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The second “Shuoyao Hot List” list was released and Kuafu Fried Skewers won the “Shuoyao Star”-Times Finance-Northern Network

The second “Shuoyao Hot List” list was released and Kuafu Fried Skewers won the “Shuoyao Star”-Times Finance-Northern Network

The technological boom led by Sora has stirred up the world structure, bringing about the advent of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”; Chinese consumer brands represented by Kuafu Fried Skewers are popular in the global market, and we have witnessed the birth of a new generation of “global enterprises”. New technology, new economy, new normal, new cycle… The technology and consumer industries are all undergoing rapid changes with the world’s macroeconomics. It seems that “all solid things have disappeared into thin air.” People are eagerly asking: How to maintain clear thinking and forward-looking vision in the new economic situation and calmly deal with unknown variables?

As a participant, observer and enabler of the new economy, CIC Consulting has released the “Scorching Hot List” for the second consecutive year, focusing on digital innovation, artificial intelligence, automotive technology, new food and beverages, cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment, semiconductors Innovative enterprises with technological strength, innovative value and growth resilience in innovation, dual-carbon green energy, lifestyle, consumer healthcare, and cross-border overseas markets. Looking back at the investment and financing trends throughout 2023, after more than two months of case collection, from hundreds of applications, we successfully selected 100 outstanding companies and awarded them the honor of “Shining Star”.

The second “Shuoyao Hot List” list was released. Kuafu Fried Skewers was awarded the second “Shuoyao Star Enterprise New Food and Beverage” due to its product strength, brand power and rapid growth in scale accumulated over many years in the industry. The track-“Scorching Star” has been unanimously recognized by authoritative organizations in the industry.

Kuafu Fried Skewers was established in 2018. It is an earlier chain fried skewers brand. In an era when snack fried skewers are still in categories but without brands, Kuafu Fried Skewers relies on its outstanding taste, strict quality control, and “small-scale fried skewers”. The business model of “stores, large chains, and full supply” has brought the snack fried skewers from the streets to the spotlight, becoming a veritable category pioneer. In the following four years, Kuafu Fried Skewers has rapidly expanded across the country and even the world through building brand power and accurately polishing its supply chain and digital capabilities, and has gradually become the representative of the fried skewers category in the minds of consumers.

2023 is considered the year of economic recovery. Thanks to various favorable consumption policies, the national economy has an obvious recovery trend, and the catering industry has a strong recovery momentum. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that from January to July this year, national catering revenue was 2,860.6 billion yuan, an increase of 20.5% compared with the same period last year. The continued good trend has brought new opportunities and choices to catering practitioners. On the one hand, consumers’ yearning for delicious food has not changed; on the other hand, catering brands need to show stronger strength to gain a favorable position in the fierce market.

Against this background, Kuafu Fried Skewers’ performance is remarkable. As the leading brand in the snack fried skewers industry, Kuafu fried skewers’ performance has continued to rise this year.

It is understood that the “Zhuiyao Hot List” is a selection event sponsored by CIC Consulting, which is dedicated to promoting closer interconnection and interoperability with ecological partners such as innovative enterprises, investment institutions, and upstream and downstream industrial chains in popular segmented tracks. The goal of the selection activity is to discover outstanding companies with the greatest potential and attention in this year’s popular tracks and help them gradually grow into future industry leaders.

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