The Quantitative School seizes the opportunities of innovation in the new era and empowers the digitalization of enterprises


Recently, the 2022 Innovators Annual Meeting (WIM2022) with the theme of “Innovative Flow, Resilient Growth” kicked off in Beijing. This WIM conference is hosted by Yiou, Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center and Zhongguancun Exhibition and Service Co-organized by industry alliances. The 2022 TOP50 list of China’s digital enterprise service providers was selected at the meeting, and Quantumpai was successfully selected as China’s leading scenario-based digital solution provider.

Against the background of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the integration of technology and economic and social development is accelerating at an unprecedented speed, and enterprise digitization has become the trend of the times. As a high-tech enterprise, Quantumpai is driven by AI technology, and relies on leading closed-loop scenario-based service capabilities, modular operation capabilities, large-scale commodity and service output capabilities, and strong AI empowerment capabilities to provide scenario-based digital empowerment for multiple industries. Functional services to help them realize the digital in-depth integration of scenarios, technology, traffic, operations, goods and services. With its advanced business model, excellent management team and leading scientific and technological strength, Quantitative has reached in-depth business cooperation with many industries, and has performed well in many fields such as empowering urban consumption, e-commerce, catering, and automobile services. .

Take “Consumption Map”, an urban consumption operation platform under Quantitative Pai, as an example. It is reported that “Consumption Map” has now opened a number of online consumption services such as “Shunpinhui” (serving Shunyi District) and “Xingfuhui” (serving Daxing District). platform. Seamlessly connect rail transit, 4S stores, business circles, catering, cultural tourism and other travel and retail services.

Relying on the consumption map, Quantitative established a new consumption relationship among cities, enterprises and consumers, and realized the construction and operation of regional ecological circle scenes in the form of 1+N. In 2022, the Quantitative Group will assist local governments in issuing consumer coupons worth hundreds of millions of yuan, which will directly drive social zeros to exceed 10 billion yuan. According to statistics, up to now, Quantitative Pie has served the 12 districts of Beijing and some prefectures and cities across the country. It has successfully released government-side consumption dividends, upgraded the digitalization level of merchants, and optimized the consumption experience of residents for the city. A new type of digital consumption relationship between the government, real enterprises and residents has been constructed, creating short-term benefits and long-term value for the growth of urban consumption and digital upgrading.

According to the statistics of EO Think Tank, the overall domestic investment and financing scale will still be as high as 2 trillion yuan in 2022, which is inseparable from the contribution of scientific and technological innovation companies such as Quantitative School. Founded in 2014, Quantitative School, adhering to the corporate mission of “Digital Drives the World, Intelligent Lights Up Life”, is riding the wind and waves and moving forward bravely.


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