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The Spring Festival living room comedy “Happy Parents” starts today with a happy background to create growing empathy

The Spring Festival living room comedy “Happy Parents” starts today with a happy background to create growing empathy

Today, it is produced by Xi’an Zhaomai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., 201lu Film and Television, Xi’an Film Studio Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., filmed by 201lu Film and Television, directed by Li Yafei, Ma Guangyuan as the screenwriter, Zhang Jiayi , starring Chen Hao, special starring Wang Xiaochen, Zhao Da, Liu Ruilin, Ling Zi, Fang Qingzhuo, Li Chuanying, Zhang Lu, Wang Yuxuan, Wei Nuojin, Sun Sicheng, Yin Chenxi, Ren Qiguang, Wei Ran, Fan Jing?, Shi Hanglu starred in Two-way The growing family light comedy “Happy Family” has started airing warmly. Starting from 20:00 on February 1st, it will be broadcast exclusively on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV & Mango TV, and members can watch it first.

“Happy Parents Group” tells the story of Liu Xiangshang’s family who became “group friends” with friends, neighbors and other parents of students because their children started school. Novice parents faced with various emergencies and children with eccentric spirits jointly welcomed the new era of education. Stories about classrooms and new beginnings in life. With powerful veteran actors in the front and quirky new-generation cute kids in the back, “Happy Parents” has a warm and funny storyline to form the strongest lineup to welcome the start of the new year. When Zhang Jiayi and Chen Hao transform into the parents of a second child, watch how the cute little ones battle their wits and courage; when WeChat groups gradually become a new way of communication between home and school, how many happy stories will be triggered?

  Living room comedy decodes family relationships and teases each other to start the “killing monsters upgrade”

New parents are on the job together, and families with cute babies are full of joy. “Happy Parents” mainly focuses on three groups of families with different backgrounds. With the powerful interpretation of panoramic group portraits, it depicts the love and growth of “two-way running”. Among them, screenwriter Liu Xiangshang (played by Zhang Jiayi), working mother Dai Jing (played by Chen Hao), and brothers and sisters Guo Ning (played by Wang Yuxuan) and Guobao (played by Wei Nuojin) advance together in “Love and Kill”; novice mother Jing Jing Tingting (played by Ling Zi) will get through the difficulty of starting school with her daughter Junior One (played by Yin Chenxi) in confusion and groping; while single mother Tang Xiaowei (played by Wang Xiaochen) will be close to her son Tangdou (played by Sun Sicheng). While living in harmony with friends, she and her ex-husband Ma Yingjie (played by Liu Ruilin) ​​staged a series of hilarious and hilarious stories…

“Happy Parents Group” carries out comedy-style in-depth discussions around social issues such as parent-child relationships, educational concepts, husband and wife relationships, and workplace survival. It is not only the atmosphere of family gatherings in the world, but also the epitome of Chinese-style families building a better life in the new era. . Liu Shangshang faced his son and daughter having trouble and was called parents. He staged a good show of turning back and forth on the stairs and carrying water back and forth. The storyline reached a climax in seconds; the parents of new students had a 180-degree change in their attitudes towards teachers online and offline, and there were also quarrels in the office. Each defends his or her own shortcomings, and the conflict scenes immediately resonate with the audience. When WeChat groups gradually become the new mainstream of communication between home and school, what changes and tests should they face? It remains to be seen.

  Create a warm, family-friendly, high-quality group portrait to reflect reality and tap into a sense of empathy and companionship

“Whether it is study or life, if you have a good attitude, half the success is achieved.” Liu Xiangshang’s words made people deeply moved. “Happy Parents” is not just a simple illustrated book about “bringing up children”, but also a family-friendly living room comedy. It provides many perspectives for watching the drama, so that audiences of different ages can find corresponding ones: children watch campus stories; The unmarried group can watch the hilarious life, and the parents group can watch the experience of raising a baby. It is entertaining and educational, suitable for all ages. These different feelings and tastes can always be gathered into a theme called “love” – ​​strict requirements are love, appropriate flexibility is love, tolerance and pampering are love, and unfamiliarity and clumsiness are also love.

In the play, “love” is externalized into thousands of different modes. It could be the arithmetic problems that Liu Shang’s family stayed up all night with their son to finish, it could be the brother-sister relationship between Guo Ning and Guobao, it could be the sweet and sensible way that Tangdou is beyond his peers, or it could be Zhang Wenping’s doting on her grandson. . Multiple-child families, single mothers, and workplace trends, “Happy Parents Group” covers multiple hot social topics that have attracted much attention, integrating empathy and telling them eloquently. It uses warm brushstrokes to show the joys, sorrows and joys of family portraits, uses the breath of life to create a sense of intimate companionship, and plays a reunion movement on the theme of “growth” amidst the bustle.

As the story develops, what other hilarious stories will be triggered by the children on the united front? How can parents make progress step by step? The subtext hidden under the WeChat conversation is still waiting for the audience to decipher. Starting from 20:00 on February 1st, let us gather on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV & Mango TV, follow the footsteps of the cute children, and embark on a new journey of growth!

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