The original animation “Left Hand Layup” is currently in production planning for the second season

On March 16, 2023, China’s original campus basketball two-dimensional animation “Left Hand Layup” officially ushered in the end of the first season. The animation has received attention from all walks of life since its broadcast, and has achieved excellent results in both data and word of mouth. At the same time, the producer Xinsoul Animation released a new poster, indicating that the follow-up development of the story universe of “Left Hand Layup” is under planning.

“Left Hand Layup” takes Chinese youth basketball as the starting point, and strives to show the positive sports culture atmosphere of contemporary middle school campuses. Once the show was launched, it has received attention and reports from mainstream media such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and Beijing News, and has reached official cooperation with basketball organizations such as the Chinese Basketball Association, Chinese Junior and High School Basketball Leagues, NBA China, and Wildball Emperor to achieve A cross-dimensional fantasy linkage. The youthful and passionate plot of “Left Hand Layup” has been recognized by the audience. On the first day of the show’s broadcast, the popularity of Tencent Video exceeded 19,000, becoming the best performing original Chinese manga in recent years. As of March 16, the cumulative exposure of topics related to “Left Hand Layup” has exceeded 2 billion on mainstream social platforms such as Weibo, Douyin, and Kuaishou. The number of people who have rated it on the Tencent video site has exceeded 254,000, and the favorable rate has reached 92.6%. It is worth mentioning that relevant data shows that “Left Hand Layup” has also sparked heated discussions overseas, attracting the attention of users from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, with a comprehensive favorable rate of over 97%.

“Left Hand Layup” mainly adopts the creative mode based on reality in terms of screen style and element setting. The chief director Xie Zhongli once said in an interview, “Realistic action is the most difficult part of animation creation, but we believe that this style can resonate with more people, and we also hope that “Left Hand Layup” will not only be a qualified film. Animation can become one of the factors that encourage young people to participate in basketball.” Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, said: “I hope this animation can make more teenagers fall in love with basketball, and I hope it can make more people pay attention to China’s basketball. Campus basketball game.”

The emergence of “Left Hand Layup” has filled the gap in the domestic animation market for many years with high-quality campus-themed and sports-themed works, and thus demonstrated its huge commercial value. as an original work. In the first season of the show, it attracted the favor of top brands including Master Kong Iced Tea, Master Kong Drinking Water, HP Victus Light and Shadow Wizard, and gained valuable successful experience in the commercialization of Guoman.

The development of Guoman needs to rely on the continuous production capacity of high-quality content. It is reported that Heart Soul Animation also announced that Cao Baojin, the author of the famous domestic basketball comic “Response to the Net”, has joined the follow-up development of the content universe of “Left Hand Layup”, which makes the audience look forward to the future direction of this original basketball IP. It is expected that in the near future, more sports animation works with Chinese characteristics and well-made productions like “Left Hand Layup” will emerge in the Guoman market to help promote Chinese campus sports culture.

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