The power configuration is comprehensive, and the 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS speaks with strength

The power configuration is comprehensive, and the 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS speaks with strength

Looking back at the development of China’s auto industry, the self-owned brand Jiajiao has already possessed a strong product strength comparable to that of the joint venture brand. Anyidong PLUS has been renewed and has become another king in the compact family sedan market. Next, I will take you to see what surprises the 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS has brought.

Blue Whale has outstanding power

Many years ago, engine technology has always been the weakness of domestic independent brands, but Changan Automobile has firmly followed the independent research and development route and created the Blue Whale NE platform, which has won high recognition from the market. The power combination makes the new car get a comprehensive improvement in terms of power and fuel consumption.

The 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS is equipped with a new generation of NE1.4T Blue Whale engine. With the support of a number of advanced technologies, this engine can output 118kW of power and 260N m of peak torque. Wider, more stock and quicker throttle response.

In the process of driving this car, you can obviously feel the perfect cooperation between the engine and the 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. It is very easy to start and overtake every time, no matter it is the frequently congested urban road conditions or the expressway. With ease.

It is worth mentioning that this power improvement does not sacrifice fuel economy. The 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS is equipped with an STT idle start-stop system, which can save 3%-3.6% of fuel consumption, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.6L.

Rich intelligent technology configuration

For young people, the intelligent car-machine system can increase a lot of fun in the driving process, and the addition of intelligent driving assistance can also save worry and effort every time they travel.

The 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS is equipped with inCall 3.0S intelligent interactive system, built-in brand new “Volcano Car Entertainment” system, Douyin, Xigua Video, Toutiao and other popular apps are all available, and the most kind thing is that the new car provides free basic traffic for life , Unlimited traffic within 5 years, which also reflects the Changan brand’s intentions for consumers.

As for intelligent driving assistance, the 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS is equipped with powerful software and hardware equipment, which can provide more thoughtful safety protection. The new car integrates 360° panoramic image, 180° chassis perspective and driving recorder functions, which can monitor the surrounding conditions of the vehicle in real time. You must know that this function is often only equipped with joint venture luxury cars.

It has to be said that in the highly competitive compact family sedan market, the 2022 Changan Yidong PLUS can become one of the powerful products of its own brand precisely because of Changan’s continuous in-depth research on technology and design. On the road of continuous evolution, consumers can enjoy the leapfrog quality of Changan Yidong PLUS without paying high prices. Isn’t this an excellent choice.

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