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The ultimate trailer of the movie “Power Code” reveals that Zhang Tong and Chen Duling are fighting for the faith in their hearts to the end

The ultimate trailer of the movie “Power Code” reveals that Zhang Tong and Chen Duling are fighting for the faith in their hearts to the end


Uncovering the legendary history behind the century-old party constitution, the movie “Power Code” will be available in major theaters across the country on July 1. Today, the film’s ultimate poster and trailer were both exposed. Under the lens full of belief and tension, revolutionary pioneers such as Zhang Renya used their actions to make deafening calls, fighting to the end for the ideals they must achieve.

As the first revolutionary epic film focusing on Zhang Renya, an early worker member of the Communist Party of China, the film “The Power Code” has written a passionate chapter of the Chinese revolution in the 20th century. The film was jointly produced by the four provinces of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Anhui, reflecting Zhang Renya’s revolutionary career and great spirit of loyalty to faith, daring to fight, and daring to sacrifice, focusing on the human nature and true feelings under the smoke of revolution.

  The sense of faith in the ultimate material has attracted all the pioneers to firmly pursue the world of sincerity

The chaotic Shanghai, the deserted streets, and the newspapers flying all over the sky all show this turbulent and tense situation. In the latest ultimate poster, against the backdrop of a dangerous and tense atmosphere, the portraits of the revolutionary pioneers who “dare to make sacrifices and dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky” are more powerful and appealing. At the same time, everyone’s state is also very meaningful, Zhang Renya who is moving forward firmly, Xia Yilan who is youthful but rather melancholy, Zhu Mingyi who is disguised as a cover, Zhang Jueqian who is reluctant to let go, and the girl who is dressed in other clothes. You Tao, in the grand historical narrative, the personalities of the characters are fully expressed. Everyone is writing their own destination in history according to the direction and ideal they choose.

The ultimate trailer released this time is also full of information, revealing the story line that aroused the audience’s strong expectations for watching the movie, and even more dangerous scenes. The protection of the party constitution and materials, the dealings between Zhang Renya and You Tao, Xia Yilan’s wit, the villain’s insidious deceit, the thrill of street fighting, the tension of avoiding pursuit, and the treacherous situation under the white terror are vividly expressed. In the passionate melody, Mr. Zhang Renya concluded with “Believe me, a red China will definitely appear, and our ideals will surely come true”, which is even more deafening! Netizens also said, “This is a legendary revolutionary figure who has not been deeply understood before. It is very shocking. I want to tell the ancestors that we will never forget this history, and we will strive for self-improvement!”

  Countless ancestors are shouting and shouting to usher in the dawn of hope

Zhang Renya and other revolutionary ancestors are the fire-spreaders and pioneers of the revolution. “Moscow is the place where the experience of the proletarian revolution is concentrated. I want to learn the methods of the proletarian revolution…to become a tool of the Chinese proletarian revolution…” This was written by Zhang Renya, an early member of the Communist Party of China who studied in the Soviet Union in the 1920s In the next handwritten letter, the goal of studying abroad and the ideal of fighting for the revolution are extremely clear and firm. The movie “Power Code” shows the public why Zhang Renya’s name is closely linked to the first party constitution of the Communist Party of China a hundred years ago, as well as the original intention and difficult process of this great revolution in which countless ancestors fought fearlessly.

Revolution has never been an impulsive activity that raises one’s arms and gathers responders. It is destined to happen under the accumulation of circumstances and events in a certain era. It is closely related to the ordinary working people. The happiness of the people may at any time require the feat of giving their lives. At the time when the white terror was shrouded, what kind of power was it that supported Zhang Renya and his father to risk their lives and loyally guard the “fire” of the revolution? Known as “the bravest and resolute revolutionary fighter”, what kind of legendary experience does he have? Answering these questions is the original intention of the movie “Power Code”.

It is reported that the film was created by the Propaganda Department of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Ningbo Radio and Television Group, and the People’s Government of Beilun District. It was produced by Ningbo Film and Television, Anhui Film Group, Ningbo Cultural Tourism Group, and Bodi Film and Television. Produced jointly by Ruo Culture and created by Ningbo Film and Television Art Co., Ltd. On July 1, for the sake of faith, live up to expectations!

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