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The recovery of the business travel market is accelerating, and the development of the dual brands of Jinxiang and Kyriad is accelerating again

The recovery of the business travel market is accelerating, and the development of the dual brands of Jinxiang and Kyriad is accelerating again

On March 8, 2023, the Jin Jiang Hotel (China) Shijiazhuang Station Brand Salon ended successfully. The salon brought together hotel investors from all over the country, together with on-site brand representatives, from a professional and forward-looking perspective, deeply analyzed the way of hotel investment under the new environment, new pattern, and new trends, and brought many insightful investment observations and thinking. Among them, Golden Tulip and Kyriad hotel brands are based on the high recognition of their own brand genes, and at the same time, they also have a forward-looking layout, bringing surprise growth space to on-site investors and partners with more competitive hotel products, and have won many awards. Investors recognized it, and some investors signed contracts on the spot to reach cooperation.

“Feel fun at any time”, the personalized high-end residential market continues to heat up

In China’s high-end full-service hotel brand pedigree, the Dutch-originated Golden Tulip brand occupies a unique ecological niche. It is reported that Golden Tulip Hotel has entered 45 countries and regions around the world, has more than 225 hotels, and more than 30 hotels in China, showing a very steady growth momentum.

Golden Tulip Hotel takes “fun experience at any time” as the brand core. While taking into account the quality standards of high-end mature international hotels, it organically integrates the century-old Dutch “trend-seeking” characteristics with local characteristic elements. Through the flexible design style of “one store, one design, one store, one story”, the local charm is accurately released, so that tourists can feel the local culture during business and leisure trips, and enjoy every moment with “fun”.

The hotel rooms adopt the layout of a typical Dutch canal house in the 17th century, the paintings of Mondrian, a well-known Dutch painter and pioneer of geometric abstract painting, the creative collision of different materials such as metal, wood, leather, local fitness routes and special delicacies, work, All kinds of facilities that seamlessly switch between leisure and vacations together constitute the “wonderful” lifestyle map of the Golden Tulip Hotel. Here, passengers can not only experience the unique and personalized aesthetic space, but also fully experience the unique charm of playfulness in the urban jungle.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the consumption of high-end hotels has shown a steady upward trend. The new generation of high-end consumers’ understanding of the hotel has already surpassed the concept of a short-term resting place. The hotel will be a diversified and complex space that releases leisure and relaxation needs, solves flexible office needs, and obtains unique experience value. With its unique advantages in aesthetics, philosophy of life, and management services, Golden Tulip Hotel is becoming the common choice for many millennial consumers and hotel investors.

Always on the road, Kyriad’s multi-dimensional iteration creates commercial premium space

After more than 40 years of development after reform and opening up, China’s hotel industry has embarked on a new wave of reform. Consumer demand presents the notable characteristics of diversification, individuation, growth and quality. For investors, how to succeed in the fierce stock competition is a severe and realistic test question.

On this question, Kyriad delivered a convincing and competitive answer.

As the second largest hotel group in Europe – the French Louvre Hotel Group – the fastest growing mid-to-high-end international hotel brand, Kyriad has developed rapidly in the past six years since it entered China. Kyriad has a total scale of over 380 so far. There are more than 200 stores in the Chinese market. During the Spring Festival this year, all its major stores ushered in a good start. During the festival, a total of 63 stores had an occupancy rate of over 100, and many stores were fully occupied for up to 6 consecutive days. The highest single-day RevPAR of Kyriad Hotel Fujian Xiapu High-speed Railway Station even reached 1,011 yuan.

The impressive market layout result comes from hotel investors’ high recognition of the investment value of the Kyriad brand, and this recognition is closely related to the brand’s innovative exploration in multiple dimensions such as product, investment and operation.

On the hotel product side, Kyriad has carried out product iterations many times. The latest version V3.0 not only inherits the core brand genes of “exploration, travel, and the world”, but also comprehensively upgrades hardware and services around the five core functional demands of “sleep, health, intelligence, environmental protection, and exploration”. The international hotel quality is organically integrated with the local needs of tourists, and continues to bring travelers a living experience that exceeds expectations.

On the investment side, Kyriad fully relies on the strong supply chain support and platform resource advantages of Jin Jiang Hotel (China), continuously improves the quality of hotel products, and continues to reduce cost investment. According to the estimated data, the cost of a single room in a suite in Kyriad Hotel V3.0 has dropped by 8% compared with V2. The price has been reduced to 78,000 yuan, and the cost of a single room in the public area has dropped to 108,000 yuan. At the same time, Kyriad also expands the hotel’s multiple sources of income by opening travel book bars, craft bars, etc. After bringing tourists a variety of choices to enjoy the moment, it also further improves the cost reduction and growth rate of investors. efficient commercial space.

From accommodation to sojourn, what changes is not only the expression, but also the profound change in the internal development logic of the hotel industry. In the future, Golden Tulip and Kyriad Hotels will rely on the advantages of the dual platforms of Jin Jiang Hotel (China) and Louvre Hotel Group to continuously improve service quality in multiple dimensions and bring high-quality and personalized travel experience to global tourists.

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