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The “popularity” of tourism drives the “hotness” of hotels, and Super8 Hotel pampers guests in Oita

The “popularity” of tourism drives the “hotness” of hotels, and Super8 Hotel pampers guests in Oita

At the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, cultural and tourism departments in various places, represented by Harbin, have launched an “involution” craze to compete for online traffic and offline tourists, producing wave after wave of linkage effects, which will bring about a boost to the tourism market in 2024. Here comes the “good start”. The New Year is approaching. As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, tourists’ enthusiasm for traveling continues to rise. Cultural and tourism departments in various places have already been gearing up to launch the “pampering guests” mode and launch unique New Year cultural and tourism activities based on local conditions, bringing many new ways and variety to New Year travel. choose.

Super8·Yue Hotel Beijing Gongti Sanlitun Taikoo Li Branch

In recent years, the popularity of Spring Festival reunion tours has continued to rise. At the same time, with the launch of the “pampering guest” policy for cultural tourism in various places, more and more people choose to travel to enjoy the beautiful scenery and rich culture. Among them, there is not only the love for scenic spots, but also the pursuit of quality life.

Among many hotels, Super8·Yue Hotel has won unanimous praise from tourists for its exquisite elegance and considerate service. At the same time, Super 8 Select has won the favor of consumers with its newly upgraded service experience and unique design concept. favor.

Super8·Yue Hotel further meets the growing needs of consumers by continuously innovating service models and improving service quality. For example, they have launched personalized room layout, customized menus and other services, which not only meet consumers’ basic needs, but also give consumers more surprises.

The phenomenon of “hotel craze” driven by “tourism craze” is a mutually beneficial and win-win result. It not only meets consumer demand for travel, but also drives the development of the hotel industry. In the future, as the tourism market continues to prosper, I believe that more excellent hotel brands will emerge and provide consumers with richer and higher-quality services. And we also look forward to seeing Super8·Yue Hotel and Super 8 Select Hotel continue to maintain their good performance in this process and bring more surprises to consumers.

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