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The president of Architecture Magazine investigates Shenzhen Huawei Ark One Laboratory

The president of Architecture Magazine investigates Shenzhen Huawei Ark One Laboratory

On November 4, President Wen Linfeng of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development’s Architectural Magazine led a team to Shenzhen Huawei’s whole-house smart Ark No. 1 laboratory for investigation and discussion. Shao Jun, Vice President of Tianjin Residential Construction and Development Group, Zheng Jiapeng, General Manager of Tianjin Huahui Anxin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiang Chun, General Manager of Tianjin Housing Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other business leaders jointly participated in this research discussion. Huawei’s whole-house smart product line Vice President Wu Bo, Huawei Integrated Marketing Department Senior Marketing Manager Pei Lailong, Huawei Whole House Intelligent Policy and Industry Development Director Chen Shijing, Huawei Tianjin Terminal Business Department Whole House Manager Yu Feng and others participated in the exchange.

Huawei’s Whole House Intelligent Ark No. 1 Laboratory, as the first large-scale space intelligent open laboratory in China, has a variety of space scenarios for whole house intelligence, and provides corresponding solutions for different types of spaces such as villas, apartments, hotels, conference rooms, and classrooms. Intelligent solutions, the research team actually experienced intelligent security, monitoring network, intelligent lighting, intelligent bathroom, adaptive aging, indoor micro-environment adjustment system and other products.

At the symposium, the participants discussed the"Good house"After a full exchange of thoughts on standards, Wu Bo, Vice President of Huawei Terminal BG Whole House Intelligent Product Line, introduced Huawei’s one-stop complete space intelligent solution for eight major spaces including apartments, hotels, schools, etc. The whole house equipment uses smart hosts to Connected with PLC technology, this PLC-loT technology is Huawei’s disruptive connection technology for the Internet of Things. It transmits signal connections through wires and controls various smart devices through the central control screen, achieving intelligent and fully connected home products throughout the house. Each member of the family can select different functions of each home product through the central control screen and combine their own exclusive scenes.At present, Huawei’s Hongmeng Ecosystem has been connected to more than 5,600 home product systems from more than 2,200 brands. Its ecological chain and product solutions are still being iteratively upgraded, and it is committed to providing users with"High reliability""High control""High intelligence""High sensory""High intention"Experience, empower the development of digital intelligence through the power of science and technology, create safe, healthy, comfortable, convenient, green and low-carbon good houses, and continuously meet the people’s growing needs for a better life.

President Wen Linfeng said that as a leading company in the field of science and technology in my country, Huawei actively participates in the research and development, construction and application of digital homes, empowering the high-quality development of the construction industry, greatly promoting the development process of the intelligent construction field, and comprehensively improving the level of science and technology. . Huawei’s digital home full-scenario application and whole-house intelligent solutions fully integrate digitalization with modern life and empower high-quality homes with technology. They are worthy of promotion across the country.In the next step, we can increase publicity in the industry, promote the implementation and application of various technical systems, comprehensively promote the green and intelligent development of the industry, and help create a real industry in the hearts of the people."Good house".

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