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There is a big market in the city, and the flower festival is in full bloom. The “Dragon” of the New Year’s Festival at the doorstep of Yangcun Street is back on stage.

There is a big market in the city, and the flower festival is in full bloom. The “Dragon” of the New Year’s Festival at the doorstep of Yangcun Street is back on stage.

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The gongs and drums are noisy, and the “big market” opens. On the morning of January 28, the launch ceremony of the first “New Year’s Goods Festival at Home” on Yangcun Street was crowded with people who came to enjoy the flower viewing party, taste delicious food and buy New Year’s goods.

“It’s so lively, the New Year atmosphere has come all of a sudden.” Grandpa Hou, who lives in Fuyuan Community, said excitedly. The golden dragon leaped into the sky and the cheers were heard. The opening ceremony was a lively scene, attracting a large number of residents to stop and watch. The festive atmosphere made the audience excited.

After you sing, I will appear. The car show presented by the intangible cultural heritage flower show performance team was lifelike, the scene was funny, and it had climaxes one after another. The Jing’an stilts with double dragons swinging their tails and walking through the flower fence on Yangcun 6th Street made the audience enjoy the show.

Hundreds of bowls of steaming hot tea soup were sold in a short time, and the merchants were grinning from ear to ear. “I want a Sun Wukong! I want a dragon!” The noodle stall was surrounded by children.

In front of the charity booth, social workers and volunteers patiently guided residents to queue up for free clinics and haircut services. The elderly in the community were satisfied with their haircuts while also enjoying professional medical services and health care guidance, allowing the elderly in the community to “have support for their old age. Protected”; the anti-explosion safety publicity booth prepared New Year couplets and blessing characters for residents to enhance their awareness of safety precautions while feeling care and warmth; the street social workers prepared handmade marshmallows and ring games, and the children ate sweet Marshmallow held her favorite toy and happily shared the joy with her parents. Many residents also found the social worker booth to fill out the volunteer registration form, actively participated in volunteer service activities, and experienced the bustling market while gathering volunteer strength.

In the warm sunshine of winter, the world is full of fireworks. There were a dazzling array of New Year’s goods stalls on site, and residents walked out of their homes one after another to participate in this “New Year’s Goods Festival at the Doorstep” event that integrated shopping, entertainment, and culture.

“In the past, I had to go back to my hometown to catch the big market. There was no big market in the city. This time, the ‘big market’ is in our community. Not only does it have a wide variety of things, but the prices are also affordable. It’s great to be able to buy all the New Year’s goods in one go.” Ms. Li I bought big and small bags of New Year’s goods, with a happy smile on my face.

“The main venue of this New Year’s Goods Festival attracted more than 40 participating merchants, involving local agricultural products, supermarket promotional products, local specialties, and 6 charitable enterprises and social organizations that provide public welfare services. At the same time, we also organized through the “Offline Fair + The “online delivery + publicity and promotion” approach will help maintain the vitality of the consumer market and promote both buying and selling. We hope that people can enjoy tasting, purchase with confidence, and immerse themselves in shopping.” said Shi Nan, the person in charge of the site.

It is understood that the first “doorstep” New Year’s Eve Festival was hosted by the Yangcun Subdistrict Working Committee and Subdistrict Office, and hosted by 30 community new era civilized practice stations. It lasts from January 28 (the eighteenth day of the twelfth lunar month) to February 24 (the fifteenth day of the first lunar month). Based on the principle of “the government sets the stage, business enterprises perform, and the masses benefit”, four main venues and 26 branch venues are set up: Fuyuan Community Square, Laoeryuan Square, Tuanjiandongli Community Square, and Xindayuan South Gate. Each community is based on reality, links social resources, organizes and mobilizes co-construction units, enterprises and merchants, social organizations, volunteer teams, etc. to bring more than a thousand kinds of commodities and public welfare services such as high-quality and low-priced dry goods, grains and oils, non-staple food, and specialty agricultural and sideline products to residents “doorstep” to create a new leisure shopping scene for residents with a strong atmosphere, rich new year goods, convenient shopping and exciting.

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