The suspenseful criminal investigation drama “Who is He” premiered the “case in case” high-energy plot and won praise from word of mouth


Produced by CCTV, Youku, and Wanda TV series, produced by Ding Hei, directed by Bao Chengzhi, written by Wu Di and Li Fang, starring Zhang Yi and Chen Yuxi, special starring Ding Yongdai, Yu Haoming, friendly starring Zhao Yang, Liu Guanlin, Zheng Jingjing, Qi Kui , Shi Liang, Fan Lei, and Xu Fangyi starred in the suspenseful criminal investigation drama “Who is He” which premiered on CCTV-8 and Youku yesterday. On the day of its broadcast, the show was widely praised for its powerful cast, intense and high-energy case development, and relaxed narrative rhythm, which made its attention and discussion skyrocket all the way, becoming the number one criminal investigation drama hit in 2023.

The popularity of the first broadcast and word-of-mouth popularity have gone out of the circle

High-density cases are called brain-burning by netizens

“Who is He” mainly tells the story of the perseverance of the criminal police headed by Wei Guoping (played by Zhang Yi) and the fighting of wits and courage by the criminal group. In 1988, the criminal police officer Wei Guoping witnessed the sacrifice of his comrades in the pursuit of a serial murder case, and the murderer escaped, which became Wei Guoping’s heart knot. Eight years later, a shocking murder occurred in Ningjiang City. As the captain of the criminal police, Wei Guoping led the team to investigate, and many clues pointed to the serial murders eight years ago. Wei Guoping and his teammates teamed up to pursue the truth. Unravel the mysteries of the package…

Before the broadcast, the number of reservations for the show on the platform was as high as 170w+, which shows the audience’s high expectations for the show. After the broadcast on March 14, it lived up to expectations. Not only did Kuyun’s live broadcast attention exceed 1.1237%, but also the popularity value on Youku station exceeded 8000+. TOP1 on the cloud network popularity list, TOP1 on Maoyan’s overall network popularity list, TOP1 on Yunhe data’s public opinion popularity, TOP1 market share of Beacon’s full network feature films, TOP1 on Detawen’s upcoming drama prosperity index, TOP1 on Douban’s real-time popular books and videos, Weibo live chat drama comprehensive TOP1, Douyin drama series list TOP1, becoming the well-deserved No. 1 criminal investigation drama of the year in 2023. At the same time, the series also received 380+ hot searches on the whole network, including “Zhang Yi is a brother in every drama”, “Zhang Yi’s original lines are oppressive”, “Who is he hiding the details”, “Who is he? The collection of related topics dominates Weibo, Douyin and other major social platforms, becoming the focus of discussion among the audience, and driving audiences from multiple circles to join the upsurge of chasing dramas. In addition, the audience gave a lot of praise on social platforms around the plot, case details, actors’ acting skills and other dimensions, which once again verified that suspenseful criminal investigation dramas have a wide audience. Some viewers said after watching the play, “I came here for Zhang Yi, I didn’t expect to see so many dramas, and the acting skills are very online.” “The plot is too brainstorming, and the whole process is very exciting.” The rhythm is also very fast, and I dare not go off the beaten path.” It can be said that word-of-mouth popularity has a double harvest.

In the plot that has been broadcast recently, Wei Guoping has never given up on the investigation of the case of the year for eight years. The old case has not been solved, and new cases have appeared one after another. In the process of investigating new cases, Wei Guoping found that the new case has many similarities with the old case. In this regard, Wei Guoping quickly launched an investigation, and finally discovered that the medical school may be the first crime scene in this case. When the police entered the school to investigate, a teacher of the medical school wanted to escape in panic, but was arrested by the police without any clue. The case seems to have a new breakthrough.

The “zero water injection” plot highlights the high quality of the series

The complicated and confusing case whetted the audience’s appetite

“Who is He” superimposes suspenseful elements on top of the criminal investigation motif, presenting thrilling cases with a strong plot and a fast pace. Murders occur frequently in rainy nights, and many similar cases appear one after another. Whether it is an imitation or a serial case is unpredictable. The plot and the progress of the case bring a more hard-core sense of investigation. While creating a more immersive and suspenseful atmosphere, the series also presents the story through a more realistic image of the police and a narrative perspective full of pyrotechnics. It integrates fragmentary case clues, spreads the details of the case layer by layer, and leads the audience to uncover the secrets in the factual reasoning. The truth of the case highlights the excellent quality and visibility of the series.

Tonight’s new plot is about to unfold. Under the final high-intensity interrogation, Xue Jiajian finally admitted his crime, but it was found during the interrogation that he seemed to have nothing to do with the 1988 case. Will Wei Guoping’s hope of finding the truth fail again? The relationship between Wei Guoping and his sister is delicate and tense. What entanglements happened behind the two? The wonderful plot is about to be revealed.

The suspenseful criminal investigation drama “Who is He” is produced by CCTV, Youku, and Wanda TV series, produced by Ding Hei, directed by Bao Chengzhi, written by Wu Di and Li Fang, starring Zhang Yi and Chen Yuxi, with Ding Yongdai and Yu Haoming as special stars, Zhao Yang, Liu Guanlin and Zheng Jingjing starred in friendship, Qi Kui, Shi Liang, Fan Lei, Xu Fangyi starred. The series will continue to be broadcast on CCTV-8 and Youku. CCTV-8 will broadcast one episode every night at 21:30. VIP members of Youku will update the first 4 episodes at 18:00 for nine consecutive days. Non-VIP members will be online at 21:30. an episode.


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