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The vanguard of domestic scientific research, Runbaiyan builds a brand moat of “hyaluronic acid technology repair”

On February 27th, Hyaluronic Acid Technology Repair Brand Runbaiyan held the “2023 Runbaiyan Technology Repair Spring Conference” in Changbai Mountain, Jilin. At the meeting, dozens of head experts gathered together with Runbaiyan to discuss the new logic of technological maintenance. It is worth noting that at this press conference, Runbaiyan not only shared the brand’s market performance in 2022 for the first time, but also unveiled the mystery of INFIHA’s “Smart Hyaluronic Acid”, explaining its originality and its use in the field of technological maintenance. innovation.

(Picture: 2023 Runbaiyan Technology Repair Spring Conference)

It is reported that Runbaiyan specially chose to invite many well-known beauty bloggers such as Aiya, Baojian, Miss Li, Uni Yinger, Wen Fairy, Xiao Enyaaddy, Xiaomanmanxiao, Zhan Baibai, etc. Lord, let’s go to the Changbai Mountain Ice and Snow Covenant together, and feel the powerful repairing power of the white gauze barrier series and the repairing aesthetics of hyaluronic acid technology in the ice and snow holy land.

Brand reputation and sales continue to explode, and Runbaiyan will grow “accelerated” in 2022

At this press conference, Tao Binghong, deputy general manager of brand marketing of Runbaiyan, first reviewed the market performance and brand building work of Runbaiyan in 2022.

(Picture: Tao Binghong, Deputy General Manager of Brand Marketing of Runbaiyan)

Tao Binghong revealed that the market performance of Runbaiyan will continue to grow at a high speed in 2022, and emerging channels such as Doukuai will grow significantly. On the product side, the white gauze barrier repair series has become a large single product series of the brand, accounting for 36% of the annual sales. With the success of the skin care series, Runbaiyan has won many awards in 2022, ranking in the “2022 China Cosmetics Sub-category Ranking – TOP3 in Sensitive Skin Care Category”, and the core large single product, white gauze barrier, has won many industry awards Such as “Tmall Golden Makeup Award 2022 Super Single Product”, “2022 China Cosmetics Blue Rose Award Annual Star Big Single Product” and so on.

At the same time, the core single product of the Moisturizing Time Repair series, HACE Essence, was launched in March last year, and the sales of the single product quickly exceeded 100 million, ranking among the top 3 best-selling anti-wrinkle essences on Tmall. Last year, Runbaiyan also gradually expanded the product line of this series to facial masks, face creams, eye masks and other categories.

(Picture: Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Barrier Conditioning Mask)

In addition to continuing to sell well in terms of products, Runbaiyan will also actively carry out brand building work in 2022, and successively created #给爱爱一小红花#, #因爱布艳大偿Advertisement#, #假气成长#, #健康花开# emotional marketing “quadlogy”, achieved a cumulative exposure of 1.2 billion+, and realized the high-frequency resonance of sales volume and voice volume.

(Picture: Runbaiyan’s 2022 Emotional Marketing “Four-Steps”)

Tao Binghong said that in 2023, Runbaiyan will focus on building an all-round image around the brand’s new positioning – hyaluronic acid technology repair aesthetics. “Runbaiyan will focus on the brand’s technological strength and user emotional strength, carry out the scientific content dissemination and emotional content expression of hyaluronic acid technology repair aesthetics, explain its multi-dimensional meaning, and continue to build up the scientific and technological strength and product strength of Runbaiyan As well as brand power, cultural power, and the ‘four powers are the same structure’, it brings the wisdom and thinking of nourishing beauty to the creation of Chinese beauty brands.”

Exclusive technology lifts the veil, “technical repair” allows Runbaiyan to stand firm in the world

At this meeting, Rinbaiyan also unveiled the exclusive technology “INFIHA Smart Matching Hyaluronic Acid” for the first time, which is also the core technological connotation of Rinbaiyan’s realization of “Hyaluronic Acid Technology Repair Aesthetics”.

Zhang Qing, product director of Runbaiyan, said that INFIHA Hyaluronic Acid has achieved product innovation and creation through the golden formula of “tough beauty glass + glass carrier technology + self-developed ingredients of Bloomage Biotechnology”. Among them, Tough Yan Glass refers to the intelligent compounding of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights (patent compounding); glass-on-board technology refers to the technology that utilizes the material properties of hyaluronic acid and the binding characteristics of specific receptors in the skin to improve the penetration and utilization of active substances (technical patents); self-developed ingredients refer to major self-developed bioactive ingredients under Bloomage Biotech, such as GABA and Ectoin, which are based on synthetic biology.

From the core content of the above-mentioned exclusive technology, we can see that Runbaiyan is relying on exclusive ingredients and technology for long-term brand layout, which is obviously a key step with an international vision and strategic vision.

Throughout the development history of the global beauty industry, the innovation of exclusive ingredients and exclusive technology almost determines whether a brand can establish product barriers, create brand advantages, and even lead the development of the industry. For example, when mentioning hyaluronic acid nowadays, the general first impression of the market is naturally the world’s largest hyaluronic acid research and development, production and sales company Bloomage Biotechnology and its core strategic brand – Runbaiyan.

History has proved time and again that only by deeply binding core technology and brand can a brand have a long life cycle, which is also the consistent commonality of all international and high-end brands. For Chinese brands that started late, there is no shortcut to achieve “curve overtaking”. They can also only control from the source, conduct a lot of experiments on core components and core technologies, and make strong theoretical support and Product innovation is the only way for domestic products to compete with international brands.

(Picture: The front is the Nourishing Hyaluronic Acid Barrier Conditioning Mask; the back is the Nourishing Hyaluronic Acid Barrier Conditioning Secondary Essence)

As the core strategic brand of Bloomage Biotechnology, a world-renowned biotechnology and biomaterial company, Runbaiyan, with a high-profile international vision, escapes the vicious circle of introversion in the current beauty industry in terms of ingredients, concentrations, concepts, etc., from a higher dimension. , innovatively developed the exclusive technology “INFIHA Yingfeizhi with Hyaluronic Acid”, and comprehensively innovated the core compound patented ingredients (tough face glass), patented glass-carrying technology, and other specially researched ingredients to create a unique “golden skin” Formula”, and then take the first-mover advantage from the source, build competition barriers, and let the scientific and technological strength of the product be proved, instead of falling into the invalid involution of following the trend of “speculating concepts”. This not only sets a benchmark for China’s beauty industry, but also means that Runbaiyan has truly become a representative domestic brand with a global R&D vision and pattern.

2023 new single product – “Xiu” light stick will be launched soon

At the press conference, Tao Binghong also revealed that the brand new product of Moisturizing Baekyan in 2023—Xiu” light stick (full name is “Runbaiyan Brightening Fresh Muscle Radiance Polishing Essence”) will be released in March. It is reported that Xiu” “The light bar is mainly aimed at the innovation of the four major pathways of light damage oxidation, light damage saccharification, light damage sunburn, and light damage aging. Through the patented glass-mounted technology, it wraps 5 major components and cooperates with ectoine, Cordyceps fermented liquid and other activities. Ingredients, to achieve anti-oxidant repair, “8 hours long glow”.

(Picture: Runbaiyan 2023 brand new single product “repair” light stick – brightening fresh skin light penetrating second polishing essence)

In the sharing, Zhang Qing elaborated on the development process and exclusive technical application of the “Xiu” light stick. Zhang Qing said that the core consumer groups of Runbaiyan are 25-35-year-old high-tier urban groups, such as cutting-edge & senior white-collar workers, exquisite mothers, etc. “During the in-depth market research and insight in the early stage, we found that the core group generally faces many skin problems and environmental threats such as oxidation, saccharification, and photodamage in life scenes such as raising a baby, working, and staying up late.”

For this reason, Runbaiyan launched a new single product “repair” light stick in 2023 through in-depth skin medicine, focusing on the multi-dimensional expression of skin photodamage and the mechanism research of the repair process, and through the application of core technology. “This single product embodies the latest achievements of INFIHA, the core technology of Runbaiyan, with hyaluronic acid,” Zhang Qing said.

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