhances regional brand levels. In terms of brand level selection and format combination methods , paying more attention to quality and experience. At the same time, the differentiated positioning of Halls A and B is also more detailed to cover different customer groups. Based on the consumption needs of the customer groups, it drives consumption upgrades in existing business districts, meeting the needs of the mainstream market while taking into account the needs of personalized niches. Improve the value proposition of projects and brands, meet consumer experience needs, and achieve differentiated operations.

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