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The so-called “Douyin customer service” asks you to transfer money, remember not to believe it

The so-called “Douyin customer service” asks you to transfer money, remember not to believe it

On February 1st, Douyin issued a “Reminder about the recent fraud by pretending to be ‘Douyin Customer Service'”, stating that fraudsters have recently called netizens pretending to be “Douyin Customer Service”, claiming that the other party has opened a certain membership service on Douyin, in order to, for example, If you do not close it, membership fees will continue to be incurred, and you will gradually induce the other party to download third-party apps and conduct transfers, etc., and eventually suffer property losses.

Douyin reminds users that the Douyin platform will not require users to download third-party software or transfer money for any reason, nor will it require users to add customer service social accounts, etc. If this happens, please interrupt contact immediately and call the police.

At the same time, Douyin also continues to crack down on various types of counterfeiting and fraud on the platform. In 2023, it has banned more than 100,000 accounts involving counterfeiting relatives and friends, counterfeiting customer service, counterfeiting leaders, counterfeiting police officers, etc., and intercepts more than 45,000 high-risk counterfeiting-related messages every day. .

As the Spring Festival approaches, everyone often needs to stay in touch with relatives and friends. Whether it is greetings from relatives whom they have not seen for a long time, or receiving messages from long-lost friends, the emotion of “reunion” is always stronger than usual. However, this holiday when thousands of families reunite is an opportunity for some fraudsters to target their “prey”. They often take the opportunity to pretend to be relatives, friends, old colleagues, and old leaders, saying that they have changed their phone numbers or TikTok accounts, and win victims with a few words of greeting. After gaining emotional trust, they began to make up various excuses such as “cash back for charity donations”, “no money to buy tickets to go home”, “helping to recharge phone bills”, “buying tickets on behalf of others”, etc. to borrow money and commit fraud.

Douyin Security also reminds everyone that Douyin’s charity projects will not promise “cashback for charity donations”. If you find abnormal behavior on the platform, you can report it through the site or email. Douyin will also continue to crack down on relevant illegal activities and harmful content, and Let’s work together to maintain “cyber security.”

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