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The total insured value of escorting the Asian Games has exceeded 400 billion. China Pacific Insurance made its grand debut in the Asian Games exhibition hall. Green Brand Day was launched.

The total insured value of escorting the Asian Games has exceeded 400 billion. China Pacific Insurance made its grand debut in the Asian Games exhibition hall. Green Brand Day was launched.

“Look, here is Qin Haiyang’s competition uniform! Qin Haiyang is also a member of the ‘Pacific Blue Team’!”

“There are so many seeds from the Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest trees here…”

  “It’s so fun to climb to the top, and I even received the ‘Pacific Blue Team’ animation environmental cup!”

  On September 24, China Pacific Insurance Group Co., Ltd. located in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center GymnasiumThe Asian Games exhibition hall was officially unveiled, and there was an endless stream of visitors who praised the exhibition hall.Green environmental protection andThe combination of cool technology and technology conveys the spirit of sports and the concept of health, green and low carbon, which is rich, interesting and meaningful..

  On the same day, China Pacific Insurance launched the Green Asian Games brand campaign and launched a joint check-in event with four leading brand exhibition halls. Yu Bin, vice president of China Pacific Insurance, Zhang Yuhua, assistant general manager and market development director of China Pacific Insurance, and Huang Xuechen, head of the Asian Games General Command Center and On-site Command Center and world champion in synchronized swimming, attended the event.

  As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, as of the official opening of the Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has customized a package of “Asian Games Insurance” risk solutions with a total insured amount of over 400 billion yuan for the Hangzhou Asian Games.Comprehensive coverage of property, financial losses, cargo transportation, network security, liability and personal lifeInsurance category, which provides personal insurance for more than 150,000 people including OCA family members, athletes, technical officials, and staff, etc., and provides a complete set of emergency plans, emergency drills, and system training with a newly constructed smart service system , risk monitoring and event operation risk management “combination boxing” to escort the Hangzhou Asian Games in all scenarios and throughout the cycle.

  Taibao blue shines with Chinese red

  The China Pacific Asia Games Exhibition Hall is located in the main passage of the Lotus and Lotus spectators at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. It is based on “One CPIC” and integratesWith the resources and highlights of the entire company, China Pacific Insurance has built a platform for CPIC service display, created a scene for sports and health experiences, created an atmosphere for green public welfare participation, and is committed to becoming the brand’s window to the world with the mind of “serving the great nation and protecting a better life” . The exhibition hall has four major sections: “Pacific Insurance and Asian Games”, “Pacific Insurance Services”, “Youth Promotion and Asian Games” and “Green Asian Games”. With the “Pacific Insurance Blue Team” as a link, it focuses on demonstrating the innovations and highlights of CPIC’s services in escorting the Asian Games, promoting the development of health undertakings, and enhancing the background of the green Asian Games.

  Green Asian Games, low carbon with you

  The Green Asian Games is not only a concept for organizing games, but also a social trend. China Pacific Insurance regards green as the background of sustainable development, which is highly consistent with the Green Asian Games. It innovates green insurance, implements green investments, and deeply cultivates the concept of ecological civilization development. Protect the source of the Three Rivers; build a new ecological brand model to achieve co-creation and win-win results.At the opening ceremony of the exhibition hall, China Pacific Insurance

  Launched the “Green Asian Games, Low Carbon with You” brand campaign, using the China Pacific Insurance Asian Games Exhibition Hall and Asian Games Village stores as the lead, to promote carbon inclusive and caring Sanjiangyuan activities nationwide to audiences, athletes, customers and employees, including establishing personal Carbon accounts, adopting Sanjiangyuan Taibao Asian Games Forest trees and other actions.

  Synchronized swimming world champion Huang Xuechen participated on the spotSanjiangyuan scanned the QR code interactive activity to successfully claim Asian Games forest trees and practice green actions.She said that the green exhibition hallIt is refreshing. At the same time, as an athlete, she is well aware of the troubles caused by illness to athletes, and deeply recognizes the protective function of insurance.

Brand alliance to deliver the Asian Games

  At the Green Brand Day event ceremony, China Pacific Insurance joined hands with four leading brands, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Alibaba-Taobao, Anheng Information and Wahaha, to launch a joint check-in event in the brand exhibition hall. This is also a new way of cross-border connection, exploration and creation of scene marketing. try. Visitors who check in and take photos in the five exhibition halls will have the opportunity to draw store image products related to the Asian Games from each store. China Pacific Insurance has specially customized a series of special Asian Games image products, including aromatherapy made from Sanjiangyuan Qinghai spruce fruits, CPIC Blue Team cartoon environmental cup, CPIC mascot badges and blind boxes, Asian Games mascots, etc., as well as messages carrying blessings. Tree of hope.Audiences and athletes can participate in activities at the China Pacific Asia Games Exhibition Hall and Asian Games Village Green Store to learn more about green and low-carbon lifestyles and help green Asia with practical actions.transport.


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