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The TV series “Ask the Cangmang” ended perfectly, and Youth Xiaoying continued to rise.

The TV series “Ask the Cangmang” ended perfectly, and Youth Xiaoying continued to rise.


Recently, as a key project of the State Administration of Radio and Television and Hunan Province to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong, the TV series “Ask the Cangmang” with major revolutionary historical themes produced by Xiaoxiang Film Group ended in a set of prime time slots on CCTV. The drama was watched during the broadcast Leading the way, it has been hotly discussed on social platforms, with a Douban score of 8.8, achieving a double harvest of popularity and word-of-mouth.

As the only state-owned film group in Chairman Mao’s hometown, Xiaoying Group devotes itself to film and television creation with incomparable sincerity. It adheres to integrity and innovation, strives for excellence, tells the memory of the great man through the lens, innovates the narrative of youth, promotes the spirit of the great man, and vividly interprets ” The responsibility and responsibility of the two words “state-owned” fully demonstrate to the market a red Xiaoying, a youthful Xiaoying, and a brand-new Xiaoying!

It’s the first one

Not the first one either

As a TV series about great men, “Ask the Cangmang” is the first comprehensive and in-depth account of the period from 1921 to 1927, when young Chairman Mao, as a “pathfinder” and “early traveler”, successively participated in the labor movement, peasant movement, The bloody story of the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, rural investigation, and exploration of China’s revolutionary path has rarely been focused on in depth in film and television works before. Therefore, “Ask the Cangmang” has the function of filling in the gaps and completing the puzzle in Mao Zedong-themed film and television works.

With the guidance and support of the Propaganda Department of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Hunan Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, and Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group (Hunan Radio and Television), Xiaoying Group began to conceive and create the play in 2021. For “Death Battle,” the creative team visited dozens of places including Changsha, Shaoshan, Anyuan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, consulted nearly a hundred authoritative historical books, spent nearly 200 days creating the script in retreat, and shot it for 127 days, with a total shooting time of 1,800 hours. , in-depth restoration of famous scenes, innovation and feedback of new details, and finally presented to the audience such a masterpiece that combines professionalism, heritage and emotion.

During the broadcast of the series, Mao Xinyu, the direct grandson of Comrade Mao Zedong and a major general researcher at the War Research Institute of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences, came to Xiaoying Group for investigation and research, and watched the promotional video of “Ask the Cangmang”. Major General Mao Xinyu spoke highly of Xiaoying Group’s creative approach of taking root in the fertile red soil and telling red stories with light and shadow, and hoped that Xiaoying Group will continue to adhere to the people-centered creative orientation and continue to demonstrate its excellence in the new era and new journey. New atmosphere, new actions, and new missions.

“Red Hunan, red Xiaoying, red is our eternal background.” In terms of film and television works about great men, in addition to the TV series “Ask the Cangmang”, Xiaoying Group has also produced the movie “Mao Zedong and His “Son”, “Autumn Harvest Uprising”, “Mao Zedong in 1925”, “Mao Zedong Goes to Anyuan”, “Mao Zedong and Qi Baishi”, “Young Mao Zedong”, “Leader 1935”, “Unforgettable Years” and other more than ten outstanding works with Chairman Mao as the theme. , the “Red Xiaoying” brand image is unique in the industry and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

only one

Not the only one

2023 is the 130th anniversary of the birth of the great leader Comrade Mao Zedong. As one of China’s “seven major state-owned film groups”, Xiaoying Group was born in Hunan, grew up in Hunan, and grew strong in Hunan. It has been cultivating in the hot soil of the Chairman’s hometown for 65 years. , I feel that my feet are on fertile soil and I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders, and I should interpret my responsibilities with practical actions. Therefore, Xiaoying Group concentrated on creating and launching three film and television works: “Ask the Cangmang”, “Departure” and “Fortress”, which together constitute Xiaoying Group’s trilogy to pay tribute to the great man on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong. While commemorating the great man, , let the red spirit be passed down from generation to generation.

On December 26, 2023, “Departure”, the first film about Chairman Mao’s study tour and research process during his time at the First Normal University, was specially screened in many places in Hunan and will soon be launched in theaters across the country. The film is directed by Liu Zhihai and written by Li Taoge. It tells the story of young Mao Zedong’s life experience when he was studying at the Hunan First Normal University, going deep into the rural grassroots to conduct investigations and research, observing people’s livelihood, exploring ways to save the country and the people, and firmly establishing his grand ambition.

On December 16, 2023, the movie “Fortress”, which tells the revolutionary past of the Shaoshan Special Branch, also held its premiere in Shaoshan. The film is produced by Liu Ning, screenwriter and director Han Keyi, and stars Chen Minghao, Guo Xiaodong, Li Yitong, Chen Duling, Xue Haowen and other actors. It is based on the earliest founding in the history of our party founded by Comrade Mao Zedong in June 1925. The Shaoshan Special Branch of the Communist Party of China, one of the rural party branches, is the prototype of the story. It tells the story of the “Shaoshan Five”, the first batch of Communist Party members of the special branch, from launching a vigorous peasant movement to devoting themselves to underground party work and battling wits and courage with the Kuomintang. .

In order to comprehensively strengthen the party’s leadership in publicity, ideological and cultural work, Xiaoying Group has established temporary party branches in the above three project crews. Through the organic integration of party building work and creative work, it provides a strong organizational guarantee for film and television creation and production. When Gu Liang, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of Hunan Radio and Television Group Co., Ltd. (Hunan Radio and Television), secretary of the party committee and chairman of Xiaoxiang Film Group, led a team to visit the crew of “Ask the Cangbang”, they launched the “Increase Wisdom through Learning——” “Learning Thoughts, Strengthening Party Spirit, and Struggle Together” theme learning activity, and expressed the hope that the crew will hold idealism, romanticism, and revolutionary heroism during filming to make “Ask the Cangman” a film that is truly worthy of the great era and worthy of the revolutionary forefathers. This masterpiece pays tribute to the forefathers in the story who bravely stood at the forefront of the changing times.

Want positive energy

Also needs a lot of traffic

In the new era, Xiaoying Group proposes: “We will not be slaves of the market, but we will never be outcasts of the market. We must be the masters of the market!” Adhere to the “people-centered” creative orientation and strive to create products that satisfy the people High-quality works that meet spiritual and cultural needs, improve people’s spiritual and cultural living standards, and achieve win-win social and economic benefits.

In recent years, Xiaoying Group has continued to innovate and explore the production of new mainstream films, commercial films, and art films while adhering to the creation of main theme content. It has produced “Shibadong Village”, “Half Quilt”, “Ode to the Earth” and “Ideal Illumination”. China”, “He Shuheng”, “Eight Hundred Miners Going to Jinggang”, “Beacon Field” and other high-quality works that hold up the national spiritual torch and highlight the national spiritual culture, as well as “Changsha Night Life”, “Bottom Line”, “The Wandering Earth 2” and “Miracle Stupid Kid” and other masterpieces that innovate mainstream narratives and receive enthusiastic response from the market.

On this basis, “Ask the Cangmang” reaches new heights, further innovates youth narratives, and explores the greatest common denominator of the theme’s resonance with youth. After “Ask the Cangmang” premiered on a set of prime time slots on CCTV, the entire drama had an average ratings of 2.54% and an average share of 10.401% in CVB (Big Data of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television), ranking first among all channels in the country; Hunan Satellite TV on December 19 After the evening broadcast, Suofuri National Network ranked first among provincial satellite TV. In terms of new media platforms, the number of topic views on the entire network exceeded 4.2 billion, and there were 141 hot searches on the entire Internet. Among them, the main topic of Douyin #wencangmang has a cumulative number of views of 1.17 billion, and the main topic of Weibo #tvnovelswencanangmang has a cumulative number of views of 450 million , #kanwen Cangmang I don’t dare to fast forward for a second ##all my tears tonight were given to wewen Cangmang# and other topics have aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Next, Xiaoying Group has also prepared film and television works with diverse themes and rich types, striving to open up a new realm of artistic production with high-quality masterpieces that keep up with the times. For example, the hero-model movie “Light of the Deep Sea” is adapted from the real deeds of Wan Buyan, the honorary title “Model of the Times”, and the series of online movies “Why China” is based on major events and important figures in various periods of the five thousand years of China. , the movie “Zhou Libo” tells the story of Mr. Zhou Libo and the farmers who share the same fate, and created the novel “Three Townships Great Changes” that reflected the great changes in the countryside at that time. The costume fantasy film “Legend of Nüshu” is based on the national intangible cultural heritage “Nüshu Culture”…

Xiaoying Group is committed to making film and television works with positive main themes win the market, using positive energy to generate large traffic, and empowering the communication power of main themes. Red is the soul and content is king. Under the instructions of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to “polite the golden brand of Xiaoying”, through a series of shining film and television masterpieces, a brand new Xiaoying is standing out!

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