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The total insured amount exceeds 1.25 trillion!China Pacific Insurance strives to create a 6.0 service model for the China International Expo

The total insured amount exceeds 1.25 trillion!China Pacific Insurance strives to create a 6.0 service model for the China International Expo


The much-anticipated Sixth China International Import Expo is about to open, and all preparatory work has entered the countdown sprint stage. As the core supporting enterprise and designated insurance service provider of the CIIE, China Pacific Insurance will provide “Industry, Life and Health” insurance for this CIIE with a total insured amount of 1.25 trillion yuan, focusing on the theme of “Pacific Insurance Services, Carbon as the View”. One-stop comprehensive insurance protection and integrated risk management services realize professionalization of insurance services, smart insurance technology, international strategic cooperation and refined organizational guarantees, and strive to create a “6 boldly forward” CPIC Service 6.0 model.

  “Move forward bravely”escorting the CIIE with the highest standards to fully resume offline exhibitions for the first time

China Pacific Insurance has updated and optimized the insurance plan for the entire life cycle of the CIIE based on the “6+365” update. The insurance coverage covers the venue operation period, the CIIE exhibition period and other stages, and strives to achieve a one-week exhibition period and one-year service. China Pacific Insurance is the chief underwriter of the 2023 operation period package insurance for the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the venue for the CIIE, providing property all risks, machine damage insurance, business interruption insurance, public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, professional liability insurance and art Insurance protection plans for eight types of insurance, including product insurance, with a total insured amount of nearly 23 billion yuan.

At the 6th China International Import Expo, China Pacific Insurance upgraded its comprehensive insurance plan for the 6th China International Import Expo, tailoring a package of risk solutions with a total insured amount exceeding 1.25 trillion yuan, comprehensively covering property, financial losses, cargo transportation, There are eight major insurance categories: network security, patent enforcement, tariff guarantee, liability and personal insurance. Among them, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance provides personnel insurance protection for CIIE participants including organizers, exhibitors, supply chain service providers, buyers, media, volunteers, etc. The protection period is from October 1 to 12, 2023 On March 31st, covering the entire cycle before, during and after the exhibition.

Actively serve entities related to the CIIE. China Pacific Insurance has customized the “CIIE Insurance” one-stop insurance products and services for global exhibitors, constructors, transporters, service providers and other relevant parties of the CIIE, including cargo transportation insurance, exhibition liability insurance, and personnel accidents 16 basic protection products including insurance and art insurance and 4 exclusive protection products. At the same time, starting from the second CIIE, China Pacific Insurance has set up a special insurance service window on the official website of the CIIE to provide online exhibition liability insurance for special decoration exhibitors participating in the CIIE, covering all special decoration builders and exhibitors. Personnel and liability protection is expected to provide more than 1,500 exhibitors at the Sixth China International Import Expo with a cumulative insurance coverage of over 10 billion yuan for site property, construction personnel safety and public liability risks during the move-in, exhibition and dismantling periods. Assure.

In addition, Pacific Health Insurance also organized a team of 35 “Rescue on Your Side” volunteers who hold AHA first aid certificates to provide professional first aid and emergency service support for the 6th China International Import Expo. This is also the fifth year that this team has participated in the CIIE. Wearing bright “yellow vests”, they are as active as ever at the major service outlets of the CIIE. In addition to regular medical emergency support, they also work with other China Pacific Insurance CIIE volunteers. Together, we will carry out services such as carbon inclusive check-in, exhibition hall explanations, and forum guarantees, and use practical actions to interpret the responsibility, wisdom, and warmth of “Pacific Insurance Service”.

  “Green CPIC” + pension “core” proposition + jointly explore the insurance digital workforce and convey the voice of CPIC on a global sharing platform

Green has become the foundation for China Pacific Insurance’s sustainable development. At this year’s CIIE, China Pacific Insurance will also fully demonstrate the results of continuous innovation in green finance. Take the lead in taking action to jointly help the “Zero Carbon Expo and Zero Plastic Expo 2.0” start again. In 2023, China Pacific Insurance will continue to uphold the concept of green development and upgrade the “Zero Carbon Expo, Zero Plastic Expo” action. On the basis of achieving carbon neutrality at the 6th China International Import Expo, we will invite exhibitors, visitors, volunteers, The media and other individuals participated in the “Zero Carbon Expo and Zero Plastic Expo 2.0” event. During the CIIE, China Pacific Insurance will hold an ESG open forum at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) to discuss how technology and finance can empower the world with international and domestic experts and scholars. the topic of sustainable development.

  at the same time,China Pacific Insurance relies on the international platform of the China International Import Expo to showcase the company’s exploration results in product and service innovation to the world. At the same time, it actively expands the “circle of friends” upstream and downstream of the industry, and jointly builds “insurance + health care” with outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises. “Ecosystem provides customers with integrated solutions of “insurance + health + pension”.During this CIIE, China Pacific Life Insurance will hold a high-end forum on health care, focusing on the current situation and pain points of aging, discussing the construction of a multi-level pension system, and officially releasing China Pacific Life Insurance’s “pension core proposition”All-in-one comprehensive solution”.

  It is worth mentioning that during the CIIE,China Pacific InsuranceWillCollaborationHuawei, iFlytek, etc.Leading technology companies have established a joint laboratory for insurance digital labor to conduct in-depth cooperation in computing infrastructure, large base models, and scenario domain knowledge to jointly explore the construction of large basic insurance models and the application of digital labor in the insurance field.

  “Move forward bravely” to welcome the grand event!China Pacific Insurance has always demonstrated its strength in serving national strategies.Continue to provide CPIC services with responsibility, wisdom and warmth,Help the CIIE brand spillover effects to have wider radiation and deeper influence.We will continue to fulfill our solemn promise of “CPIC services to make the CIIE more successful”!

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