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The New Year service is “not closed”, Bohai Bank’s financial services benefit the people and are full of warmth

The New Year service is “not closed”, Bohai Bank’s financial services benefit the people and are full of warmth

At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, the cold weather brings deep love. The arrival of the New Year is the period when the demand for financial services is strongest. Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) has always regarded serving the real economy and serving the people as the starting point and goal of ensuring financial services during the Spring Festival. Various arrangements have been made in advance, and multiple measures have been taken to ensure that financial services are “uninterrupted” during the holidays, and financial power is used to help the people happily spend the New Year in the Year of the Dragon.

24-hour response, non-stop online and offline efforts

At the end of each year and the beginning of the year, financial needs such as cash deposits and withdrawals, currency exchanges, and financial purchases increase significantly. In order to ensure uninterrupted response and quality of financial services during the Spring Festival holiday, Bohai Bank uses sentimental, warm and powerful financial services to convey the enthusiasm of “People’s Bank” to customers.

Based on the branch position, Bohai Bank makes overall arrangements and arranges branch business hours to ensure that the branches are open and handle business in an orderly manner, so as to ensure that the branches do not close during the Spring Festival and services do not stop, so as to meet the financial service needs of customers to the maximum extent.

At the same time, the Spring Festival is also the busiest period for electronic banking channels. Bohai Bank has made overall arrangements for all branches to conduct comprehensive inspections and maintenance of self-service equipment before the Spring Festival holiday, focusing on the operation of self-service equipment such as ATMs, and replenishing cash in a timely manner to meet customer needs.

Customers can also enjoy 7*24-hour services through Bohai Bank’s online banking, telephone banking, WeChat official account, WeChat applet and other online channels, and handle various services such as transaction details inquiry, transfer and remittance, financial purchase, and living payment in real time. Bohai Bank uses intelligent service methods to ensure online and offline financial services during the Spring Festival, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality, convenient, efficient and heart-warming financial services and spend a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.

A number of convenient services warm people’s hearts and create a strong New Year atmosphere

As the Spring Festival approaches, in order to create a warm and peaceful New Year atmosphere, Bohai Bank branches across the country have launched a series of activities with rich themes and various forms of “Welcoming the New Year and Sending Blessings”, combining the promotion of traditional festival culture with the popularization of financial knowledge to provide financial services for the New Year. Added a lot of warmth.

In Nantong, colorful New Year activities are in full swing. Bohai Bank Nantong Branch cooperated with Sanjiaoqiao Community in Chongchuan District. In order to deliver the “blessings” of the New Year to people’s homes, Teboer invited calligraphers to write “blessings” for the residents. Words and Spring Festival couplets are sent. “The Spring Festival couplets handwritten by calligraphers are more meaningful than printed Spring Festival couplets. The scent of ink can better inherit traditional culture. I particularly like them.” Aunt Zhang, a community resident, gave a thumbs up. At the event, community residents also participated enthusiastically under the guidance of calligraphers. Resident Uncle Li laughed out loud while holding a Spring Festival couplet with immature calligraphy. It turned out that it was a Spring Festival couplet written by his little granddaughter under the guidance of the teacher, “Little My granddaughter wrote it herself! I will hang it during the Chinese New Year this year!”

In Nanjing, the Daguang Road branch of Bohai Bank has been decorated inside and outside. Red lanterns, Chinese knots and other elements are permeated with a strong festive atmosphere. During this period when the demand for financial services is the strongest, it has added a special service of “not closing during the New Year” – – A special “New Year Financial Management Zone” is set up to provide customers with a wealth of financial products and consulting services offline. The online business processing platform is online on time, ensuring that customers can complete most banking services without leaving home.

Anti-fraud and anti-fraud are meticulous and careful to protect the Year of Peace

The end of the year and the beginning of the year are often the peak periods for telecommunications fraud. In order to build a strong financial anti-fraud “firewall”, Bohai Bank mobilized local branches and branches to actively carry out various forms of anti-fraud publicity activities. As the New Year approaches, financial knowledge and New Year blessings are “packaged” and “delivered to your doorstep.” Protect citizens’ “money bags” with practical actions.

In this regard, all business outlets of Bohai Bank have laid out and formulated plans in advance, and used methods such as LED displays in the halls, bulletin board posters, and guide leaflets to carry out all-round publicity and popularization of knowledge related to preventing online telecommunications fraud. At the same time, staff from various places went deep into the streets of surrounding communities and visited residents and merchants. They combined traditional New Year customs and culture with modern financial knowledge to create a festive atmosphere that is both traditional and educational for our customers.

In response to the increasingly high incidence of bank card and mobile phone card lending fraud, the business department of Bohai Bank Wuxi Branch directly carried out a series of knowledge promotion activities on preventing online telecom fraud in the hall. By telling real cases related to telecom fraud and the latest means of obtaining personal privacy, It introduces how to identify and avoid traps and the serious consequences of bank card rental, lending and selling, and provides risk tips and corresponding security suggestions to effectively improve public awareness of prevention and help customers better protect the security of personal information and property.

While holding the activity of sending Spring Festival couplets to welcome the New Year, Bohai Bank Nantong Branch actively integrated into the surrounding communities, joined the community elderly dance team, and conducted a “small class to enhance anti-fraud awareness” lectures, allowing the elderly to experience the traditional customs and customs of the festival and At the same time, it also helps elderly customers keep their money by focusing on preventing illegal fund-raising, telecommunications and network fraud and other financial knowledge.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Bohai Bank will continue to stick to its position, practice people’s finance with actions, do its best to provide financial services during the Spring Festival holiday, do its part to help our customers spend a peaceful and happy Spring Festival, and protect the city’s temperature.

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