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The TV series “Northward” starts the official announcement of the life of the people in the canal, and the fireworks reflect the national spirit of the times

The TV series “Northward” starts the official announcement of the life of the people in the canal, and the fireworks reflect the national spirit of the times

On May 31, the TV series “Northward” produced by iQiyi, Enlightenment Films, and Jiangsu Wentou was launched in Jiangsu. As the 2023 cultural industry development special fund of the Central Propaganda Department to promote the film and television development project, the State Administration of Radio and Television’s key TV drama project, the National Development and Reform Commission’s Grand Canal cultural protection, inheritance and utilization “14th Five-Year Plan” key promotion project, Jiangsu Province’s major theme literary creation funding project, The high-quality support project of Jiangsu Radio and Television Bureau, as well as the repertoire promoted by CCTV’s 2023 “Big Drama Watching the Main Station”, the TV series “Northward” has gathered extensive attention from all walks of life, and has received cordial guidance and great efforts from party committees and governments at all levels and competent units Supporting and starting the release scene, the “Northward” crew set up a temporary party branch to give full play to the spirit of party members and the role of exemplary leaders, inspiring people and boosting morale. Relevant leaders from the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Jiangsu Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, and the main persons in charge of Jiangsu Wentou, iQiyi, and Enlightenment Pictures came to the scene and delivered speeches, asking the main creators of the crew to stick to the people’s standpoint and adhere to innovation during the filming and production process , adhere to promote the right way, “tell the Chinese story that happened in Jiangsu with emotion and strength”, and hope that the creative team will be full of ink from the waves of national culture surging in the Grand Canal, describe the endless people’s epic, and create “Northward” It is a masterpiece that can deeply meet the cultural needs of the people and enhance the spiritual power of the people.


“Going North” is adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous writer Xu Zechen. It is written by Zhao Dongxi, directed by Yao Xiaofeng, and Zhang Shuwei is the chief producer. ), Zhou Haikuo (played by Gao Zhiting), Ma Siyi (played by Li Wanda), and Chen Rui (played by Liu Hengfu) are the main lines of the six young people who grew up by the canal. , all the way along the Hebei River to pursue ideals, and then return to the hometown along the river. When glory or failure is a thing of the past, it is a story of striving to take root in Huajie and build a hometown.

  The road of growth of the youths in Huajie going north to south The hinterland of the canal reflects social development and changes

The canal culture is rooted in the flesh and blood, and the canal spirit has been passed down from generation to generation. This is the continuation of the Grand Canal’s galloping century; and the real canal life is like, I am afraid that only people living here can experience it. In the first concept video of “Northern Upward”, the old-fashioned news report is used to place the audience in the rapidly developing canal life. Accessories such as enamel tanks, “two-eight-bar” bicycles, and brightly colored ties are surging with memories. Come. The “Flower Street Boy” is in it, with a lively smile and a particularly moving figure, and his vitality makes people believe that with such fresh blood, the future development of the canal can be expected. This time, the official announcement of “Going North” released the character posters of 18 leading actors. On the beautifully bound book cover, the “Flower Street Boys” and their families are full of story-telling moments. What’s more ingenious is that the interpretation of the character’s personality and fate is fixed on the girdle by the refined short sentences. The development of the canal has the same root and origin, and the same spirit and branches. The Grand Canal not only provides an environment for the livelihood of every household in Huajie, but its own cultural heritage and connotation, like books, provide spiritual nourishment for people along the canal.

“Going North” tells a series of stories about a group of teenagers along the canal from acquaintance to companionship to separation and reunion, showing contemporary youth’s deep recognition of national culture and their responsibility to inherit the national spirit. “They” by the canal are just like “us” in real life. In real life, the younger generation is rapidly growing into the mainstay of all walks of life, giving back to their hometown and society with their own practical actions. At such a historical and realistic node Telling the story of the development of the canal and the changes of the times from the perspective of young people is what is needed in reality and what the audience expects.

  The ingenuity of the powerful team gathers to “reproduce” the canal style with sincerity

The main creative team of “Going North” is composed of experienced main creators in the industry, well-loved young people and powerful actors. Screenwriter Zhao Dongling and director Yao Xiaofeng are good at creating realistic themes, especially at presenting the connection between the great era and ordinary people, and capturing the shining points scattered in life. Because of this, “Going North” presents how the precious friendship of young acquaintances lasts forever, and how the people in the canal will help and support each other through the ups and downs of life. “Flower Street Boys” and their families The story naturally makes people look forward to and yearn for it. “Northward” brings the lives of ordinary people and ordinary people to life on the screen, and also affectionately responds to the responsibility of creators who are close to life and put the people first.

The life story of “flying close to the ground” must be solid, patient and careful in every link, and they are indispensable. The crew filmed scenes along the Grand Canal to fully demonstrate the customs and customs of the Grand Canal, especially the Jiangsu section of the Grand Canal in the new era. In order to better present the style and features along the canal at different stages, as well as the details of the lives of the people living on the canal, the drama set up a “Flower Street” with Jiangnan style and historical charm, and even built a house on the open space——in the play One of the important scenes, Huajie Courtyard, strives to allow the audience in front of the screen to see the real texture of life. Realistic creation is valuable in “truth”. The creators of “Northern Upward” practiced themselves, devoted themselves to creation with sincerity and true feelings, and reproduced on the screen the canal stretching for thousands of years. The aesthetic purport and sense of responsibility of front-line creators.

  Youth expression adds new footnotes to realistic writing Canal “cultural business card” shines the glory of the times

The surging millennium context, the brilliant Chinese civilization, and the fresh and flowing canal culture carried by the Grand Canal provide literary and artistic works with a steady stream of creative sources, inexhaustible creative themes, and inexhaustible creative ideas. resource. Jiangsu is the origin of the development of the Grand Canal, and it is the province where the leading city in China’s Grand Canal application is located. The construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt and National Cultural Park in the new era is in the ascendant and in full swing. As a form of popular culture and art with a wide range of dissemination and a large audience base, film and television dramas naturally bear the responsibility of inheriting and promoting the canal culture of the new era.

Excellent works reflect the ability and level of cultural innovation and creation of a country or a nation. Jiangsu Province’s film and television creation is at the forefront. While taking the lead in high-quality development, it will also make every effort to contribute to the prosperity of culture and art in the new era. “Going North” tells the story of the canal with youthful expression in the new era, depicting the canal that breeds excellence? Female for the ideal? Fighting? The animation volume incorporates youthful expression in realistic writing, and creates a shining “cultural business card” of the canal from Jiangsu to the whole country with a strong regional and era atmosphere.

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