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The web drama “Justified Defense” has officially concluded its production, focusing on hotly discussed legal provisions and conveying the judicial temperature

The web drama “Justified Defense” has officially concluded its production, focusing on hotly discussed legal provisions and conveying the judicial temperature

Recently, the Justified Defense online drama “Justified” was officially completed in Ningbo. The play is produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and is jointly produced by the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Guoyun Culture, Ciwen Media, Bodi Culture and other units. It is directed by the famous director Li Yunliang, created by the well-known screenwriters Jia Dongyan and Wu Yao, and Gao Ye Leading the cast, starring Zhang Luyi, special guest starring Bai Jingting, starring Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Baijia, and Ye Qing.

  Powerful factions gather ingenuity to demonstrate common prosecution for judicial justice

“Justified Defense” combines the current hotly debated legal provisions and focuses on three “justifiable defense” cases. It tells the story of a young prosecutor who integrated legal principles and human feelings in three confusing legitimate defense cases and broke through layers of obstacles to pursue fairness and justice. Legal temperature and legal strength. The series has attracted much attention since its filming. It took 75 days and nights of ingenuity to polish it, and it was finally completed! On the day of the official announcement, the official release of director Li Yunliang and the main creative staff Gao Ye, Zhang Luyi, Bai Jingting, Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Baijia, Ye Qing and others were holding bouquets, announcing the completion of filming and looking forward to meeting the audience as soon as possible. “Just Cause” brings together young and talented actors. The complex and multi-faceted characters and confusing relationships are full of attractions. How will they enter the world of prosecutors and victims in the story and use the law to protect the bottom line of justice? Where will the demand for self-defense go? Many netizens expressed strong expectations for the theme and suspenseful features of the series.

  Hot discussion on the film and television version of legal provisions to convey the power of the rule of law in a people-oriented manner

In recent years, “justifiable defense” cases have attracted considerable attention from society. In the process of film and television production, the main creative team always adheres to a professional and rigorous creative attitude. The script refers to real cases and has received strong support from the procuratorate from the beginning of the theme planning. The whole process is guided by experts in the procuratorate system, which provides a guarantee for the professionalism of the drama.

In terms of drama, the crew of “Justified Defense” depicts the human rights and legal issues in such cases in a delicate and realistic way based on the “Justifiable Defense” legal provisions. The series uses “justifiable defense” cases as the starting point, comprehensively showing the details, truth and thinking in justifiable defense cases from multiple perspectives such as prosecutors, defenders, parties and their families, and focusing on portraying the personalities and personalities of the people behind the cases. Psychologically, each character’s motivations are full and vivid. In addition, the series adheres to today’s judicial concepts in its creation, taking human feelings into consideration and taking into account the legal will as the concept. It profoundly depicts contemporary prosecutors’ pursuit of a balance between natural justice, national law, and human feelings when examining cases.

“Justified” combines hot-discussed topics with a strong suspense color, making it close to the public and full of entertainment at the same time. A case of “a domestically violent woman killed her husband” linked to the “campus excessive defense case” ten years ago and the subsequent “prosecutor’s legitimate defense” case. The three cases are inextricably linked, and the process of getting closer to the truth is full of reversals. Whether the self-defense cases happened one after another after many years was a coincidence or a long-planned plan. The details are very suspenseful if you think about them carefully, and the film and television version is very attractive.

At the same time, “Justified” closely follows the direction of the rule of law. The plot connects dots and lines, showing the prosecutor’s handling process of reviewing cases and seeking justice. It reflects that handling cases is to punish crimes and to protect the people. Not only is it conducive to enhancing the people’s confidence that “the law cannot give in to the law,” but the judicial personnel’s insistence on the integration of emotion, reason and law also conveys the goodwill and warmth of the law.

“Justified Defense” strives to create a realistic work that combines ideology and artistry, is both watchable and positive, and conveys judicial power and judicial warmth. The play has now entered the post-production stage and will be launched on iQiyi Mist Theater, so stay tuned!

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