There will be echoes only if there is empathy. This Women’s Day, Moisten Baiyan is out of the circle with a short film!

There will be echoes only if there is empathy. This Women’s Day, Moisten Baiyan is out of the circle with a short film!

There is no empty slogans, no needless emotional venting, no indoctrination education, only equality and deep emotional resonance.

On the occasion of the “March 8th International Women’s Day” in 2023, the hyaluronic acid repair brand Runbaiyan joined forces with real female users to tell a real emotional story from a female perspective, and promoted the short film “Herself” as a series of Yanfen stories At the beginning, real users of the brand are invited to participate in the topic of women, and with warm and touching camera sense and storytelling, every woman is encouraged to follow her heart, enjoy and achieve her “resilience” beauty.

According to the “2022 Women’s Quality Life Consumption Trend Report” released by CBNData, my country has about 400 million female consumers aged between 20 and 60. The material base level and education level of female consumers are constantly improving, which promotes women to be more Seek spiritual satisfaction in many places, and gradually advance from “I need” and “I can” to “I advocate”.

After gaining in-depth insight into the emotional needs of women groups, Runbaiyan chose a real user as the protagonist on this year’s “March 8th International Women’s Day” and launched the short film “Herself”. The short film truthfully records the stories behind the protagonist Sun Yi’s multiple roles, as well as her sincere attitude towards life.

In the short film, Sun Yi, who is an executive of a fund company, is also a mother of twins and a marathon runner who is keen on long-distance running. “Workplace elite”, “exquisite mother”, “athlete”, multiple labels, multiple identities, and multiple roles seem to be difficult for many people to balance. However, Sun Yi can manage family, work and personal hobbies. Switch freely and enjoy yourself.

She enjoys the warmth of her family, so she will carefully prepare breakfast for her family after a 10-kilometer morning run; she enjoys the sense of gain and accomplishment brought by long-distance running, so she keeps walking even if she is injured; she is immersed in the new life of the financial industry. Opportunities and challenges, so a steady stream of motivation burst out in work and study.

The balance of identity is never tilted, and every role can be fully displayed and become the best part of oneself. This is precisely the deepest emotional resonance that Sun Yi and Run Baiyan want to achieve:No matter which side, tenacity, persistence, and following the heart are yourself.Run Baiyan is also willing to accompany each of her and meet herself. Throughout the whole film, Run Baiyan has no preaching, no emotional venting, only story sharing, only sincere encouragement and constructive proposals for women as always.

(Run Baiyan’s short film “Herself”)

On the occasion of the “March 8th International Women’s Day”, Runbaiyan has won the most sincere feedback and trust from users with its sincere and heart-warming storytelling, and has established an increasingly stable and deep relationship with them.

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In fact, this is not the first time that Runbaiyan has told emotional stories around user groups. In September and December last year, Runbaiyan used “resilience” as the key word to continuously create #假气成长#, #健康花开# Two emotional marketing activities, in which 18 brand fans were invited to express their hearts around the theme and release attitude KV. Among them, there are outpatient doctors who are on the front line of treating diseases and saving lives, soul singers in charity choirs, graduate students in medicine, and mother and baby bloggers who have transformed from full-time mothers.

(Runbaiyan#ResilienceGrowth#Emotional marketing campaign invites female fans to participate in topic interaction)

In their respective fields, they all try their best to do their best, not only facing difficulties with a resilient attitude, but also passing on love and warmth to others. Runbaiyan discovered them in the user group, and in the in-depth communication with them, I felt the resilience character deeply rooted in the genes of every woman. Because of this, Runbaiyan chooses to work with them to pass on this spirit to more people, influence more people, and inspire more people. It is understood that the two emotional marketing campaigns of Runbaiyan#健康成长# and #健康花开# had a total network exposure of over 710 million people, maximizing the attitude and proposition of “resilience” to a wider range of female groups, giving Their positive, upward force.

(Runbaiyan #健康花开# emotional marketing campaign invites female fans to participate in the topic interaction)

In fact, the reason why Runbaiyan can maintain in-depth communication with women and is recognized by them, choosing to empathize with every woman equally is precisely the most critical step.

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In the brand’s traditional marketing behavior, strong emotional indoctrination is actually difficult to deeply resonate with consumers. On this “March 8th International Women’s Day”, Runbaiyan created a template for the industry:Communicate on an equal footing, listen rather than rush to express, perceive women’s emotions and give encouragement and constructive solutions.This is precisely the key to establishing an unbreakable and warm emotional link between Runbaiyan and the vast female group.

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