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The State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a risk warning

The State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a risk warning

  Beware of false online investment and financial fraud, please keep this risk warning

In response to the current frequent occurrence of false online investment and financial management fraud cases, the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a risk warning on September 19,Consumers are reminded to be highly vigilant against such scams and beware of property losses.

Pictured is the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xin

The risk warning states that false online investment and financial management fraud is usually implemented through the following three ways:

  1. Attract consumers with false propaganda of “guaranteed capital and high interest rates”.Under the guise of bond investment, stock investment, precious metal investment, futures investment, P2P investment, foreign currency investment and other concepts, criminals launch so-called “investment and financial management tools” and publish messages on online platforms claiming “guaranteed profits without losing money”. Gimmicks such as rebates and maintaining cash flow attract consumers’ attention.

  2. Use “expert insider” false information to induce investment.Criminals add consumers’ friends through social software, drag them into “investment” group chats, and then pretend to be investment mentors and financial experts to defraud consumers’ trust with “investment and wealth-making cases” and “live broadcast classes”, or use marriage and dating platforms to communicate with consumers. Consumers confirm their marriage relationship, and then use “inside information”, “membership channels” and “special resources” to lure consumers into investing.

  3. Transfer funds through false “investment rebate” platforms.By forging or counterfeiting investment platforms, criminals send false links to consumers to guide them to download apps for investment, and use small investment rebates as bait to continuously guide consumers to increase investment. Criminals then quickly transferred funds, and even took advantage of consumers’ eagerness to withdraw cash to collect so-called “margin” and “unfreeze funds” in the name of “login abnormality”, “server maintenance”, “bank account freezing”, etc., further increasing consumer capital losses. .

The amount of losses caused by this type of fraud is huge, and many people have been deceived. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the State Administration of Financial Supervision reminds:

  1. There are no “capital-guaranteed and high-interest” financial products.According to the “Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Asset Management Business of Financial Institutions” which was officially implemented on January 1, 2022, financial institutions are not allowed to promise to “guarantee principal and return” when conducting asset management business. Consumers should clearly understand that bank financial management, funds, trusts, futures, etc. are not deposits. High returns mean high risks. “Guaranteed capital and high interest” and “expert guarantees” are common tricks of false online investment and financial management fraud, and they should be more vigilant. .

  2. Don’t believe in “gossip” from unknown sources.When investing and managing money, consumers should first choose financial institutions that have been established and issued licenses approved by the financial regulatory authorities. They should not trust “gossip” spread through online forums, WeChat groups, QQ groups, etc., as well as institutions or personnel without legal qualifications. If you have any questions about financial services, you can consult and verify through the official websites and hotlines of financial institutions or regulatory authorities.

  3. Don’t be greedy for “temporary gains” and lose big because of small things.Consumers should establish scientific and rational concepts of investment and financial management, and avoid taking chances and gambling mentality. Be vigilant about inducing investment through informal online channels such as cold calls and email promotions. Do not click on unknown links or scan QR codes at will, and do not easily authorize unofficial App usage agreements. Refuse to share real-time location and identity information with strangers. photos to avoid financial losses due to information leakage.

The State Administration of Financial Supervision reminds consumers that they should cultivate correct investment concepts, improve risk prevention awareness and information screening capabilities, and avoid leaking personal information to criminals. If you are accidentally defrauded or encounter suspicious circumstances, you should promptly retain key information such as chat records, transfer records, bank account numbers, etc., report the case to the local public security agency as soon as possible, and safeguard your rights and interests in accordance with the law.

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