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The post-50s generation who understands young people best, Liang Yongan comes to Fanshu (formerly Fan Dengshu) to give lectures

The post-50s generation who understands young people best, Liang Yongan comes to Fanshu (formerly Fan Dengshu) to give lectures

In recent years, Liang Yongan, a literature professor at Fudan University, has become an “Internet celebrity professor”. “I support young people’s “appropriate gnawing of old age”” “One-third of the world’s people are not suitable for marriage”… Professor Liang can always put forward his own unique insights into the things that are commonplace to us, and is known as the person who can best understand He also brings “open life lessons” to young people on the Internet platform, from those born in the 90s to the 50s born in the 00s. On March 12, Liang Yong’an officially entered Fanshu (formerly Fan Deng Reading) Extraordinary Intensive Reading Center to see how this literature professor who “doesn’t stop talking without surprising words” speaks out the voices of many people through classics!

“Where does the moon rise? It rises from your own heart.” On March 12, “The Moon and Sixpence” interpreted by Professor Liang Yong’an has been officially launched at the Fanshu Extraordinary Reading Center! This book is the pinnacle masterpiece of the genius novelist Somerset Maugham, and is known as the dream book for millions of literary and artistic youths. Many people know that the “moon” represents liberalism and an ideal, while “sixpence” represents reality, a sense of hardness and solidity that we face in real society and life, but seeing that the author will Comparing the two together, it can be seen that Maugham admired liberalism. So must the “moon” be more important and valuable than the “sixpence”?

In fact, this is not the case. Professor Liang Yongan used a unique perspective to interpret the “moon” and “sixpence”, telling us that freedom and reality are not opposed, and there is no chain of contempt between the two. The real life represented by “Sixpence” also has its value. We explore the laws of the world through the efforts of “Sixpence”, and we also need to explore and reflect on the value of liberalism in the spiritual field.

During the interpretation, Professor Liang Yongan first aroused everyone’s curiosity with a simple rhetorical question, then introduced the meaning of “moon” and “sixpence”, and helped everyone learn more about Maugham’s life and the creative background of this book. Deeply understand what the value of life is. When explaining the specific plot, Professor Liang Yongan also used his literary accumulation and life experience to guide book friends to think about the relationship between real freedom and reality with a deeper and more mature perspective, and to constantly think about the relationship between freedom and reality. In the process of exploration and exploration, let your life gain its due core, its weight, and its temperature, so that we can gain true happiness in our short life.

Starting from March 12th, Professor Liang Yongan will bring an interpretation of a good book every week in the Fanshu Extraordinary Reading Center for six consecutive weeks. There will be wonderful works such as “A Bouquet for Algernon”, “Gone with the Wind” and “Flowers”. Books will meet everyone! Listen to teacher Liang Yongan’s new books every week. After listening to 6 books in total, you can unlock the 18-day Extraordinary Intensive Reading Library VIP and enjoy all the good books in the library. In addition, at 19:30 on the evening of March 22, the live broadcast of the cultural dialogue between Teacher Fan Deng and Professor Liang Yongan will also start. Welcome to come and have a seat at the “Chat Cafe”!

In the concept of modern young people, the relationship between people is based on mutual respect and understanding. Professor Liang Yongan has seen the current situation and dilemma of the younger generation. Only by truly “empathizing with young people” can he gain everyone’s benefits. Welcome. In March and April, let’s listen to Professor Liang bring more “life quotes” at Fanshu (formerly Fan Deng Reading) Extraordinary Intensive Reading Center!

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