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The shopping mall’s display continues to surprise, and the Spring Festival flavor is getting stronger

The shopping mall’s display continues to surprise, and the Spring Festival flavor is getting stronger

  Tianjin Northern Network News:At the end of every year, shopping malls will set off a craze for “beauty dressing up”, and the accompanying limited scenes will push the winter atmosphere to a climax. Especially with the coming of the Spring Festival, more and more elements symbolizing beauty, warmth, and greetings are integrated into commercial space scenes, which not only provide consumers with pleasant sensory enjoyment, but also bring them a sense of festival ritual and atmosphere.

  SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza – “Dragon” makes its return | Tianbo cultural relics & 8-meter bamboo auspicious dragon makes stunning appearance at SM

Tianjin Binhai City Plaza Twenty rare cultural relics (printed materials) made a stunning appearance: a close-up appreciation of the Yuan Dynasty painting “Flowers and Birds” by Qian Xuan, the Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying’s “Taoyuan Wonderland”, Tang Yin’s “Returning to the Shadow on the East Gate”, Dong Qichang’s “Fragrant Trees and Yao Feng” ”, as well as cursive calligraphy works by Liu Yong and Zheng Xie. For the first time, Tianjin Business has collaborated with Bashu Culture and Art Creation. Daoming Bamboo Weaving, which is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique shapes, has a weaving history of more than 2,000 years. The 8-meter thousand-year-old bamboo weaving auspicious dragon is exclusively presented in SM Plaza. The sky is booming and everything is prosperous!

  Tianjin Plaza 66 – Longyue New Year Beauty Exhibition

The dragon brings blessings. Since ancient times, the dragon has been the “inheriter” of Chinese culture. It combines nobility, auspiciousness and good luck. 2024 coincides with the Year of the Dragon, and the auspicious dragon descends on Plaza 66. Amidst the lanterns and colorful decorations, the brilliance of tradition and modernity is blended, conveying Hang Lung’s best wishes for the New Year.

  Tianjin Hedong Aegean Shopping Center——Celebrating the New Year with the Dragon Aoao

No one can refuse the joy of being surrounded by “Ao Ao”. The theme exhibition of “Ao Ao starts the new year and seeks a new journey” includes Ao Ao so far away, exclusive “Ao” head, high “Ao” appearance, dragon Ao Ao spirit, and Ao Ao good luck. , The dragon roars to receive blessings. In 2024, meet Long Aao together.

  Tianjin Vientiane City——Love for Vientiane and walk with dreams

Tianjin Vientiane City has teamed up with internationally renowned illustrator Claire Le Meil ​​to create exclusive illustrations, launching the first exhibition in mainland China that combines creativity, quality and tonality to create the most influential festival celebration & art event at the end of the year, inviting people to join in the feast. , harvest the heart-warming stories of Sunny and the animals, and create unique holiday memories together.

  Tianjin Joy City – Tianguan Blessing Animation – Three Thousand Lantern Festival Theme Exhibition

Three thousand bright lanterns reflect the world, and flowers bloom thousands of miles across the city. Tianjin Joy City celebrates its 12th anniversary. Together with Station B, we jointly create the leading nationally innovative theme exhibition – Tianguan Ci Blessing. The Three Thousand Lantern Festival theme exhibition uses the long night of thousands of lanterns as the background to restore the classic animation scene, Xianle Palace There are six themed scenes, including the Spiritual Array, the Paradise Square, and the market, with the colors painted by red silk and the shapes painted by thousands of lanterns. A chance encounter with the priest in the shrine is where the journey to the divine world begins.

  Tianjin Shanshan Outlets – Mecha Beast “Teng”

Tianjin Shanshan Outlets collaborates with Chinese avant-garde artist Bi Heng to use art to deconstruct myths and interpret millennium legends with works, creating a work that combines cultural heritage and cyberpunk avant-garde aesthetics – the mecha auspicious beast “Teng”, which uses “living” With the purpose of “Oriental Culture, Interpretation of Pioneer Aesthetics”, customers from all over the city are invited to embark on a journey of collision and integration of tradition and contemporary, East and West, interior and exterior. This Year of the Dragon themed exhibition specially brings the classic auspicious animals of the World of Machinery, giving the city’s guests a good omen of “the auspicious dragon heads up, everything is new”, and also presents a majestic dragon installation full of technological sense. Yu truly felt the charm of traditional culture and received good wishes for the New Year.

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