The official announcement of “Evening” starts a new journey of fantasy love with warmth and healing


Produced by Two Zero One Lu Film and Television, Xi’an Film Studio, Mango TV, Blue Dinosaur Film and Television Company, directed by director Li Shaofei, starring Liang Jie, Guo Junchen, Jiang Guannan, Ji Ta, Zhang Wen, Bai Vinegar, Ou Jianyu, Guo Junqing, Qin Shuqi, Xie Ziman Waiting for the leading roles, Qian Yi and Han Peiying starred in friendship, the fantasy romantic drama “Evening” with the theme of warmth and healing is officially launched today. The play tells the story of the affectionate and reticent Ren Zhan (played by Guo Junchen) and the quirky Wu Xiu (played by Liang Jie). The two embarked on a dislocation love journey across time and space for ten years, relying on the power of love in the intertwined destiny. redemption. It is reported that the main creative team of the play has collaborated many times to launch realistic masterpieces with a warm and bright background. New explorations, whether it is the degree of tacit cooperation or the freshness of the setting, make the audience look forward to it.

  Warmth healing fantasy love new journey life flow expression writing humanistic care

“Even if” adopts the narrative method of parallel time and space and two-way perspective, presenting a love story connected by an old mobile phone with a time difference of ten years. At the opening ceremony, Ren Shuangyou, the show’s producer, said that this fantasy love-themed film and television drama developed by 2016 Film and Television hopes to fulfill the dream that everyone wants to complete but has not yet completed. The theme of the film and television theme conveys a kind of power of love to the young people of today, and has the courage to embrace love, embrace life, and not be afraid of obstacles. I envy and hope to have the opportunity to have a dialogue with the past. The development of this work not only expresses the determination of 2016 Film and Television to dare to try new tracks and dare to innovate, but also expresses the expectation of 2016 Film and Television to the film and television market and confidence. As one of the producers of “Evening”, Zhao Wentao, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Xi’an Film Group Co., Ltd., said: “Taking a serious attitude towards creation is the reason why our dramas are so popular with the audience. Continue to develop your creative spirit.” Zhou Tun, senior director of Mango TV Copyright Center, also expressed his sincere admiration for the production team to choose a non-mainstream theme in the current market environment and take the initiative to create such a drama out of their comfort zone.

At the event site, Li Shaofei, the director of “Even though”, said: “The branch lines of this drama are very complicated, and the changes before and after time are also very detailed. It is a work that affects the whole body. , tell a very “interesting” story well together”. As one of the screenwriters of the play, screenwriter Su Yunmeng said on the spot that it was a very enjoyable process to be able to participate in the adaptation of the play. During the adaptation process, some new plots and many characters were added. The script presented It is a story with a closed-loop structure, which has both a two-line narrative structure and some suspenseful structures. I hope everyone will like this drama. At the same time, as the author of the original novel and one of the screenwriters of the play, Ye Nu San Geng also expressed his excitement and expectation for the novel to be turned into a film and television drama and be presented on the screen at the opening scene.

  Director Li Shaofei escorted the “Youth League” to create a magical healing sweet and sour youth

“Even” is also the first collaboration between the new generation actors Liang Jie and Guo Junchen. Actor Liang Jie said: “Wu Xiu, who lives at No. 58 Siluo Street, is actually the same as many of her peers. She fantasizes about what she will look like when she grows up. In this story, all unrealistic fantasies come true. Yes, it happened at No. 58, Siluo Street, and I hope to uncover this mysterious story with everyone.” When actor Guo Junchen talked about participating in the play, he also said: “It seems to have returned to five years ago, with familiar friends and new friends.” He also said that he was very happy to be able to participate in a very fantastic and unforgettable work. The ten-year story line is intertwined, and the two play two roles at different times. Wu Xiu played by Liang Jie and Ren Zhan played by Guo Junchen are in a sweet and sour battle with their unwavering love and trust in each other. youthful love.

This play is director Li Shaofei’s new youth-themed work after “Youth School”. At the opening scene, many netizens found that besides the starring Guo Junchen, there are many familiar “teenage” faces in the play. The actor Jiang Guannan plays Jiang Shuai in the play. He said that the character played in this play is a very righteous person, and he is also “often trying and always new” in his career, but when it comes to feelings, Jiang Shuai is a person who will accompany him for life. I hope that each character can present the best self in their own different time and space. The “Youth Pie” series has accompanied the youthful growth of a generation of young audiences. What kind of sparks can the director who knows actors best and the young actors with the most plasticity collide with new themes is arousing expectations.

  The quality team once again “dates” the young market 201 Lu film and television expansion new track

As the director of this play, Li Shaofei, his “Installation” won the Feitian Award, Golden Eagle Award, Magnolia Award, Five One Project Award and other important awards in the industry in one fell swoop. The “Youth Pi” series accompanied Generation Z through their unforgettable youthful time, and established the “dating awareness” of young audiences. For Li Shaofei, a director who is good at grasping the details of life and delicate emotional images, how to create a film and television work with a love theme that spans time and space, how to present a fantasy and gorgeous love story, makes the audience have confidence in the quality of the series and look forward to it at the same time. value doubled.

For 2016 Film and Television, which has several popular dramas in the “Youth School” series and “Installation”, it is also an innovative attempt in creation, showing that the creators are actively embracing and Leading the market and persisting in the spirit of refinement in exploring and expressing new fields. As more high-quality content producers represented by 2016 Film and Television have set up fantasy tracks, the creative space and quality level of this new content field have also been rapidly improved. This time, how will he give full play to the advantages of realistic theme creation and youthful expression, continue to innovate and explore, and find the connection point between fantasy themes and real life. Looking forward to it.

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