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The year-end shopping season is here and the New Year celebrations officially kick off

The year-end shopping season is here and the New Year celebrations officially kick off

Tianjin Northern Network News:Time flies by, and in the blink of an eye, 2023 has entered the final stage, and 2024 will come with full expectations. In the strong New Year atmosphere, many shopping malls have launched New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve activities to officially play the prelude to the New Year and start the process of making New Year’s wishes.

Ice and Snow Adventure – Make New Year’s wishes in the snowy atmosphere

Jinwan Plaza takes you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of “falling snow”. In the Haihe water platform area of ​​Building 4, “snowflakes” are scattered to welcome you in the New Year. The traditional intangible cultural heritage ironwork performance once again introduced intangible cultural heritage into Jinwan Plaza. “The iron trees and silver flowers fall, and thousands of stars bloom.” When the iron flowers scatter under the night, they turn into all kinds of bright stars in front of you, all blending with the background of the sea and river. Every inch of light is extinguished, turning into sounds of blessing, and the shining iron flowers bring a strong New Year atmosphere. The “Luohua Electronic Waterfall” carefully arranged by Jinwan Plaza on the bank of the Haihe River made a stunning appearance. It is safe but gorgeous. The shooting stars are like waterfalls, turning into bright starlight in the background of the “City Cover”. It is beautiful and shocking, and it is a happy New Year’s Eve enthusiasm!

There are more exciting contents in the New Year’s Snow Jinwan Night activities waiting for everyone to experience and explore. The scene contents in four major areas allow people of different ages to find their own play areas. From the cultural heritage of time-honored brands to the technological innovation of Tiankai Park, from the interactive entertainment at the Erdu Fun Club to the check-in experience at the New Energy Auto Show, there is always something that can bring you limited happiness. Friends who didn’t catch the first wave of early bird tickets, don’t worry, the activities during the three-day New Year’s Day holiday are waving to you, see you at Jinwan Plaza on New Year’s Eve!

The whole city is red and warm in winter

On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, the “Laughing Velvet Modern” vinyl electric New Year’s Eve music party will be held at SM Plaza! 3 groups of label musicians are live, come and receive the modern carnival radio waves! For the first time, 8+ vinyl record merchants in Jincheng will airdrop 300+ vinyl records at one time to create a New Year’s Eve vinyl electronic music market to wake up 2024 with music!

In the upcoming first quarter of 2024, SM Plaza will cross-border co-branding with national endorsement resources such as Tianjin Museum, Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Daoming Bamboo Weaving, Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage Black Iron Flower, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and other national endorsement resources to create “Boyun All Things – —2024 New Year Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Season” begins the 78-day Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Festival!

The sweet carnival “Sweetheart Party” kicks off a new winter trend experience

Tianjin Century City’s “Sweetheart Party” started sweetly. This year’s super popular traffic protagonist “Little i” Dragon landed in Tianjin Century City, bringing a warm and romantic check-in place with a pink dream in winter. Rich and interesting winter-themed activities add to the fun. “Unlimited Sweet Benefits” offers great discounts, including huge discounts, 50% off group purchases, exquisite official and micro interactive gifts, 3x points for members and exclusive gifts, and other pleasant shopping experiences. Rich activities and discounts bring customers a sweet and warm experience! I look forward to the coming New Year in Tianjin Century City, which will light up the sweetness in my heart!

Tianjin Century City combines trendy IP with double-day nodes to create a different New Year holiday experience. Tianjin Century City focuses on the consumption preferences of Generation Z, deeply explores the shopping needs of young consumers, and creates an all-round immersive consumption scene for Inject fresh energy into life every day and create different surprises in life. It also continuously introduces novel life art experiences to enrich leisure exploration every weekend and holiday.

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