The post-00s who are keen on “money begets money”: while striving to become a financial expert, they actively embrace “second-hand”

The post-00s who are keen on “money begets money”: while striving to become a financial expert, they actively embrace “second-hand”

As the original residents of the mobile Internet era, more and more post-95s and post-00s are starting to find ways to “money makes money”.

Buying gold beans, buying funds, speculating in stocks… young people are enthusiastic about investment and financial management. Not only do they try to save money, but they also let the money “in and out strictly”, or don’t spend it at all, such as the young people who “spend 27 yuan in 5 days” that went viral on the Internet two days ago; or start to choose more rational Consumption methods, such as buying cost-effective second-hand goods, etc.

It can be said that the natural “money-saving” attribute of second-hand transactions “smartly fits” with the demands of young people today. Whether it is to sell high-priced idle goods to recover blood, or to buy good products at low prices to improve the quality of life, second-hand has already become “economical, environmentally friendly, and interesting.” synonymous with life, has become a way of life for many young people.

  The era of “buy, buy, buy” has passed, and young people prefer to “save, save, save”

The rejuvenation and onlineization of financial management have already been foreshadowed.

Two years ago, a large number of young “basic citizens” flooded into the market, which set off a wave of “universal speculation in the foundations”. Although most people end up with losses in the end, it can be seen that compared with the traditional financial management concepts of their parents, young people’s investment awareness has begun to awaken, and their investment enthusiasm will only increase.

Many people regrouped, adjusted their financial management direction in time, and switched to a more stable track. According to the latest data, by 2022, there will be more than 160 million Internet investment and wealth management users, among which groups under the age of 30 will become the main force.

The “White Paper on Investment Attitudes of Chinese Youth in 2022” clearly mentioned that, as the affluent generation, investment and financial management has become an important topic accompanying the growth of Generation Z, and they also show the characteristics of strong investment awareness and high initiative.

After paying more attention to the pleasure of “making money”, the “pain” of spending money also becomes more profound. Young people are full of strange tricks, and they have begun to explore how to spend correctly and save money.

For example, Douban’s “Poor People’s Desperate Saving Money Group”, “Consumption Downgrading Group”, “Don’t Buy|Consumerism Rebel Group”, etc., have attracted hundreds of thousands of people since their establishment. Discuss various topics about rational consumption.

For another example, on Valentine’s Day that just passed, there was a trend of “picking up garbage” on the Internet. Young people no longer celebrated the festival, but turned into “romantic recycling bins” and took to the streets to “hunt for treasure”, expecting to find high prices to be thrown away. gifts, and resell for a fortune through their usual second-hand trading methods.

  Second-hand consumption has become a common trend, and young people interpret new consumption attitudes

As a generation with upgraded consumption awareness, young people have already become the most loyal users of second-hand transactions.

On the one hand, for young people who have not been out of society or have not entered the society for a long time, in order to meet the needs of investment and financial management, if they want to have money without “moonlight”, they must learn to budget carefully, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, which makes second-hand transactions quietly. It has become an excellent way for young people to restore blood and save money.

On a deeper level, with the popularization of the green and low-carbon concept, young consumers do not have the traditional sense of alienation from second-hand goods of the older generation. The acceptance rate is extremely high, and even the social attributes of second-hand transactions have been excavated. Through second-hand transactions, many young people have found “fellow friends” and formed different circles of interests.


The “Observation Report on User Behavior in the Second-hand Economy” released by 36 Krypton Research Institute shows that more than 80% of the users in China’s second-hand market are in the age group of 18-34, and young people have become the main consumers of second-hand trading platforms.

The daily interactive big data also shows that through the APP user portrait data in the second-hand e-commerce segment, it can be seen that young people aged 18-34 and high-consumer groups in other age groups are more accepting of the second-hand economy and perform better. Active, is the main participant and promoter of the green circular economy.

In this context, Zhuanzhuan, a circular economy platform that provides second-hand trading services, has also become popular in the market and is favored by young people. According to QuestMobile data, among second-hand consumer users, Zhuanzhuan App has the highest TGI of 132 among the new generation of consumers represented by the “post-00s”.

Behind the fact that young people are more “close” to Zhuanzhuan is Zhuanzhuan’s deep cultivation of the industrial chain, continuous efforts to fulfill the service system, and at the same time empowering the industry, accelerating the construction of industrial standardization, and making second-hand transactions more standardized, standardized and transparent.

Through Zhuanzhuan, consumers can sell unused items at high prices, and at the same time realize one-stop sales of old and new ones. Second-hand mobile phones and 3C digital products purchased through Zhuanzhuan’s official inspection have guaranteed supply, and one machine First inspection, each product has its own quality inspection report, so that second-hand products can enjoy 7-day unreasonable return and other services just like new products, truly achieving “what you see is what you get”.

It is becoming the latest choice for young people in the new consumption era to earn money and save money while saving money. Trading second-hand is also one of the ways for Generation Z to pursue a high-quality life. Under the new wave, Zhuanzhuan Group will continue to provide users with high-quality and standardized second-hand transaction services, helping young people to have a quality and better life in the era of “universal wealth management”.

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