The Wind of Vitality Resurrects Jiangcheng | Binyue Hotel Chongqing has another son

The Wind of Vitality Resurrects Jiangcheng | Binyue Hotel Chongqing has another son

Recently, Binyue Hotel, a subsidiary of Jin Jiang Hotel (China), has reached a strategic cooperation with the commercial supporting operation service provider of Longfor Paradise Street, a super shopping center in Asia.

“In the current era of highly competitive hotel stock, many investors in mid-to-high-end hotels only value asset appreciation, but after the impact of the epidemic, the focus of investment has shifted to return on investment, and there is an urgent need to find diversified revenue-generating hotel projects to achieve greater I was finally impressed by the investment income model that Binyue can use 20% less than the investment of the same level, and has 30% more income than other mid-to-high-end hotels.” Said the investor of Binyue Hotel·Chongqing Central Park Longfor .

Binyue Hotel·Chongqing Central Park Longfor Paradise Street Store, as another flagship project in Chongqing, accurately fits the high-efficiency and multi-business business model of Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street, gathers high-quality commercial resources and quickly realizes value-added with the help of supporting services provided by the complex The construction of space formats, such as group exercise rooms, restaurants, joint new retail, etc.; speed up the quality improvement and opening.

Innovating the future city center, the era of “big business + big health hotel” is coming

Every top urban complex inspires the imagination of an era, not to mention a super-traffic city like Chongqing. Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street, as an important commercial location for major brands and an urban shopping center leading the new trend of consumption, will stage a joint dream show of “big business + big health hotel” with Binyue Hotel in Chongqing.

With a deep understanding of consumer needs and a collection of high-quality commercial resources, Binyue Hotel, as the flagship store and online celebrity store brand representative actively introduced by Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street, will add vitality to regional consumption, promote the continuous renewal of Chongqing’s business district, and create a fashionable city A new landmark for sports consumption.

The Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street project has a total volume of 600,000 square meters, and its commercial forms are extremely rich, including: carrying shopping centers, commercial buildings, city squares, catering and entertainment, culture and art, sports and fitness and other important urban functions. Binyue Hotel relies on Longfor Chongqing The huge amount of business resources deposited in Park Paradise Street has realized a huge radiation circle of customer flow, and at the same time, it covers places with a high concentration of people in all scenarios such as online celebrity check-in, tourism and leisure, business trips, and sports.

At the same time, Binyue Hotel enjoys the growth potential of the fast and mature business district of Dapingxiao, Chongqing Park Paradise Street, Longfor, integrates commercial complex resources, and completes the value-added spaces such as Binyue sports gym room, actuarial calorie restaurant and new retail. On the other hand, the combination of Binyue Hotel and Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street provides supporting services to each other, amplifies their respective profit space and capabilities, and realizes the scale and value of the business format to increase the dimension and form a “1+1>2” resource integration effect.

Helping urban commercial upgrades and creating super-traffic spatial symbols

As the super traffic symbol of Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street, Binyue Hotel will maximize the “star effect” of Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street.

Focusing on the business model of “commercial + accommodation + enjoyable living space” and integrating the comprehensive and diversified business model of Binyue Hotel, it provides high-quality living space for Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street and enhances the brand value of the commercial street. At the same time, it innovates and refines in various aspects such as space creation and business format introduction, and continues to create IP-based scenes in the commercial space. Through cooperation with brand owners in shopping centers, Binyue Hotel theme rooms are created.

In addition, based on the series of themed shopping carnival seasons such as “66 Paradise Street Carnival” and “Tianjie Happy Season” in Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street, Binyue will join hands with major cultural IPs to enter Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street shopping carnival to improve Longfor Chongqing Park The brand scale and value categories of the Paradise Street Carnival season create a series of unique multi-format themed activities. At the same time, members of Binyue Hotel and members of Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street have opened up, and members of both parties can enjoy the same preferential rights to realize traffic exchange.

Binyuejin’s presence in Longfor Chongqing Park Paradise Street not only opened up the experimental pioneer of domestic large-scale health hotels and diversified business cooperation between real estate companies, but also helped Chongqing build an international consumption center, promote the formation of urban business districts and the leap of regional urban value and resonate and empower each other.

write at the end

Some people in the industry pointed out that China’s hotel assets have reached the end of a past cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. In the short term, digesting stock assets is the mainstream, while in the medium and long term, it is a process of rediscovering the growth momentum of the industry and cultivating it.

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