The premiere of the movie “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse” was full of laughter and tears, Jackie Chan looked back on his 60 years of filming and touched people’s hearts

The premiere of the movie “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse” was full of laughter and tears, Jackie Chan looked back on his 60 years of filming and touched people’s hearts

The film “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse” held its world premiere in Beijing

Today, the film “Dragon Horse Spirit”, written and directed by Yang Zi, starring Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, and Guo Qilin, held its world premiere in Beijing. When Jackie Chan has been in the film for 60 years, he played the role of Dragon and Tiger Warrior in his true colors. This sincere movie deeply moved the audience. In the movie, the fresh combination of “one person and one horse” between Jackie Chan and Chitu is not only interesting and loving, but also makes people’s eyes shine, and it also created a lot of tears. The plot of people and horses staying together made many viewers cry. Jackie Chan’s down-and-out martial artist Lao Luo is more like Jackie Chan himself in a parallel world. At the event site, the elder brother asked the audience how they felt about the movie. The audience responded to the elder brother with “good-looking” and “moving”, and many audiences gave their thumbs up, praising the movie and the elder brother who insisted on loving it.

“I used to watch Jackie Chan movies, but this time I feel very distressed.” After watching the film at the premiere, many viewers mentioned “moving and distressing” while enjoying themselves. Lao Luo, who sticks to the spirit of dragon and tiger martial arts in the movie, is also moved by Jackie Chan, who has loved movies for 60 years outside the movie. Talking about how long to fight, the eldest brother said with emotion, “This year is my 60th year in the industry. From being unknown to now, I have won the support of fans all over the world. As long as I can move and fight, I hope to make a movie every year to contribute To my audience and fans all over the world.” Some viewers said, “Seeing the big brother who is nearly 70 years old still fighting for real on the big screen is a familiar taste, but it is a new touch.” Some movie fans said, “If big brother wants to fight until he can’t move, we will accompany big brother to the end of our love.”

“Dragon Horse Spirit” starring Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, Guo Qilin, Yu Ailei, Joey Yung, Yu Rongguang, An Zhijie, Xiaoshenyang, Lang Yueting, Shi Yanneng, Wu Jing special starring, Pan Binlong, Jia Bing, Yin Xiaotian, Tang Jili, Lu Liangwei, Li Zhiting, Kong Lin, Zhang Shuangli, Chen Ming, Gao Shuguang, Wang Haixiang, Huang Kaijie, Wang Duo, and Xie Hongxin starred in friendship. It will be released nationwide on April 7, and the film is currently on hot pre-sale.

Jackie Chan got 9 injections at the age of 68 and insisted on filming

Real fights, real falls, true colors to pay tribute to dragon and tiger martial arts masters

In the movie, Lao Luo, played by Jackie Chan, is a down-and-out dragon and tiger martial artist who makes a living by shooting thrilling action scenes on the set with his beloved horse Chitu. Director Yang Zi revealed that he is a big brother’s fan, and his big brother has a great influence on his film creation, and he has always had a “Jackie Chan dream” in his heart. This story has been brewing in his heart for many years. The only choice. “Dragon Horse Spirit” shows the current situation and plight of many dragon and tiger martial artist action actors. This also makes Jackie Chan, who has been working on action movies, can’t help crying when he read the script. “A certain place stabbed me, and I burst into tears. This is a story about all dragon and tiger warriors and behind-the-scenes stuntmen.” The eldest brother also said frankly, “A director with such a heart wants to shoot a story dedicated to the dragon and tiger warriors”, which is the reason why he took over the filming of “The Spirit of the Dragon and Horse”. The eldest brother even postponed the operation and received 9 injections to be closed into the group, and played a tribute to the group of dragon and tiger martial artists in his true colors.

Just like Lao Luo’s saying in the movie, “You have to pay tribute to the truth.” At the shooting scene, big and small action scenes, big and small, the elder brother all participated in the battle in person, insisting on real fights and real falls, so that the pain relief effect that should have been half a year was closed within 20 days. Just run out. When the eldest brother and the special star Wu Jing played against each other, the two couldn’t help crying when they recalled their past hard work on the set. At the shooting scene, the eldest brother often appeared on the set to help when he was resting. When talking about the reason, the eldest brother shared, “I am quite lonely. I can be very happy only on the set, so I like to start work”, which makes people feel distressed and moved. . As we all know, Jackie Chan also went from stand-in group acting to dragon and tiger martial arts master, and then to action director, with injuries all over his body, he has become an international actor step by step, which is admirable.

Warm and touching, the most different Jackie Chan movie

Audience: It hurt to watch it before, but it hurts to watch it this time

After watching the movie, many viewers commented on “laughter and tears” and “joy and touch”. , and this time I shed tears of emotion.” In “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse”, Jackie Chan is no longer an omnipotent hero who reverses everything, but a down-and-out ordinary person who needs protection. In the film, Lao Luo not only loves his horse and is robbed, but also faces the fate of being replaced by special effects. His hard work for what he loves and what he loves makes people feel distressed.

Premiere of the movie “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse”

With the armor removed, Jackie Chan’s character is much softer this time, and he looks extra poignant. In addition to the familiar Jackie Chan-style action and comedy elements, the film contains the elder brother’s affectionate review and sincere confession of his 60-year film career. In Lao Luo, people can also see the appearance of Jackie Chan in a parallel world. Many “sharp-eyed” viewers discovered many details, “There are many hidden easter eggs in the movie, and many plots can also see the shadow of Big Brother’s 60-year movie career.”

The group pet Chitu has countless fans, and Jackie Chan deliberately contacted Chitu for the destination

Audience: Surprise!The action scene of one person and one horse is fresh and beautiful

Director Yang Zi’s previous movie “Beloved” showed the cuteness and agility of small animals to the fullest. This time, the challenge of shooting horses has escalated in difficulty, healing and touching. After the premiere, Chitu, the horse that performed brilliantly in “Spirit of the Dragon Horse”, has countless fans. Many viewers expressed their love for Chitu. In fact, it is more difficult to cooperate with a huge horse in filming, but the eldest brother used his own experience to take care of Chitu warmly and presented a wonderful circus. The eldest brother also shared his daily life with Chitu at the scene, “I have developed a relationship with Chitu since the first day of filming, feeding it every day, making it familiar with my taste, and letting it trust me completely.”

In the movie, Jackie Chan and Chitu have many rival scenes. The tacit cooperation of “one person, one horse” on the set is very exciting, and the heart-warming relationship with each other is also healing. Some viewers said, “I was very surprised. The action scene between Big Brother and Chitu is both fresh and interesting. It is definitely the most special action partner of Big Brother.” Several months of filming time also made Jackie Chan and Chitu become real family members. When the movie finished and said goodbye to Chitu, Jackie Chan couldn’t help crying, and even said frankly that “Chitu is like a relative.” At the scene, Director Yang Zi also shared the big brother’s heart-warming concern for Chitu, “Big brother has been asking Chitu’s final destination since the filming started, and even contacted everywhere by himself, and finally sent Chitu to the best horse farm in China, big brother You can rest assured”, the friendship inside and outside the circus is very touching.

Liu Haocun choked with sobs and bowed to express his gratitude, his elder brother warmly encouraged him

Guo Qilin reappeared the zama step on the spot, and his elder brother was “intimate” to accompany him

In the movie, there is a crying scene where Xiaobao and Lao Luo watched the past materials and infected many viewers. The video shows Jackie Chan’s thrilling past, which is regarded as a classic desperate scene. At the premiere, Liu Haocun was also deeply moved when Jackie Chan shared his hardships along the way, and many creators shared the heart-warming moments of cooperating with him, and couldn’t help crying. Speaking of emotion, Liu Haocun bowed to thank the director and Jackie Chan, “I was very moved when I read the script, and I was deeply moved by the director’s dragon horse dream. Watching the action actors do thrilling actions at close range on the scene is very distressing and encouraged. , We must work hard to learn from the eldest brother and other teachers.”

“Dragon Horse Spirit” is also the second collaboration between Guo Qilin and director Yang Zi. In Yang Zi’s previous film “Beloved”, Guo Qilin was “forced” to get addicted to action scenes. Summer parkour is so exciting. Unexpectedly, in “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse”, he was directly “drilled” by Jackie Chan in the horse step. In the movie, the scene where Guo Qilin was trained by his elder brother to do the horse stance won bursts of laughter from the audience. At the event, Guo Qilin reproduced the skill of the horse stance, which was stable and smooth at first, but unexpectedly, the elder brother also took the horse stance , Guo Qilin was surprised and delighted by the “intimate” sparring. Guo Qilin also shared the experience of being “practiced” by his elder brother when they first met, “When we met for the first time, I thought that I didn’t need to practice action scenes when I played a lawyer, but my elder brother suddenly threw an ashtray for me to pick it up, so as to train my reaction ability.”

The elder brother recalled the past and moved the audience, “If you break your leg in the morning, you will start work in the afternoon”

Director: That era was absolutely glorious, and the spirit is worth inheriting

At the event site, recalling the past, the eldest brother behaved calmly, “I used to start work in the afternoon with a broken foot in the morning, kneeling in a wheelchair to start work with my broken foot”, those bloody and tearful past touched everyone present. With the changes of the times and the development of the film industry, the way of doing things that the dragon and tiger martial arts masters used to do is no longer mainstream, but their spirit of daring to fight has remained. The line “Your era has passed” in the movie made many audiences feel sad, and the director also shared his thoughts on the creation of this line, “What we want to express is that this era will never pass, choose one thing to do for a lifetime The spirit of the movie has been preserved, and their love for movies is worth passing down from generation to generation, and that era was absolutely glorious.”

Premiere of the movie “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse”

In addition, the movie starring Yu Rongguang, Lang Yueting, Shi Yanneng, Pan Binlong, and action director He Jun also came to the premiere. He Jun, an action director who has followed his elder brother for 23 years, step by step from a small martial artist to today’s action director, talked about “Dragon Horse Spirit” with deep emotion, “Thank you Director Yang Zi for bringing the story of dragon and tiger martial artists to the big screen, Although it is hard, but because of love, we can persevere.” At the scene, He Jun even represented the married class, and said his heart to the elder brother: “The way we express love is to go all out, and we will do our best to complete the things that are entrusted to us”, which is very touching.

The movie “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse” is produced by Beijing Alibaba Film Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Hairun Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Fuyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., produced by Hairun Film Co., Ltd. It is jointly produced by Hairun Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Hainan August Image Film and Television Co., Ltd., Beijing Rongchenhui Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yumo Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd., and Linghe Culture Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. At the same time, it is also another masterpiece produced by Ali Pictures’ “Jincheng Co-production Project” after films such as “Assassination of Novelists” and “Bomb Disposal Expert 2”. The film will be released nationwide on April 7.

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