The titles of “Excellent Enterprise” and “Excellent Worker” in Wuhan’s software industry in 2023 fell to Feiyan Remote Sensing


In order to implement the “14th Five-Year Plan” development plan and industrial chain policies for the software and information technology service industry, strengthen the leading and driving role of outstanding enterprises and talents, and promote the construction of Wuhan as a famous software city with Chinese characteristics and the high-quality development of the city’s software industry, Wuhan Software Industry associations carry out the selection of “Excellent Enterprises” and “Excellent Workers”.

Excellent software company in 2023~2024

Feiyanaerial remote sensingTechnology Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Software Enterprise” in 2023-2024 by the Wuhan Software Industry Association.

Outstanding Workers in 2023-2024

Our general manager Zhao Ziyan was awarded the honor of “2023-2024 ‘Excellent Worker'”. His professionalism, innovative spirit and teamwork ability demonstrated in his work have provided a strong support for the development of Feiyan Remote Sensing in the software industry. of support.

Feiyanaerial remote sensingTechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Feiyan Remote Sensing”) was established in 2003 with a paid-in registered capital of 52.8 million yuan. It is specialized in surveying and mapping.aerial photography,PhotogrammetrySpecialized in remote sensing and geographic information systems, “little giants” and high-tech enterprises.Feiyan Remote Sensing has won 50+ and provincial outstanding engineering awards in total, and Feiyan Remote Sensing has been published by the National Geographic Information Center for many years in a row.aerial photographyRanked first in the field of corporate performance and integrity.

Main business:

1. Surveying and mappingaerial photography(Large format digitalaerial photographylaser LIDARaerial photographyADS series push-broom typeaerial photographydroneaerial photography,Oblique aerial photography) and data processing;

2. High precisionDEM,DOM,DSMmake;

3.Remote sensing image analysis and interpretation,Geographical information dataWarehousing and system construction, digitalCity 3DModeling, three-dimensional digital earth application services, etc.;

4. Feiyan remote sensing swift4D geographical information cloud platform has massive data processing, multi-source data fusion, and universal component service architecture for CIM, digital twin,Real 3DThe construction provides a spatial data base, forming industry cases represented by water conservancy digital flow field systems, three-dimensional ecological environmental protection systems, and three-dimensional water distribution operation and maintenance management systems.

Business advantage:

1.Rich industry experience, business scope covers the whole country.Having been deeply engaged in the field of aerial survey for more than 20 years, he has established scientific research and technology marketing centers, integrated development centers and data processing centers in Nanjing, Wuhan and Deqing respectively, and established branches in Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Shandong, Xinjiang and other places;

2.Standard specifications and complete qualifications.Possess all Class A qualifications and relevant Class B surveying and mapping qualifications in the industry, and can provide remote sensing and surveying and mappingGeographical information dataServices and spatial information system development and application services;

3.The software and hardware are strong.In terms of hardware, it has internationaladvancedaerial photographyMore than 10 instrumentsandMultiple sets of rotary and fixed-wing dronesoblique photographysystemindependent research and development”AIMSMultiple sourcesaerial remote sensingsolution”, simultaneously acquiring orthochromatic true-color images, laser, tilt andHyperspectraland other data, it has won the first prize of the 2023 Geographic Information Technology Progress Award and the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Award, with an annual data acquisition capacity of 1.2 million square kilometers; the software is equipped with Inpho, PhotoMod, Mapmatrix, EPT, LiDAR-DP, TerraSolid, etc. image post-processing software andLaser point cloudProcessing software; independently developed a variety of image and point cloud processing software such as P3C and aerial image restoration, which can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of image and point cloud processing;

4.Strong airspace coordination capabilities.With strong airspace coordination capabilities, the use ofaerial remote sensing,Oblique aerial photography,laseraerial photographydrones, ground surveys and other combination methods, it has created a 9-day flight to Dongying’s 8,500 square kilometers, a 2-day flight to select the Shandong section of the Yellow River, a six-year flight to Xiamen, which is difficult to comprehensively coordinate, and a 5-day flight to Guangxi 15,000 square kilometers of LiDARpoint cloud dataassisting terrain level, city level, component levelReal 3DChina Construction has an annual application scenario of 350,000 square kilometers.

By integrating modern remote sensing, data processing and information technology, Feiyan remote sensing is a new type of remote sensing information extraction, integrated application of spatial data and industry information.Smart Cityconstruction,natural resources surveyProvide high-quality spatial information solutions and system development technical services in the fields of monitoring, ecological environment protection, land spatial planning, smart townships and smart forestry, public safety and emergency support.


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