The old man in his seventies sees things like “seeing flowers in the fog”, and he travels hundreds of miles to seek medical treatment.

The old man in his seventies sees things like “seeing flowers in the fog”, and he travels hundreds of miles to seek medical treatment.

Recently, in the ward of Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University, 72-year-old Aunt Jia was looking at the eye drops handed by the nurse, and the corner of her mouth was full of smiles after regaining her light. “My cataract operation was successful, and now I can see clearly. No, I won’t need this crutch in the future.” After finishing speaking, Aunt Jia pointed to the crutch leaning against the corner of the wall.

It is understood that 72-year-old Aunt Jia is from Shexian County and is a family member of a retired soldier in Tiantie Street, Hedong District. Since last year, things have been particularly blurry, and she always feels foggy in front of her eyes. Since Shexian County is located in Handan, Hebei Province, it is more troublesome for Tianjin Medical Insurance to see a doctor there. By March of this year, Aunt Jia’s eyesight was so poor that she had to use a cane even when she went out. She was afraid that she would not be able to see the wrestling clearly, and breaking cups and bowls at home was already the norm. Suffering from severe eye diseases, she yearns to regain clear vision all the time.

At the beginning of April, Aunt Jia received a notice from the community that the Cataract Rehabilitation Project of Tianjin Caring for Veterans will send professional ophthalmologists from Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital to drive more than 500 kilometers to Tiantie Street to provide eye health checks for veterans and their families. . Aunt Jia’s husband happened to be a retired soldier, and she suddenly felt that her eyes had hope, and she came to the event site accompanied by her family.

After basic examinations such as vision charts and slit lamps, the doctor diagnosed that Aunt Jia suffered from cataracts, which led to the symptoms of vision loss. In order to solve the cataract problem, surgery is required to replace the intraocular lens. The doctor also told Aunt Jia that the specific operation plan requires a detailed eye examination at the hospital, and the hospital has opened a green channel for veterans and their families, who can enjoy detailed and thoughtful services and preferential policies.

On April 9, Aunt Jia, accompanied by her wife, came to Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital. Dean Cao Xiangrong personally consulted and arranged a detailed eye examination for her. It was confirmed that Aunt Jia had senile cataract and could be treated as soon as possible. Operation. Aunt Jia has many doubts about cataracts. She said: “Many of my neighbors have cataracts. They waited for many years for cataracts to mature before undergoing surgery. I need surgery as soon as possible. Is it more serious than them?”

In response to Aunt Jia’s question, Dean Cao Xiangrong explained: “Cataracts cannot be delayed. Once they are mature or overripe, the crystal nucleus will become larger and harder. The harder and larger the nucleus, the greater the supernatural energy required. The more difficult the operation is, the higher the risk of the operation, so don’t wait until the cataract is ripe to perform the operation, but to ensure the postoperative effect, it should be done as soon as possible.”

On April 10, Aunt Jia walked into the operating room with the support of nurses. After the meticulous and professional intraoperative operation by Director Cao Xiangrong, the operation went smoothly. After the operation, Aunt Jia’s eyesight greatly improved, everything was so clear, and she no longer had the feeling of “seeing flowers in the fog”. She was so excited that she told Dean Cao Xiangrong: “I can finally see clearly. You really have to bear the burden.” The phrase ‘virtuous and artistic double happiness’! I am really grateful to Dean Cao for allowing me to have clear vision.”

On the day of discharge, Aunt Jia took the eye drops from the nurse, and Aunt Jia could read the words on the bottle. She told the patients in the ward: “The leaders of the Hedong District Veterans Affairs Bureau and the Veterans Association came to the hospital to visit us. I feel the deep love from the Party and the government. The eye health public service team of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital worked tirelessly, traveled more than 500 kilometers, and drove for more than 6 hours to our She County for an eye health check. After being admitted to the hospital, we also I have enjoyed the preferential treatment policy for veterans, and the medical staff are patiently taking care of me. It’s really the first time I’ve come here, but it’s as warm as coming home.”

From answering questions during admission to visual rebirth after discharge. In Aunt Jia’s heart, Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital is not only the guardian of the patients’ eye health, but also the “confidant” of these elderly cataract patients. The medical staff treat each patient with sincerity, and bring A relaxed, healthy old age for elderly cataract patients.

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