The third season of “20 Years Old” officially launched Shen Yueyi Mengling Cecilia Cheung’s first love show

The third season of “20 Years Old” officially launched Shen Yueyi Mengling Cecilia Cheung’s first love show


At 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 24th, the third season of the youth travel social reality show “20 Years Old”, which is exclusively titled by Changqing and produced by Youku’s self-made studio Xiaomei Studio, officially launched on Youku platform. The teenagers in the graduation season of this season will turn back time, restart campus life, and make up for the regrets that they did not complete in college; then set off together to travel far away, rolling clouds and waves! By the sea, under the snow-capped mountains, I rewrite the regretful chapters of youth with my friends, reap the most sincere friendship and love, and draw the most splendid end to college life. The “Spring Alumni Association” composed of Da Zuo, Pu Yixing, Shen Yue, Xiao Jingteng, Yang Di, Yi Mengling, Cecilia Cheung and Yu Zhiling will witness this journey of youth with everyone.

  Shen Yueyi Mengling’s immersive observation of empathy, Pu Yixing’s reasoning hit a wall for the first time

This season, new and old friends of the Spring Alumni Association gathered together. The new observers Pu Yixing, Shen Yue, Yi Mengling, Cecilia Cheung and the old observers Xiao Jingteng, Yang Di, and Da Zuo all returned to their 20s in campus style, with a full sense of ceremony. In the observation room, everyone not only followed the immersive output of the students in the third class of Kasuga, but also quickly narrowed the distance through the experience of the same ice-breaking game, and the laughter in the observation room continued.

Xiao Jingteng, who contributed countless scenes due to the output of true feelings in the first two seasons, said at the beginning of this season that he would take a stable line, but he quickly slapped his face in less than a second and made a bet for a new season; Cecilia Cheung faced The question of who has the most love experience was voted to herself without hesitation, and the bold output caused bursts of laughter; and Shen Yue and Yi Mengling, who participated in the observation for the first time, were firmly attracted by the stories of the students in the third class of Kasuga, and they sympathized with sugar eating, The corner of the mouth rises “Auntie smiles”.

The heartbeat message guessing in this issue has been upgraded to a team battle. The eight guests are divided into two groups to compete. The losing group needs to do radio gymnastics collectively on the spot. He also suffered from Waterloo in his reasoning career, lamenting the complexity of human nature.

  Xia Yingge made a surprise comeback, and the new classmate’s straight-ball confession shocked everyone

The story of the third class in spring this season begins with the opening ceremony. The representatives of the 19th grade graduates walked into the auditorium with the bell ringing. , Zeze introduced himself on stage and shared his college life and travel wishes. Xiaofeng was the first to take the initiative to take the stage, and he won the applause of the students with an original rap without any stage fright; Applause; when Zhang Zhang introduced herself as a nautical technology major with a cold appearance, everyone couldn’t help but sigh that her captain’s ambition is cool; the Tibetan girl Zeze’s curly long hair is the same as her Tibetan name, which means “gentle moon” Deeply rooted in the hearts of the people… At the end of the ceremony, Heat Neng also made a surprise appearance and sang the school song “Calamosa Love” with all the students, pushing the atmosphere of the ceremony to a climax.

After meeting for the first time, the seven students played an ice-breaking game on the playground, and took the spring bus to the Ferris wheel for a group date dinner according to the game results. Some of them quietly put their good feelings into the recording pen, and some like Xiaofeng pointed out the straight ball of the exciting girl on the Ferris wheel. The bold expression aroused the exclamation of the guests in the observation room.

 The media watching the film will enter the campus, turning back time and returning to youth

The day before the launch, the third season of “Popping 20 Years Old” also held a media viewing meeting at the Communication University of China. The chief producer Zhang Hongyan, the chief director David, the chief screenwriter Yang Yi, the director Zhang Linghui, the watching media, and many Zhongchuan students gathered together to watch the first episode of the program in advance. During the viewing process, the audience laughed continuously. Shout out to the top.

At the same time, the inside and outside of the venue are decorated with a strong campus atmosphere. The program distributes “enrollment gift packages” including admission notices, customized student ID cards, seat-occupancy pencil boxes, notebooks, etc. to the “students” present. Before watching the film, a heart-warming test paper was issued, and a reverse clock was used to imply the reversal of time, which is consistent with the theme of “returning to school” this season, allowing everyone to enter the journey of youth with the third class of spring day.

The response at the filming meeting was enthusiastic. People can’t help but look forward to what kind of chemical reaction will happen between the seven students after the first day of campus acquaintance, and what stories will happen in the following days? At 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 24th, lock the third season of Youku’s “20 Years Old”, witness the journey story of Class Three in Spring, and feel the throbbing of youth.

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