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The official cast of “Promising Future” officially announced that all three generations of old, middle-aged and young people have strong acting skills online

The official cast of “Promising Future” officially announced that all three generations of old, middle-aged and young people have strong acting skills online


On November 28, it was produced by Zhejiang Huace Film and Television Co., Ltd. and Huace Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and was produced by Tongmeng Film and Television (Qingdao) Culture Co., Ltd. and Huace Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with Zhao Yifang serving as the chief producer. , Fu Binxing is the producer, Yan Jin is the chief producer, Jiang Dongmei is the producer, Zhang Ting is the screenwriter, Shen Yan and Cao Kai are the directors, Bai Yu, Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Li Naiwen, Wang Youjun are the leading actors, Chen Baoguo is the special star, Xu Yajun , Wang Jiajia, and Li Hongtao will appear in special roles, starring Ren Bin, Zhang Xinyi, and Feng Peng, and Hu Yaozhi, Zhang Shu, and Li Bin will star in the exciting banking career drama “Boundless Future”, which started filming in Haikou.

“A Bright Future” tells the story of Lin Qiang (played by Bai Yu), deputy director of the credit approval department of Lianzhong Bank, who offended his leadership because he was unwilling to sign for a “problem” loan. He and his close friend Zheng Shuai (played by Wang Youjun) were demoted to Longyuan, the company with the lowest performance. After opening the business hall, he relied on his outstanding professional abilities to form a team and went against the current to uphold the rules of the banking industry and defend the original intention of “bankers”.

  The cast is officially announced and the concept posters of all the talented members are released to express the sense of “struggle”

On the day of filming, “Promising Young Woman” officially announced its cast. The news that the male lead of the series, Lin Qiang, will be played by Bai Yu, sparked widespread discussion. In addition, the series also has veteran actors such as Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Li Naiwen, and Chen Baoguo, as well as new generations such as Wang Youjun and Zhang Xinyi. Three generations of “old, middle-aged and young” talents are on the line together, depicting a group of characters with distinct age groups, styles and personalities. While providing a strong guarantee for the quality of the series, the collision of diversified actors’ acting skills and role interpretation are also worthwhile expect.

At the same time, the series also released concept poster materials on the day it was launched. The first concept poster of “A Promising Future” has a strong and concise style of painting to create a sense of “cutting”, and the visual style uses complementary orange and blue colors with bright tones. The main body of the picture is a staircase with contrasting light and dark among the tall buildings. The slogan “Life is a battle upstream” in the center of the picture shows the counterattack and refreshing core of the series, which means that the back of the male protagonist Lin Qiang is left at the top, releasing It tells the story of how he became an industry leader after unremitting efforts.

  The scarce “bank” theme is a new expression of the “cool” feeling of industry dramas and a new exploration

In recent years, industry dramas have become the “mainstream” position for the creation of domestic-themed dramas. The focus, exploration and introduction of scarce “film and television” industries have become the “breaking point” for domestic industry dramas to avoid stylization and homogeneity. On the basis of continuing to deepen the creation of industry dramas, Huace Film and Television started to focus on the scarce banking theme and strived to “embedde” solid industry background into the production. “A Promising Future” is positioned as an exciting workplace drama in the banking industry. It aims to tell the story of the “banking” industry to the audience with a film-based and artistic narrative that is in-depth, powerful, and warm.

In terms of plot setting, the story of “A Promising Future” focuses on banker Lin Qiang’s counterattack, using a unique perspective to “get a glimpse” of the valuable qualities of being wise, decisive, agile and brave. At the same time, the team led by Lin Qiang relied on its excellent strength and teamwork spirit to make progress together in the process of “upgrading and fighting monsters”, protecting and promoting the original intention of the profession as “bankers”. It is worth noting that the drama appropriately injects “cool” elements into the narrative processing and makes new explorations in deepening the core concept of the theme of the industry drama.

Focus on banking industry themes and describe the struggle stories of “bankers”. The future is “unlimited” and there is “promising” drama when it starts, so stay tuned.

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