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The pre-hospital emergency service will further enhance the public’s experience in seeking medical treatment?? Tianjin Emergency Center’s medical insurance settlement system is officially launched

The pre-hospital emergency service will further enhance the public’s experience in seeking medical treatment?? Tianjin Emergency Center’s medical insurance settlement system is officially launched

  In order to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’sThe important requirements of the “Three Focuses” and the practical implementation of Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”,In-depth implementationHigh-quality development of Tianjin’s health care industry“Twelve Measures”, Tianjin Emergency Center aims to improve the medical experience of the masses,In-depth research on the shortcomings in the whole process of pre-hospital first aid, and strive to improve the deficiencies,Through the joint research and development and docking of many related units,Realized the service function of combining real-time settlement of pre-hospital emergency medical insurance with advance payment settlement.

  Launching Ceremony of Medical Insurance Settlement System of Tianjin Emergency CenterHeld at the Emergency Center recently.Comrade Deng Quanjun, Deputy Director of Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, Comrade Gao Lianhuan, Deputy Director of Tianjin Medical Insurance Bureau, Tianjin Branch of Agricultural Bank of ChinaVice PresidentSenior Expert Li JianyongComrade, Comrade Lei Yong, director of the Municipal Financial Audit Department of the Health and Health Commission,Tianjin Medical Security Fund Management CenterComrade Liu Xiangang, chief and deputy directorTianjin Medical Security Fund Settlement CenterviceDirector Comrade Li Tiezhong,Deputy General Manager of Institutional Business Department, Agricultural Bank of China Tianjin BranchComrade Wang Tongxu,Agricultural Bank of China Tianjin Hedong BranchComrade Song Xuchao, member of the party committee and vice president, andTianjin Emergency Centerleadership teamparticipated in the launching ceremony.

  With the strong support of Tianjin Municipal Health and Health Commission and Tianjin Medical Insurance Bureau, Tianjin Emergency Center cooperated with Tianjin Branch of Agricultural Bank of China toIntroducing social resources in the form of “industry-financial integration and bank-enterprise cooperation” to develop a pre-hospital emergency information system suitable for pre-hospital emergency services and put it online in Tianjin. The most important thing is to allow patients to complete medical insurance reimbursement needs in various situations through mobile phones.

  At the launching ceremony, Comrade Deng Quanjun, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, said in his speech that after the new pre-hospital emergency information system is launched, it can effectively solve the problem of pre-hospital emergency care.The difficult problem of “paying in full in advance and then reimbursement by offline medical insurance” has truly made “more data travel, less errands for the people, and no errands”, which has improved the sense of gain for the people to see a doctor. The new system has obvious advantages and outstanding highlights, avoiding the disadvantages of relying solely on medical insurance cards and not being able to cover all patients, and has reached the leading level in the country, realizing multi-channel services and covering all scenarios.

  Subsequently, under the joint witness of all the participants, the Tianjin pre-hospital emergency information system was officially launched.Tianjin Emergency Center will take this opportunity to continue to do a good job in pre-hospital first aid work, and work together to solve the problems of the masses in the process of medical emergency.The problems of “urgency, difficulty, worry, and hope” escort the health of the people in the city.

  after the launching ceremony,staff memberspecifically introducedHighlights of medical insurance settlement services in Tianjin Emergency Center:

  Complete online

  Pre-hospital emergency patients can rely onmedical insuranceelectroniccertificateDo it online,support at the same timeMedical insurance electronic vouchers generated by the national platform and Tianjinnative platformGenerated medical insurance electronic certificate;

  Real-time medical insurance reimbursement

  first aidpatientwithout firstadvance paymentAfter all medical expensestake againhairticket reimbursement,able to passmedical insurance electronic certificateReceive medical insurance reimbursement settlement;

  Support online reimbursement

  did not carryMedical insurance electronic certificateFirst aid for real-time settlementpatient, paymentcostafter, withoutAgainGo to the scene for reimbursement,can be directly inon-lineconductto reimburseoperate.

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