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The premiere of “The Last Truth” has a high reputation, Huang Xiaoming and Yan Ni have no routine case

The premiere of “The Last Truth” has a high reputation, Huang Xiaoming and Yan Ni have no routine case


On August 21, the movie “The Last Truth” held its premiere ceremony of “Truth or Dare” in Beijing. Producer and lead star Huang Xiaoming, director Li Taige, lead stars Yan Ni, Kan Qingzi, lead star Zhang Jiaxin appeared at the premiere, Sincerely share your creative feelings. A life-and-death adventure in the name of love, a life-and-death adventure of a mother on the verge of rescuing her son from a desperate situation, made the audience all moved. Some viewers said: “”The Last Truth” has tears and no urine.” “In the face of maternal love and sincerity, the judgment of the truth is no longer important.” The extreme maternal love in a desperate situation and the darkest love of marginalized people aroused real empathy on the scene. Many topics such as “Huang Xiaoming said that Yan Ni has a variety of styles”, “Yan Haoxiang wants to pull the whole group to watch Huang Xiaoming’s new film”, “Tan Songyun cried because of Yan Ni’s one sentence”, etc. have been on the hot list of Weibo. The film will be released on August 25 It will be screened nationwide. On August 22, the Tanabata pre-screening will start and the national roadshow will start. The pre-sale is in full swing.

  Huang Xiaoming leads the “Truth Mission” to appear at the end of Yan Ni’s “Mother’s Love Like a Knife” summer file

A few days ago, the movie “The Last Truth” has received the first wave of “really fragrant” praise in its screenings in over 30+ cities on August 19 and 20. The film starts with an “iron case”, with few court themes and the perspective of female crimes. Under the layers of the case, it is a mother’s desperate love and the life and death delivery of marginalized people. Many viewers said, “I dare to make it!” Tears, some viewers said, “This is the most heart-wrenching movie I have seen this year.” First of all, I am very interested in the script. The mother-child relationship presented in the script shocked me. I believe that there must be such a mother and child in this world, such a family, and this kind of instinctive and desperate love is very touching. .”

As for the “marginal mother” image played by Yan Ni in the film, many audiences did not hesitate to give high praise, and many audiences said that this was an “undisputed and exciting” performance. In the movie, Jin Ximei, played by Yan Ni, goes from a suspect who “would rather be an evil girl than a weak girl” to a helpless and desperate mother who is dedicated to saving her son. Ni said: “From Jin Ximei’s point of view, she must have problems with her children’s education, but on the other hand, life’s emotions are very complicated, and it may be the weakest place that hurts you the most. As a mother, I believe she can Regardless of everything.” Such a character with the attribute of “crazy criticism” deeply empathized with the audience, and some viewers expressed their love for Jin Ximei to Yan Ni, “Yan Ni is slightly drunk, and Jin Ximei asked me to take the lead.” Yan Ni used “Upper body” is used to describe the speculation and devotion to the character, “Although Jin Ximei is a very complicated person, no matter how complicated she is, she needs real emotions, so many times, because I feel the reality of the characters, I subconsciously have a kind of Response.” The newcomer Zhang Jiaxin, who plays the son in the film, further explained the relationship between mother and child: “Their mother and son may have lived a bad life all the time. Mao Weiwei has resentment towards his mother and is also afraid of losing her mother, so I think the relationship between the two of them The relationship between them is complicated.” When talking about the performance of his partner Yan Ni, Huang Xiaoming expressed his words, saying that the role of Jin Ximei must be “Ni”.


  Celebrity guests compete for “truth” to help Huang Xiaoming and Kan Qingzi appeal to stick to conscience

On the day of the premiere event, the stars were shining, and many celebrity guests were present to help “Truth”. On the day of the event, Chen Kaige, Chen Hong, his wife, Yin Li, Huang Jianxin, Zhang Jizhong, Kang Honglei, Zhang Yongxin, Yao Chen, Tan Songyun, Huang Minghao, Yan Haoxiang, Huo Wenxi, Geng Le and other industry guests came to watch the movie and expressed their sincere feelings about watching the movie. The famous director Chen Kaige took the lead in expressing his love for the film. He said: “After so many years of self-discipline, Xiaoming’s acting skills have matured and he has perfected his skills. Yan Ni showed me the true style. This movie gave me the greatest love. The impression is that the law is the benchmark weapon for maintaining justice, but there are some things that cannot be defined by the law, and that is the love that belongs to oneself.” Producer Chen Hong expressed her feelings about watching the movie with “three tears” : “The first teardrop is Huang Xiaoming’s persistent pursuit of what is a real performance for so many years; the second teardrop is from Yan Ni’s love as a mother and a woman; the third is to thank the director for his hard work Pursue the essence of the film, rather than blindly pleasing or blindly pursuing the effect.” Director Yin Li expressed his affirmation of the film from the perspective of genre films, “For a long time, our mainland films have lacked this genre. Hong Kong is called legal films. Foreign countries call it a court film, but today we have seen a legal film of our own.” Director Huang Jianxin lamented the rebirth of Chinese films after their dormancy. He said, “This summer, Chinese films have taken on a new look. Young directors and creators came to the front row and led the great changes in Chinese films. This is something that makes me very happy.” After watching the movie, Zhang Jizhong felt sorry for his old friends Tu, “I shed tears several times while watching the movie. I miss our teacher Tumen here today.” Kang Honglei admired the courage of the main creator, “This is a very brave movie, especially Yan Ni’s performance shocked me. Just standing there can present a very high-level movie. I enjoyed watching the performance.” Yao Chen spoke out for excellent actresses, “I really don’t like the term middle-aged actresses, I always think we are mature actresses, we have reached the most mature stage of creation , Seeing that Yan Ni interprets Jin Ximei in such a complicated and charming way, I hope more people can see this kind of performance.” As a “good partner” in Huang Xiaoming’s variety show, Huang Minghao presented a bunch of “net pockets” representing Ding Yifeng’s image. Rose”, and said: “My mental journey of watching movies is that at first I believed, then I doubted, and finally I was shocked. I began to reflect on whether the truth I usually see in life is real? Or is it created by others? Yan Haoxiang, a member of the Times Youth League, said that he would take the other six brothers to watch the movie again, “At first I thought it was a suspenseful and brain-burning movie, but after watching it, I found that it has complex human nature and true feelings, and I like it very much.” Tan Songyun Because “Goodbye, Li Kele” played the mother and daughter together with Yan Ni, I also went to the scene to call Yan Ni, the “mother” in the play today, “I’m sorry for what Teacher Yan Ni said in court, ‘He didn’t rape me’ The eyes are moist, and the whole performance is very substituting. This is a movie worth watching again and again.” Well-known agent Huo Wenxi said, “A movie is good except for the screenwriter, director, and actors. It looks good, and it becomes a very good movie.” Director Zhang Yongxin said, “This movie tells a small story, but presents a big life.” The old partner who has worked with Yan Ni many times Geng Le said: “I just want to say three thanks. The first one is thanks to Xiaoming, it’s so troublesome to make a movie, but you made such a movie that explores love, justice, and conscience; the second one is thanks to Yan Ni, although we are so familiar, I was still shocked by your performance; and finally Thank you to all the creators on stage, because you let me see your love for movies. “

In addition to the heart-wrenching emotions and superb acting skills of the film, discussions around justice and conscience, public opinion and law have also become hot topics for movie fans after the screening, and the audience even debated passionately on the spot about “whether sticking to conscience is worth it”. For this reason, Huang Xiaoming expressed his understanding of conscience from the image of Ding Yifeng, a lawyer who is slightly “deceitful” but finally returned to his original intention, “What moved me most about this character is that he is very real. He once thought of living for his own benefit, but When he discovered the truth behind it, he chose his own heart again. I think there is no absolute right or wrong in life, and there are many choices in life, and it is not easy to stick to the sincerity and conscience.” Playing the “cold face” prosecutor Kan Qingzi also expressed his understanding of “justice”, “When I first read the script, I thought Sun Yu was too cold and aggressive, but with the development of the plot, I gradually realized that Sun Yu Such a person who has always upheld justice and conscience is very rare.”

Whether it is Jin Ximei’s “evil” or Ding Yifeng’s “crazy”, they all show the glimmer and darkness of human nature. Some viewers said, “The reversal of the plot is no stranger, but the director showed the complexity and changeability of human nature in every detail, turning it into another kind of ‘Rashomon’.” Director Li Taige also explained his original intention of creation: ” I hope to find a characteristic of the character through this form, so a lot of narrative perspectives and viewpoints are involved in the plot design, in order to allow the audience to connect these things together. Everyone stands on their own standpoint and perspective. Looking at the same thing, the conclusions drawn are different, so “The Last Truth” is under the shell of criminal suspense, to talk about how to stick to the bottom line of our life, I think it is very meaningful.”

  Release the emotional trailer ahead of the screening, and the main creators pay tribute to Tumen’s last work on the screen

With the launch of the pre-screening of Qixi Festival on the 22nd, the movie “The Last Truth” also simultaneously released the “Pure Love and Poisonous” version of the emotional trailer. Shuttle back and forth between the cold testimony of the trial and the tender memories of the two, arousing the viewers’ infinite reverie about the emotional world of the two, and at the same time connecting the details of Jin Ximei’s relationship with her son, arousing the audience’s curiosity about the relationship between mother and child. At the premiere, the heart-wrenching love of “Double Happiness” made many viewers rate it as “the best on Qixi Festival”. Ma Shuangxi, played by Tu Men, let the audience appreciate his superb and full acting skills again. Some viewers said, “Before I entered the arena, I would never have thought that I could shed tears for a pair of lovers in the evening.” Facing the darkest moment, when the true feelings of marginalized people were revealed, Yan Ni said emotionally: “Jin Ximei and Ma Shuangxi have both in their names. There is a word ‘happy’, but they are the meeting of two broken souls. As for whether there is true love between them, it is not important, what is important is that they are in trouble, even if there is a slightest connection, no matter what the emotion is , will make people feel very precious.” And on the spot, she reproduced the “hand kiss gift” when she met Tumen for the first time. Yan Ni said, “Teacher Tumen has a Mongolian flying personality, which is both cute and devoted. role, I can accept all the feelings he has for Jin Ximei.” Recalling the cooperation with Tu Men, Huang Xiaoming once again expressed his respect, “I have known Teacher Tu Men for a long time, he is a lovely old naughty boy, he looks like a very He has a powerful appearance, but he is actually very cute. I am very grateful to Teacher Tu Men for participating in this movie and presenting us with a wonderful performance, and let Guangying remember his screen image forever.” Zhang Jiaxin recalled Tu Men’s love for himself Consolation, slightly choked up, “I was very nervous when I was filming with Teacher Tumen for the first time, but he told me a joke the first time he saw me, and asked me to eat well during the shooting, you will feel that you are alone outside Sometimes, someone cares about you, which is very touching.”

The movie “The Last Truth” is produced by Huang Xiaoming, directed by Li Taige, starring Huang Xiaoming, Yan Ni, Tu Men, Kan Qingzi, and starring Zhang Jiaxin and Wang Yinglu. Produced by Fengshan Films (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Matt Culture Development Co., Ltd., Dongyang Yixing Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Capture Media Co., Ltd., and managed by One Action Films (Hubei) Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Ruinuo Enterprise Co., Ltd., Xiangshan Dacheng Tianxia Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kale Film Co., Ltd., Hainan Chenyu Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiaopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Renai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Dongyang Feihe Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. are jointly produced. The film will be screened nationwide on August 25. On August 22, advance screenings of the Chinese Valentine’s Day will start and a national road show will be launched. Pre-sales are in full swing.

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