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The place where Jinxia tide plays and clocks in?? SM Plaza Lepu Matrix Life Festival grandly kicks off!

The place where Jinxia tide plays and clocks in?? SM Plaza Lepu Matrix Life Festival grandly kicks off!

Jincheng in July is full of enthusiasm. In the hot summer, visiting the night market and watching performances is the most pleasant! In order to actively respond to the third Haihe International Consumption Season in Tianjin, fully implement the important measures of expanding domestic demand strategy, and accelerate the construction of an international consumption center city, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as “SM Plaza”) has launched the “Space Tour· The Unbounded New Youth Season series of activities centered on the two major themes of the outfield “Matrix” and the infield “Environmental Gathering Field”, focusing on young trendy customers and starting a tour of the tide that breaks the boundaries of space!

On July 15th, the SM Lepu Matrix Life Festival kicked off in the parking lot of Gate B of SM Plaza Golden Ring! The trendy night market with a volume of 10,000 pings gathers multiple experiences such as music, market, fashion, sports, and social interaction. It gathers many well-known youth stores in Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, covering art, craft brewing, coffee, and retro goodies. The four themed markets include more than 20 kinds of gourmet snacks and more than 15 kinds of amusement projects. The scene was full of popularity, and there was an endless stream of consumers strolling in it, tasting delicious food, taking pictures and checking in, playing and entertaining, and immersively feeling the fun of walking, shopping, checking in and entertaining, which also made SM Plaza “Lepua Matrix” a new airport economy. District’s summer Internet celebrity check-in place.

At 5:00 p.m. that day, the warm-up performance of the charity music festival “The Power of Music Gives Life” began. Many children’s musicians and bands took turns to perform, singing with childlike faces and powerful rhythms, igniting the live music atmosphere. At 19:00, the opening ceremony officially began. Mr. Li Jinhui, Director of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Commerce Bureau, Mr. Shen Xichun, Director of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Culture and Education Bureau, and Ms. Wang Wenfang, Director of the Group Work Department of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, and Chairman of the Women’s Federation of the Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Ms. Zhai Fengyuan, Director of Women and Children Development Foundation, Mr. Gao Shanxue, General Manager of Taihe Music Group-LAVA Commercial Music Center, Ms. Wu Huanhuan, Regional Operation Manager of SM China, Ms. Li Hua, Regional Planning Manager of SM China, and Mr. Kong Weiliang, Manager of SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza Attendance will kick off a heavy prelude to the opening of the “SM Lepu Matrix Life Festival”! Zhai Fengyuan, director of Tianjin Women and Children Development Foundation, also issued a certificate of public welfare to SM Plaza to thank SM Plaza for its unremitting efforts for public welfare.

Afterwards, the Charity Music Festival officially started! Li Liangjie and the rock band brought Jinyun rock drums, blasting the audience! The third-party Sphinx, Blue Windmill, Floating Dust, and Housheng Band performed in turn. The scene climaxed one after another, and the sound waves exploded the audience, bringing customers an ultimate music feast! Charity donation channels were also opened at the public welfare music festival, and all the proceeds were donated to the Tianjin Women and Children Development Foundation for children who are seriously ill and living in difficulties.

The band on the stage performed passionately, and off the stage, a bazaar of love was also in full swing. SM Plaza and Tianjin Women and Children’s Foundation launched the Children’s Charity Bazaar, bringing together the power of public welfare! The children at the scene turned into charity stall owners, and neatly arranged their carefully selected idle items, stationery, books, toys, video trinkets? , small home appliances, etc., and the billboards carefully designed by the stall owners also added a lot of color to this charity sale. Many small stall owners and their parents at the scene expressed their pleasure to join the public welfare activity of SM Plaza, and felt that it was very meaningful.

No music, no summer! In this year’s Lepu Matrix Life Festival, SM Plaza has teamed up with Taihe Music Group to create the RYE CITY SM Plaza Music Festival. It is reported that this cooperation with the SM Plaza Music Festival project is also the first introduction of the RYE CITY City Wheatfield Music Festival in Tianjin. From July 22nd to August 6th, every Saturday and Sunday, 18 label bands will be gathered for 6 consecutive days, and there will be big “Le Xia 2” bands such as Jumping the Sea and Super Zhan coming to the scene! Cutting-edge trends and fashion music are stitched together without borders. The bombardment of music senses lasts for 3 weeks. The most complete and authentic brand music festival will bring unprecedented and extreme music experience to Tianjin citizens!

In the infield of SM Plaza, indoor activities are also exciting. 8 major trend sports create a ring-gathering heat training field, and the 4th tri-color sports meeting in 2023 SM Plaza will be completely upgraded! From July 15th to October 7th, in the water ring atrium and atrium garden of SM Plaza, basketball, football, roller skating, pickle ball, fighting, kayaking, paddle board and other emerging sports events will gather together, and there will be Legoman competitions. Speed ​​races, hip-hop, children’s reading day and other themed activities gather happy dopamine and let sports add a perfect comment to this hot summer.

It is reported that this Lepu Matrix Life Festival will start from July 15th and will last until October 7th. It will be open at the parking lot of Gate B of SM Plaza Golden Ring for 85 consecutive days. The business hours are from 18:00 to 22:00 every day. . The planning and creation of this internal and external field activities, SM Plaza breaks space restrictions, breaks cultural boundaries, makes the tour active, connects consumption and leisure, provides Tianjin citizens with better consumption places and purposes, and at the same time fully supports Tianjin’s third The implementation and implementation of the Haihe International Consumer Season. SM Plaza will also continue to rely on its super-large size, super-strong brand and super-excellent service of “All for you”, uphold its original intention, sustainable operation, continue to create a more friendly and younger shopping center, and continue to provide Tianjin citizens with better quality, More innovative service experience!

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