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The summer carnival heat opens up the cultural and creative market, the children’s slow thinking season, and the opening of multiple entertainments.

The summer carnival heat opens up the cultural and creative market, the children’s slow thinking season, and the opening of multiple entertainments.

  Tianjin North Net News: At the end of May this year, Tianjin promoted the construction of an international consumer center city, constantly introducing new ones to the new “night” state of the summer economy, and setting up rich consumption scenarios.

When gathered together, it is fireworks, and when spread out, it is the world. Citizens watched the water curtain light and shadow show at the Tianta Lake Camping Night Market, went shopping in the market for the weekend, and opened the radiance of Yejin City.

With an 11-year history, the “Gangxiangzi” market has returned strongly with the completion of the upgrade of Minyuan Xili in 2023! Minyuan Xili “Catch Alley” market is the place where the city’s literary and artistic youth first got to know the creative market, and it is also a treasure alley for designers to experiment and realize their dreams. This time, more than 30 cultural and creative and catering brands gathered in the “Catch Alley” market: “Shen Beast Hall”, Season Studio, THANKS Coffee, Solo Coffee, Zhuyi Coffee, Xiuze Ripe Pear Cake, Beijing Cuisine Handmade Bread, etc. Creation, coffee, and gourmet stall owners gather together in Minyuan Xili, allowing the general public and tourists to spend a wonderful weekend of shopping and “catch alleys”.

Since its inception, the “Catch Alley” market has always advocated the concept of “designer’s market”. This market has also cultivated many well-known designer brands and has become an incubator for original designers to test the market. Today’s “driving alleys” has become a unique way of life for urban youth.

Let’s play! It’s not just playful, it’s an expression of enthusiasm for life, it’s never just the exclusive right of minors, in front of happiness, there’s nowhere to play! This is the significance of Tianjin Joy City’s “COOL Children’s Fantasy Season” in June. The children’s environmental protection market opened on June 3rd, allowing cute babies to become “little bosses” to build a platform for them to recycle old things and dedicate love. In the simple space carrier, not only let children experience the meaning and value of their own labor, but also cultivate the ability to communicate with strangers with the help of parents, deepen parent-child relationship, and make the idle objects at home glow with new practicality. Practically achieve a green lifestyle of environmental protection first and recycling. Make “stand play” more fun and meaningful.

On weekends, the McDonald’s Minyuan parent-child garden party will be held on the central lawn of the Minyuan. Parents and children can participate together. There will be a wonderful performance of “Four Small Formats” on site, and there will be a super-large model for children to punch in and take pictures. There is also a small train on site, allowing children to start the happy time machine. In addition to stage performances, there are also fun interactive games such as reading clubs, Maiqu Frisbee, and Maimai curling.

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