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The warm-hearted escort of China Life Tianjin Branch spares no effort to protect the “one old and one young”

The warm-hearted escort of China Life Tianjin Branch spares no effort to protect the “one old and one young”

In the early morning of August, the Jinnan Customer Experience Center of China Life Tianjin Branch ushered in a new day. The teller Xiao Zhang had just opened the door of the business hall when he suddenly heard a burst of crying outside the door. When he went out, he found a little girl standing alone at the door. Her big wet eyes were full of panic and helplessness. She cried and said, “Auntie, I I can’t find my grandpa, I’m scared!”

As a mother, teller Xiao Zhang felt the little girl’s helplessness and fear in a strange environment. He took her hand to the counter rest area and softly comforted her. Upon inquiry, we learned that the little girl’s name was Mu Mu. Because she was afraid of being alone at home early in the morning, she went out to look for her grandfather who was buying groceries. She accidentally got lost along the way and came to the door of the China Life Customer Experience Center. Xiao Zhang helped Mumu recall her mother’s phone number and got in touch immediately. While waiting for his family, Xiao Zhang and his colleagues at the counter told Mumu stories and waited with her. Not long after, Mumu’s grandfather came over sweating profusely. He smiled happily when he saw his granddaughter safe and sound and under the care of the teller. He felt relieved and thanked the staff repeatedly.

The next day, Mumu’s mother came to the counter again with her child, “Thank you so much! Without your help in taking care of the child in time and contacting us, I don’t dare to think about the consequences. I’m really scared!” To express her gratitude, lovely Mumu also wrote a special thank you letter and sent it to the service staff of China Life Customer Experience Center. The childish handwriting, sincere words, and pinyin were full of the purest gratitude of a little girl.

Day after day, the China Life Customer Experience Center is like a stopper, stationed and guarding the people. While protecting children, China Life also takes practical actions to provide convenient, warm and high-quality service experience for the elderly.

In May 2023, an aunt hurried to the Beichen Customer Experience Center of China Life Tianjin Branch, looking extremely anxious. It turned out that the aunt wanted to handle business on behalf of her father, which should have been handled in person. Because the old man was old and had inconvenient legs and feet, he could not go out. After understanding the situation, the staff calmed the aunt and immediately coordinated door-to-door services. At noon that day, the counter manager took the teller and smart equipment and accompanied the aunt home to meet the elderly to handle business. The service was delivered to the door and the customer’s urgent needs were solved in a timely manner.

It is understood that in the first three quarters of 2023, the counters of China Life Tianjin Branch provided door-to-door services 76 times for the elderly with limited mobility. The efficient and considerate service method has been highly praised by customers. The company uses practical actions to practice quality, warmth and warmth. , convenient service brand.

In the future, China Life Tianjin Branch will continue to improve service levels, extend service radius, meet the financial and insurance needs of different age groups, and protect the good life of Tianjin people with a fast and warm service brand.

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