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The suspense drama “The Long Season” is scheduled to premiere on Jiangsu Satellite TV on the second day of the Lunar New Year

The suspense drama “The Long Season” is scheduled to premiere on Jiangsu Satellite TV on the second day of the Lunar New Year

The life suspense drama “The Long Season” starring Fan Wei, Qin Hao, and Chen Minghao, and starring Li Gengxi, Liu Yitie, and Jiang Qiming, will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV at 19:30 every night starting from February 11 (the second day of the Lunar New Year) Played in theaters. This is another work by director Xin Shuang after “The Hidden Corner”. The play starts from the perspectives of Wang Xiang (played by Fan Wei), Gong Biao (played by Qin Hao), and Ma Desheng (played by Chen Minghao). Three timelines run in parallel, telling the ins and outs of an unsolved case spanning 18 years.

  The latest way to open a suspense drama – warm, bright and emotional

In the summer of 2020, the suspense drama “The Hidden Corner” became an instant hit. This is the first feature-length drama directed by Xin Shuang. After 3 years, Xin Shuang once again released his work “The Long Season”. Like “The Hidden Corner”, “The Long Season” also belongs to the suspense genre of life. It tells the story of taxi driver Wang Xiang and his brother-in-law Gong Biao, who jointly investigated a fake car. The mystery of the corpses from 18 years ago resurfaced. Deciding to find out the truth and inviting retired police officer Ma Desheng who investigated the case, the three old friends embarked on a journey of redemption.

Fitness equipment, barber shops, lottery stations… In the play, a large number of life scenes and urban atmosphere are impressive, and the living conditions of the protagonist group are laid out in front of the audience. As a drama set in the Northeast, “The Long Season” also has a northern sense of humor. The witty and humorous dialogues between Wang Xiang, Gong Biao and Ma Desheng make people laugh, and also bring out the differences between the characters. Intimacy is on full display.

“The Long Season” sets the background of the story in autumn, boldly uses bright colors, and integrates music into the narrative of the series, breaking the audience’s stereotype of “Northeast suspense” and presenting it in a warm, bright and emotional way A different kind of life suspense drama. Whether it is the narrative method, case reasoning or atmosphere creation in the play, it all makes the audience shine, providing unlimited possibilities for the expansion of the genre of suspense dramas.

  “Iron Triangle” strength joins – Fan Wei, Qin Hao, Chen Minghao starring

“The Long Season” is directed by the original cast of “The Hidden Corner”, giving the audience a refreshing feeling. In terms of the cast, the “iron triangle” of Fan Wei, Qin Hao, and Chen Minghao is full of attractions, and the addition of powerful actors such as Li Gengxi and Liu Yitie guarantees the quality of this drama.

Prior to this, Fan Weiduo showed himself as a comedy, but in “The Long Season”, he played a father who suffered from the loss of his son, with a sad undertone in his words and deeds. With the appearance of a fake car, he gradually uncovered the mystery of the case 18 years ago, and also solved the knot that he had held for many years.

A white shirt, a pair of glasses… In “The Hidden Corner”, Zhang Dongsheng, played by Qin Hao, looks loyal and honest, but is actually deep inside. His sentence “Do I still have a chance?” left a deep impression on the audience. This time in “The Long Season”, he plays the role of Gong Biao, a laid-off worker. Although everything goes wrong, he still smiles at life and makes fun of each other with his old friends.

In “The Long Season”, Chen Minghao plays Ma Desheng, a retired detective. He always maintains a high degree of vigilance about the case and never misses a clue. As a professional drama actor, Chen Minghao has solid acting skills. He interprets the characters in a rich and three-dimensional way with true feelings, and has received many praises.

Previously, director Xin Shuang said in an interview that the play is not about a case, but the story of a person, a group of people, and a generation, and wants to explore how people deal with difficulties. All the answers can be found in “The Long Season” at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater. Starting from February 11th at 19:30 every night, let’s snap our fingers together!

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