The perfect skin care products for spring, New Year’s goodies from Zhenzhu Aesthetics

If your shopping cart is full of moisturizing, moisturizing, and liquid foundations suitable for dry skin, then this pearl aesthetic treasure skin care product-pearl fermented essence milk must be suitable for you. This pearl fermented essence milk essence combines the ingenuity of the domestic high-quality brand pearl aesthetics and high-quality ingredients from all over the world. In 2020, it won the “safe care” emulsion product award, which can keep the skin “drinking water” all year round The “natural enemy” of treasure products and mottled powder. Even in the dry autumn and winter, the base makeup can be silky and docile.

Pearl Fermented Essence Milk

Pearl Aesthetics, a domestic light luxury cosmetics and skin care brand founded by Ms. Peggy Sun, an outstanding representative of independent women in the new era, adheres to the lifestyle of “female independence and beauty” and the brand concept of “beginning with love and becoming in the heart” has not changed for many years. Step by step, the distance between the brand and women, women and perfect skin has been shortened. The skin care products it creates are based on the “3P” principle of “pure ingredients, proven source, and proven effective formula”. Girls with similar skin types can get skin care protection.

This pearl aesthetic skin care product contains more than 80% pearl fermented essence, and the fine molecular pearl fermented ingredients can strengthen the absorption of other nutrients, deeply hydrate and moisturize, and present supple and plump skin; deep ocean water is rich in multiple minerals, It can activate the vitality of cells and keep the skin moisturized for a long time; the hydrolyzed alginate can effectively repair and rebuild the damaged skin, making the skin supple and translucent; the coralline algae extract contains multiple trace elements, which helps to balance and soothe fragile skin, leaving the skin It feels radiant; and the chlorella extract is rich in effective amino acids needed by the skin, which can protect the skin’s elasticity and effectively tighten the skin; the sea fairy extract can effectively improve the skin texture and purify the skin.

Pearl Fermented Essence Milk

Pearl Fermented Essence Milk is one of the star skin care products of Pearl Aesthetics. It combines multiple effects such as moisturizing, soothing and repairing, firming and brightening. It is gentle and pure, and easy to use. After cleansing the face, users can take a few pumps, apply an appropriate amount of essence milk on the face, pat and massage until fully absorbed. When used together with bubble cleanser and pearl fermented essence water, it can provide comprehensive and gentle hydration, deeply revitalize the skin, effectively improve various skin problems, and make beauty-loving women have no worries.

Pearl Fermented Essence Milk

This pearl fermented essence milk can also be combined with two other skin care products of Zhenzhu Aesthetics, namely bubble cleanser and pearl fermented essence water, to form a “bulb skin” combination to create a radiant skin condition.

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