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The two major brands of Qurongjiu and Jiangyuan Hegu were released, empowering the high-quality development of the wine industry

The two major brands of Qurongjiu and Jiangyuan Hegu were released, empowering the high-quality development of the wine industry

A few days ago, Haikou held a heavyweight brand release conference.

On February 24, the “Digital Intelligence Empowers Industry, Finance and Creation of Wealth” Chinese Liquor Industry and Finance Digital Service Platform – Qurongjiu First Release Summit Forum” and “2023 Qurongjiu|Jiangyuan River Valley Brand Night” were successfully held.

Against the background of the rapid development of modern technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, this conference is undoubtedly a cutting-edge trend and an innovative practice for the liquor industry to focus on digital empowerment and high-quality development goals.

  Brand Power: 1+1>2

In the past two years, the liquor industry has ushered in a wave of channel digital transformation.

In the new era, in the highly competitive market environment, the growth and transformation of enterprises cannot rely on a single model, especially at the C-end. Digital technology has escalated retail competition, and it is necessary to make up for the relatively weak shortcomings of digitalization to enhance competitiveness.

In this context, Qurongjiu chose to hold the brand conference during the second phase of the 2022 Alcohol Industry Innovation and Investment Conference (AIIC), and explained its brand strategy in detail.

It is understood that Qurongjiu platform is based on industry integration, third-party neutral element trading market and industrial digital service chain cluster, providing safe, convenient and efficient one-stop customized services from base wine to finished wine for liquor group buying and retailers , including selection and evaluation of base wine, quality control of warehousing, warehousing supervision, traceability and anti-counterfeiting, packaging design, filling production, brand empowerment, digital copyright, financial services, etc., to realize the whole process of credit transactions and digital supervision.

Qin Shuyao, secretary-general of the China Liquor Distribution Association, said, “Guizhou Baijiu is leading the industry in innovation and entering a new era of digital economy.”

Earlier, during the 2nd Guizhou Liquor Enterprises Chamber of Commerce New Year Meeting and 2023 Guizhou Liquor Development Trend Forum, the Qurongjiu platform was highlighted at the meeting, and key words such as digital economy and industrial integration were repeatedly mentioned, becoming The established new outlet for industry development.

This is a channel upgrade around the industry’s B-end production factor trading platform. On this basis, the company simultaneously launched a consumer service recommendation guide brand for Maotai-flavored liquor with strong credibility——Jiangyuan Hegu.

Obviously, the launch of Qurongjiu and Jiangyuan River Valley at the same time aims to comprehensively solve the problems of integrity and standards faced by the liquor industry. The dual-brand strategic drive is a self-remodeling, but also a remodeling of the management process with information technology, a solid digital and intelligent chassis, and a strong breakthrough in digital operations and new businesses.

  Intensively cultivate channels, make decisions before moving

At present, under the traditional liquor industry form, the Maotai-flavored liquor industry has high thresholds, traditional trading methods, multiple levels of production and marketing, lack of standardization, and lack of reputation. These are common problems in the current industry.

Faced with the new dilemma of channel upgrading and industry growth, Xiao Huawei, CEO of Qurongjiu Platform, shared at the conference: “Integrity is good and positive; sticking to credit and mutual benefit are the original aspirations of our team. The core concept of our platform. We look forward to working with you to closely follow the development strategy of the national digital economy, with technology as the core, quality as the initial heart, and integrity as the conscience, integrating industries and creating wealth together.”

What changes will the release of the two major brands of Qurongjiu and Jiangyuan Hegu bring to the liquor industry?

Qurongjiu has sufficient advantages in the construction of B-end channels. On the one hand, it is based on blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies to create a smart, efficient, risk-controllable, closed-loop and traceable wine industry credibility platform.

On the other hand, the platform will also realize the quality control of sauce-flavored base wine in storage, storage supervision, digital wine certificate, traceability and anti-counterfeiting, financial services, the whole process of base wine investment credit transaction and physical credit supervision, and integrate to form a comprehensive system from base wine to finished wine The development and design of wine, wine storage, production and packaging, market operations, cultural promotion, e-commerce logistics, and channel terminal support are equal to an integrated service ecosystem.

The platform has initially established the prototype of the channel, and the business pilot of the industrial platform has gradually started. However, the digital industrial chain is often interrelated. In order to adapt to the needs and changes of the market, the Jiangyuan River Valley brand was born.

For enterprises, users are the best foundation and soul of a brand. Jiangyuan River Valley is a commercial service body with high-quality Maotai-flavored liquor service capabilities, and will reach the brand level of high-quality and high-priced Maotai-flavored liquor in the future.

While recommending commercial service bodies with high-quality Maotai-flavored liquor service capabilities to consumers, the company will also use “Guizhou culture and intangible cultural heritage IP distribution” to empower Maotai and liquor companies for the C-end, spread Maotai-flavored liquor culture, Expand cultural tourism projects in sauce and wine production areas, and continuously expand brand influence.

The two strategic intensive cultivation channels are multi-dimensional thinking and practice of brand culture and digital innovation. This is not only the unique centripetal force of the corporate brand, but also its most distinctive core value, and it is also an advantage that cannot be copied.

  The digital leap of people, goods and markets

In the context of the continued uncertainty brought about by the epidemic, the consumption concept, consumption capacity and consumption behavior of the demand side have also undergone tremendous changes.

At present, the market has entered the era of refined operation, and the key to the second half will be the competition of channel power and brand power.

The new retail model of wine is becoming more and more mature, emphasizing the combination of channels and paying attention to the consumer purchase experience. Compared with the previous traditional model, alcohol digital channel marketing pays more attention to consumers themselves, coordinates omni-channel and operates around consumer experience.

It can be said that all digital innovations are essentially derived from the needs of market innovation and the continuous exploration of consumer experience.

To this end, the company has developed and operated a WeChat mini-program for brand operation – Qurongjiu, and has connected and interacted with consumers through the Jiangyuan Hegu brand, truly achieving “feedback operations with data” and providing consumers with convenient and efficient services. service experience.


Experts in the industry believe that in the liquor industry, in the five-dimensional competition of brand power, product power, channel power, communication power and sales power, the importance of each level is self-evident, and the channel plays the most basic role in solving consumption problems. The problem of the way to buy. Appropriate channel models can stabilize the foundation of the company’s growth and drive the improvement of four-dimensional competitiveness at other levels.

Under the game of the big era, the network structure centered on information will be the general trend of the future digital development of the wine industry.

When the digital economy becomes the “new engine” of high-quality development, factories, merchants, stores, and customers will break their respective information islands and form an information-centered network structure. The liquor industry will use “digitalization” as a breakthrough point to continue its strategic layout , It will also drive the overall upgrading of industrial development, consumption scenarios and consumption channels.

The times are evolving, and the company is taking a personal approach to innovate and develop expertise and technologies in the field of liquor digitalization, to help the brand continue to grow, to connect with the rising Chinese consumption upgrading economy, and to move towards the future goal together.


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