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The third “AIA Friendship? Book Fragrance Building Dreams” project officially launched AIA’s comprehensive upgrade of public welfare forces to support education equity and rural revitalization

The third “AIA Friendship? Book Fragrance Building Dreams” project officially launched AIA’s comprehensive upgrade of public welfare forces to support education equity and rural revitalization

  AIA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AIA Life”) officially launched the third phase of the public welfare project “AIA Friendship·Book Fragrance Building Dreams”, which aims to use books to lighten the dreams of children in remote mountainous areas. Books and other means to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and contribute to the practical promotion of education equity, rural revitalization and common prosperity.

The “AIA Friendship · Book Fragrance Builds Dreams” public welfare book donation project is a self-owned public welfare project launched by AIA Life Insurance and the Amity Foundation in 2021. After two years of accumulation and exploration, “Scholarly Fragrance Building Dreams” has gradually formed a public welfare activity with unique AIA characteristics. AIA Life Insurance has set up 21 love libraries in Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei, and Henan provinces. It also donates books to the love library through the AIA online platform together with outstanding salesmen and customers. The cumulative number of donated books has exceeded 310,000 This project has benefited more than 10,000 mountain students.

The third series of public welfare activities of “Friendship with All Countries and Fragrance of Books to Build Dreams” will gather more loving forces and comprehensively upgrade its public welfare influence. AIA Life Insurance will actively mobilize AIA’s excellent salespersons, employees, individual customers, corporate customers and caring people from all walks of life to donate books to help students in remote mountainous areas see a wider world through books. At the same time, AIA will take the lead in initiating donations to support the construction of supporting facilities such as loving libraries in rural schools. In the future, AIA will join hands with more partners to conduct on-the-spot inspections of rural schools and visit the site to learn about the implementation and implementation of the Loving Library project. The total number of participants in the third phase of the “Scholarly Dream Building” event is expected to exceed 100,000.

The public welfare activity of “AIA Friendship · Book Fragrance Building Dreams” is an important practice of AIA in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. It has been more than 30 years since AIA returned to the Chinese market in 1992. For more than 30 years, AIA has never stopped fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in mainland China. While committed to bringing professional, high-quality health and wealth protection products and services to Chinese families, it has diversified public welfare projects from Different fields feed back society.

Rural education is an important foundation for rural revitalization and a key link to achieve a balanced education between urban and rural areas. The series of public welfare activities of “Schools Building Dreams” is the implementation of AIA’s long-term commitment to rural assistance and education. The most important thing is that the fragrance of books can go far, and the development of rural children’s reading system can bring broader possibilities for their growth. Passing on love and nourishing dreams, AIA Life is committed to promoting the improvement of the education level of children in mountainous areas and caring for children’s reading dreams.

For a long time, AIA has actively responded to the country’s call to “do a good job in the key tasks of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization in the banking and insurance industry in 2023”, and has actively invested in the revitalization of rural industries, focusing on the “three rural” areas. AIA supports the collection and storage of grain, cotton and oil, rural road construction, and rural power grids by investing in the financial bonds of the Agricultural Development Bank, local bonds in the agricultural field, and credit bonds in the agricultural industry, etc., by directly providing project funds or indirectly supporting financial institutions to issue project loans. Renovation, upgrading of rural characteristic industries, and rural revitalization projects such as drinking water safety, compulsory education, basic medical care, and housing security.

In order to further practice corporate social responsibility and support the country to achieve the goal of common prosperity, the “AIA” Charity Trust will also take this opportunity to fully upgrade and encourage more people to actively participate in charitable causes. The upcoming “AIA Friendship” Charitable Trust 2.0 will be upgraded from AIA Life Insurance as the sole subscriber to donate funds to jointly build a public welfare charity ecosystem. AIA will build on the “AIA Friendship” Charitable Trust 2.0 and existing public welfare projects. , explore multiple forms of public welfare, promote various public welfare projects including education aid, medical assistance, elderly health care, poverty relief and disaster relief, and public welfare innovation, stick to love and responsibility, and benefit more people.

  Jiang Limin, Chief Customer Officer of AIA LifeSaid: “The launch of the third ‘AIA Friendship·Scholarly Dreams’ public welfare activity is another example of AIA sticking to its original intention of safeguarding and actively repaying the society. Since then, AIA has firmly developed charity and public welfare undertakings, paid close attention to the “old and young” groups, and fulfilled its “long-termism” commitment to the Chinese market with love and responsibility. In the future, we will continue to increase investment and continue on the road of public welfare and charity Keep walking, join hands with more partners to participate in charity, build a ‘friendly’ society, and live a healthy, long-term and good life with more Chinese families.”


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