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“There will be escorts during the Spring Festival, and people and vehicles will be safe.” Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch starts the 2024 Spring Festival escort activities? – Times Finance – Northern Net

“There will be escorts during the Spring Festival, and people and vehicles will be safe.” Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch starts the 2024 Spring Festival escort activities? – Times Finance – Northern Net

  The Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon is approaching, and the annual Spring Festival travel rush is approaching. In order to protect thousands of car owners from driving back home and provide assistance services to car owners during the journey, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch officially launched the “Spring Festival Escort, People and Cars Are Safe” The escort public welfare action provides car owners with professional service guarantees that save worry, time and money when traveling.

From February 2 to February 17, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch launched seven commonly used travel services. Users can log in to the activity page of Ping An Good Car Owner APP and receive travel service gift packs with one click, including charging coupons, gas discount coupons, and car rentals. Coupons, taxi coupons, driving coupons, battery replacement coupons, claims escort coupons, you can also check in at nearby escort sites to experience escort points and enjoy free services.

  In addition to online activities, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch has set up the entrance to the Jizhou Toll Station on Jinji Expressway in Dongli District as an offline escort site since February 8, and arranged professional escort service personnel to provide claims settlement guidance to passing car owners. , simple rescue, quick compensation, material supply and other one-stop free escort services to meet the travel needs of car owners.

On her way back home, Ms. Wang found a vehicle with a tire pressure alarm at the entrance of the highway. She did not dare to drive rashly, and there was no repair shop nearby. She was extremely anxious. Then he came to the safety escort point and explained the situation. The staff immediately took out the electric air pump to inflate the vehicle tires. They also recommended that the car owner always pay attention to the tire pressure while driving and have the tires professionally tested as soon as possible after arriving at the destination. The car owner said that this time His help was a real help in times of need, and he truly felt the safe and heart-warming service.

Coincidentally, Mr. Li had a slight scratch with another vehicle when he was approaching the entrance of the expressway. He was anxious to go home during the Spring Festival and wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. At this time, the escort staff took the initiative to come forward to understand the situation. After inspecting the vehicle’s condition, they found that there were only scratches on the paint surface that did not damage the primer, and polishing could solve the problem. Subsequently, the damage situation and treatment methods were explained to both car owners, and on-site polishing was carried out without damaging the primer. This plan was recognized by both car owners. After polishing, both parties expressed great satisfaction. It not only saved accident handling time, but also saved vehicle repair time. It can be said to be a good service that “saves worry and time”!

In addition, in order to improve the speed and efficiency of claims settlement, Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch has simultaneously strengthened online remote claims settlement operations. Insurance customers only need to report a case with one click through the Haochuan APP, and can complete the entire process from report to claim under the online guidance of professional claims adjusters. A series of operations such as taking pictures and uploading claim information can eliminate the trouble of waiting on site, quickly evacuate the site, avoid traffic congestion, and achieve professional services that “save worry, save time, and save money.” Nearly a hundred claims teams stayed on the front line during the holidays to protect the vast number of car owners and customers in Tianjin, provide intelligent and efficient services for various claims cases, and simultaneously carry out the “Parking Care” action to provide car owners and pedestrians with problems and difficulties on the road. , providing services such as on-site rescue and care guidance.

Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch will always be customer-oriented, continue to rely on leading technology platforms, use technology to help explore new safe travel models, and use practical actions to protect the safe travel of car owners. In the future, we will continue to improve our service measures and provide our customers with professional, efficient and warm services to save worry, time and money.

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