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The script seminar for the first civil prosecution-themed TV series “The Sixth Procuratorate” was held in Beijing

The script seminar for the first civil prosecution-themed TV series “The Sixth Procuratorate” was held in Beijing

The procuratorate and anti-corruption drama “In the Name of the People” came out and became a hit all over the Internet

The procuratorial and legal drama series “Itinerant Prosecution Team” airborne with zero announcement and received numerous likes

A series of reality-themed dramas about the rule of law

With a detailed portrayal of the judicial practice process in the context of the new era

It vividly depicts the picture of a society ruled by law with both a sense of justice and human touch.

Resonate strongly with the audience

If the lawsuit is justified and cannot be won, the procuratorate will seek help from the People’s Bank of China

Civil procuratorial work cures social ills and builds a foundation for fairness

Be the legal guardian of people’s better life

China’s first civil prosecution drama “The Sixth Procuratorate”

Concepts change, social changes, the pace of rule of law construction is resounding, and a picture of the times slowly unfolds…


On December 1, an expert seminar on the TV series script “The Sixth Procuratorate” was held in Beijing under the guidance of the China Television Artists Association, hosted by the Screenwriting Professional Committee of the China Television Artists Association, and co-organized by the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and DaDao Culture Media (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. hold. Dong Tao, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Television Association, Zhong Chengxiang, librarian of the Central Research Institute of Literature and History and a famous literary and art critic, Li Jingsheng, vice president of the China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations, Zhou Youqiang, director of the Theory Research Office of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Fan Ziwen, full-time deputy director of the Film and Television Center, Zhang Dexiang, vice chairman of the China Literary and Art Critics Association, Gao Xiaoli, editor-in-chief of “Literary News” and vice president of the Film and Television Committee of the China Film Critics Society, Xing Ge, senior editor of the China Television Arts Council, chief editor of “Film and Television Single Tongue” More than 30 people including Li Xingwen, producers, creative representatives, experts and scholars attended the seminar. The seminar was hosted by Dong Tao.

“The Sixth Prosecution Department” is China’s first TV series on civil prosecution. The drama tells the story of a group of protagonists who are civil prosecutors who solve problems for the people and compete with illegal forces who take advantage of the legal gap to compete in intellectual games and legal application abilities. The twists and turns of the storyline reflect the determination and responsibility of civil prosecutors, the determination of our country’s procuratorial organs to serve the people’s justice and satisfy the people, the mission of high-quality and efficient legal supervision to maintain judicial fairness and justice, and actively solve the problems in the process of our country’s rule of law society. There are responsibilities for difficulties, blockages, and pain points.

Fan Ziwen, the first producer of the play, and Wang Haiping, the chief screenwriter, as representatives of the show’s producer and main creative, introduced the play’s original intention, creative ideas, and script content. At the meeting, experts spoke highly of and affirmed the early creation of the TV series “The Sixth Procuratorate”. The drama grasped the creative rules, had a solid structure, and distinct characters. They conducted in-depth discussions on the plot and main theme of the script, and conducted an in-depth study of the character creation, plot Provide advice and suggestions on design and other aspects.

Zhong Chengxiang said in his speech that the characteristic of this play is that it no longer depicts clear-cut contradictions, such as good and evil, truth and falsehood, but more complex contradictions among the people. It is difficult to use simple A story that is judged by one-way thinking of “either/or”. Another feature of this drama is that we need to understand Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the new era and realize that it can be integrated and harmoniously handled.

In his speech, Li Jingsheng said that the novel angle of the story, which resolves disputes arising in ordinary people’s lives and conflicts among the people at the legal level, is the biggest novelty of this story. The character’s perspective is novel, creating a different image of a prosecutor who is upright and upholds justice in previous stories. The prosecutor is also very warm and gentle. He serves you based on his own predicament, which reflects the tender side of the law. From the perspective of the significance of the entire story, it reflects the process and pace of our country’s entire rule of law construction, the ability to govern the country according to law, and the ability of citizens to use the law to solve problems.

Zhou Youqiang said in his speech that from a structural point of view, I understand the radioactive structure of this drama with a certain group as the core. Enterprises are small societies in society and involve more problems in all aspects. This radioactive layout structure is what we need. The emotional structure and lines of the characters in the story are closely related to real life and are in line with the characters’ personalities. The characters have outstanding personalities and everyone looks interesting. We also use metaphors or other languages ​​to express some French words to the audience, ensuring accuracy while making it more vivid, and at the same time reflecting our character.

Fan Ziwen said in his speech that the characters in the script are lifelike, and the emotions between people are deeply and delicately depicted, which is both vivid and three-dimensional, and spring breeze; the image of the People’s Procuratorate is both high-level and down-to-earth. The overall content of the script has ideological depth, realistic height, historical depth, and legal warmth. It reflects the power of the team, the power of the people, the power of justice, and the power of the rule of law. The entire work is closely connected with the times, Chinese culture, literature, legal education, and the Civil Code. It makes people read it eagerly and put it down.

Experts and scholars such as Zhang Dexiang, Gao Xiaoli, Xing Ge, and Li Xingwen profoundly interpreted the practical significance and characteristics of the times of “The Sixth Procuratorate” from different angles. They also conducted in-depth discussions on issues related to script creation and put forward good opinions and suggestions. Suggestions are of great value to further enrich and improve the content of the script.

“The Sixth Procuratorate” is a masterpiece on prosecutorial themes produced by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Film and Television Center. The play is jointly produced by the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and DaDao Culture Media (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., with the well-known screenwriter Wang Haiping as the chief screenwriter. Wang Haiping has profound writing skills, and his TV series “38th Line” won the 31st China TV Drama Feitian Award. In order to better complete the script, the screenwriter took deep roots in life and interviewed nearly a hundred prosecutors in Beijing, Nanjing and other cities, and deeply studied the work and life of prosecutors. From the perspective and line of action of the civil prosecutors of the Sixth Procuratorate Department Cut in and unfold to reveal the history behind the disputes, contradictions, and conflicts that people are accustomed to seeing. In the process of urbanization and modernization, the transition from a human society to a society ruled by law, and a market economy society to a modern society.

“The Sixth Procuratorate” is a march of the rule of law in a city, a period drama about the conflict and innovation of lifestyles and values, a group of prosecutors who resolve social conflicts, practice Xi Jinping’s thoughts on the rule of law, and lead the construction of the socialist rule of law. It is reported that the TV series “The Sixth Procuratorate” will be formed in the near future to prepare for the start of filming, as a gift to the 3rd anniversary of the implementation of the “Civil Code” and the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China!

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