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The Year of the Dragon is off to a good start! Yadi electric vehicles have become the new favorite of domestic products, and the global hot sales storm is coming!

The Year of the Dragon is off to a good start! Yadi electric vehicles have become the new favorite of domestic products, and the global hot sales storm is coming!

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the streets and lanes of the city have gradually returned to their usual busyness. For many office workers, returning to work after the New Year means a new beginning, and with the New Year and new atmosphere, it is natural to buy yourself some new outfits. In this era of pursuing green travel, low-carbon and environmental protection, electric vehicles have become the preferred means of transportation for more and more people. Among many electric vehicle brands, Yadi electric vehicles have become the ideal choice for many consumers with their excellent performance, stylish appearance and comfortable riding experience.

  Happy start to the Year of the Dragon!Yadi sets off a hot sales storm around the world

Since the launch of the Yadi New Year event, top star Jia Nailiang and the new generation of super-popular actress Zhang Jingyi have served as “Yadi New Year Renewal Brand Ambassadors” and participated in the “Dragon Walk Crown” jointly launched by Yadi and Douyin. “Blessing” Super Challenge, celebrate the New Year with users around the world. At the same time, well-known internet celebrities Lu Xianren, Bottom Hot Boy and other big Vs have test-drove Yadi Guanneng’s new 6th generation electric vehicle, attracting the attention of a large group of young users.

Not only that, as the world’s leader in short- and medium-distance travel, Yadea presents “New Year Products of China” as a gift to the “World Year” and has become a “favorite” among foreigners. The same model as CCTV’s, the 6th generation Yadi Guanneng Q50, has become the first choice for foreign users as a New Year gift.

While gaining strong popularity around the world, Yadi has achieved a comprehensive increase in brand potential and sales during the New Year period, with terminal stores frequently performing hot sales and continuing to dominate the global market.

  New domestic products, upgraded new experience!YadiFrequently recognized by authorities such as CCTV

Yadi’s “good start” in the new year is inseparable from its excellent products and technological strength, and it has been praised by authoritative media such as CCTV and People’s Daily.

Take the newly launched Yadi Guanneng 6th generation Q50 as an example. With the industry’s first radiant retro aesthetic design, it has achieved a strong appearance with a high-looking appearance. The TTFAR range extension system equipped with the entire vehicle further improves the cruising range and makes it look good. With strength, it is indeed Zhang Jingyi’s favorite choice for the New Year!

As a representative of new domestic products. It has been praised by many celebrities such as Jia Nailiang, Zhang Jingyi, Wu Yanni, Xu Mengtao, Wang Xindi and famous companies such as China Post and Youku.

The Year of the Dragon is the first “World Year” in history. As the world’s No. 1 brand of two-wheeled electric vehicles, Yadi has penetrated into the hearts of users as a “World New Year Gift” and has become a “top-notch” New Year product that domestic and foreign users are competing to buy, helping more The multi-user travel experience has been upgraded, and we will continue to work for Ai Guaneng in the new year!

With its excellent performance, stylish appearance, intelligent technology configuration and comfortable riding experience, Yadi electric vehicles have become one of the first choices for new vehicles in the New Year. In this era of pursuing green and low-carbon life, a good electric car not only improves the quality of one’s life, but also practices the concept of environmental protection. The new year brings a new atmosphere, let’s start by choosing a Yadi electric vehicle!

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