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The second episode of the “Jinhai City” series of feature films “A View of Nangang” continues for a hundred years? Exploring the wonderful changes in Tianjin’s chemical industry

The second episode of the “Jinhai City” series of feature films “A View of Nangang” continues for a hundred years? Exploring the wonderful changes in Tianjin’s chemical industry

“A View of Nangang” in the “Jinhai City” series of special topics jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of the Binhai New Area Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and Tianjin Radio and Television Station will be broadcast on the Tianjin Radio and Television Art Channel at 20:50 on December 16 Continue to broadcast. Host Zhang Bojia will lead the audience to explore the wonderful changes in Tianjin’s chemical industry in the new era.

The feature film “Looking at Nangang” tells the development story of a modern chemical park on the Bohai Sea through the lens. It is divided into 5 episodes, each of 20 minutes, including “Footprints of Struggle”, “Hundred Years of Continuity”, “Hong Kong Industry to Prosper the City”, “Smart Navigation” and “Going Green”. The second episode of “A Hundred Years of Continuity” will be broadcast on the evening of December 16th.

The river and the sea meet, and the port is opened by heaven. Tianjin is the birthplace of my country’s modern chemical industry, China’s first refined salt manufacturing plant, the first alkali manufacturing enterprise, and the first private chemical research institution… Spanning the long river of time, Nangang Industrial Zone is the main front for the development of Tianjin’s green petrochemical industry. , carries the feats and dreams of the older generation of national chemical industrialists to save the country through industry, gathers the struggle and tempering of the national industry, and focuses on the new scene of Chinese-style modernization, which is full of vitality and has begun to emerge.

This episode will tell the story of the older generation of national industrialists who inspired to save the country, and also focus on how the traditional petrochemical industry achieved wonderful changes and a magnificent turn in Nangang. From saline-alkali wasteland to nine connections and one level, from a handful to numerous projects, Nangang Industrial Zone is becoming a manufacturing base for new chemical materials and a base for the transformation of new chemical materials in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Eight pilot bases with a total investment of more than 6 billion yuan, including Sinopec Beihua Research Institute, Petrochemical Research Institute, CNOOC Research Institute, and China National Chemical Research Institute, were launched. Nangang Industrial Zone can leverage hundreds of billions of downstream industries, including coatings groups, lubricants groups, electronic chemicals groups, catalyst production bases, etc., such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Shell, Nippon Paint, Huntsman… one “Heavyweight” big names are coming one after another.

In the chapter “Century of Continuity”, we will take you to see how Tianjin University, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities and research institutes build high-energy innovation platforms and cultivate national laboratory “reserve teams”. At the same time, we will also take you to see how a century-old lighthouse has become the vanguard of China’s national paint industry, supporting lunar satellites and the Shenzhou series of spacecraft.

The report of the 12th Tianjin Party Congress proposed that Nangang Industrial Zone should be built into a world-class green chemical new material base that is high-end, sophisticated, green, safe and smart. Nangang Industrial Zone has entered a new climax of redevelopment and reconstruction, fully implementing the new development concept, adhering to the direction of intelligence, greenness and integration, and solidly promoting the high-quality development of Tianjin’s chemical industry. This Saturday, December 16, at 20:50, the second episode of the Tianshi Literature and Art Channel’s “Jinhai City” series of feature films, “A View of Nangang”, will take you to explore Tianjin’s chemical industry in the new era. Conquer, set sail vigorously.

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