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The trailer of the documentary “Light of Double Success” released on the 20th anniversary of China Life’s listing

The trailer of the documentary “Light of Double Success” released on the 20th anniversary of China Life’s listing

  This year marks the stock reform and listing of the life insurance company under China Life Group20th anniversary. The documentary “Double light》will beDecember 15online. The documentary takes the development process of China Life Insurance Company since its stock reform and listing as a clue. Looking back on the past 20 years, the company has always had “The great one in the country”, insisting on promoting development through reform, increasing vitality through innovation, and pursuing a path of high-quality development through continuous exploration.

Chasing dreams goes beyond courageous missions

Twenty years ago, China Life Insurance Company’s share reform and listing set a record for the world’s largest IPO that year. With the help of video materials and narrations from the parties involved, “The Light of Two Successes” will “reproduce” for the audience the multiple challenges and struggles faced by the company in its early stage of listing.

With the spirit of daring to be the first, China Life Insurance Company met the listing conditions in a short period of time and became the first Chinese insurance company to disclose embedded value information. Over the past 20 years, the company has been playing a leading role in China’s insurance industry.

  In the past 20 years, China Life Insurance Company’s premium income has increased from less than 150 billion yuan to600 billion yuanA breakthrough in the platform; total assets increased from 306.827 billion yuan to5.251984 billion yuan.China Life’s ranking among the “Fortune 500” has climbed from 290th in 2003 to 2023.No. 54;Brand value growthMore than 10 times

Become a person, be a person, be a person, be a person and achieve yourself

“A benevolent man, if he wants to be successful himself, he can help others; if he wants to be successful, he can help others.” This is where the “double success” concept of “helping oneself and helping others and helping others reach oneself” that China Life adheres to comes from.

While the documentary uses data to show the glory of the brand to the audience, it also does not forget to focus on the living individuals behind the data who are involved in the insurance industry. Through their stories, it tells the story of generations of China Life people who have integrated the pursuit of their personal ideals into sharing the country’s worries and serving the people. The spirit of organizations at all levels of the company to stand at the forefront and strive to be the first has become increasingly clear.

  The company’s strategic decision-makers, general managers of provincial and municipal branches, grassroots insurance agents, China Life’s global image spokesperson… through the “First-person perspective“, demonstrating China Life’s integrity and innovation; through “Dingxin project“”Eight major projects” and a series of major reform measures, continue to promote the impressive journey of high-quality development; by focusing on people’s livelihood security and serving the national strategic overall situation, China Life takes the concept of “double success” as the core concept of corporate culture, and uses practical actions to promote corporate, “Win-win” for the people, society and the country.

Break the tradition and broaden the future

Twenty years of prosperity, ninety thousand miles of prosperity. Looking back is to move forward better. The 20 years of forge ahead for China Life Insurance Company are also 20 years of high-quality development of my country’s social economy.

  “The Light of Double Success” takes the development history of the insurance “head goose” enterprise as the context and uses a large number of industry insiders toscholar “first person”“narrated as “bloodline”, through the expression technique of “dialogue across the air”,Provides a window for the public to have an in-depth understanding of the development of my country’s insurance industryis of great significance for popularizing insurance knowledge in the whole society and enhancing the audience’s insurance awareness, and also provides more reference for the high-quality development of the insurance industry in the new era and new pattern.

Through real cases and the narrator’s insights and thinking, “The Light of Two Successes” breaks the “fourth wall” between the audience and the program, breaking away from boring “preaching” and using more vivid expressions and unique The narrative structure has become a reference and commemorative image material in the insurance industry, and it has also broadened the ideas of industry creators.

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